14 Cute Kitten Pictures to Rescue Your Day (2024)

There's absolutely no need to justify our love of seeking out cute kitten pictures! Whether we're celebrating National Kitten Day (July 10), caught in an endless virtual meeting, beating the afternoon work slump, or waiting on takeout, science totally supports stealing a few moments to look at fuzzy, frolicking felines to boost mental health.

Okay, in all fairness, cute puppy photos have a similar effect. In fact, dogs and cats seem to consume our attention on the interwebs fairly equally. But there's just something about catching a glimpse of the early spark and personality of a cat-to-be that prompts all the feels. And if you really want to achieve the full impact of adorable kittens, try learning these words for kitten in other languages! Here, hirra hirra!

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Although many kitties take TikTok by storm, you'll often find some of the best cute and funny kitten pictures on Instagram. So kick back and enjoy some of the ones we discovered recently. (And if you want to share your totes adorb baby kitten, go ahead and tag us through our social channels using #DailyPawsPets so we can squeeee with delight!)

1. Cutest Kitten We Could Find

Far be it for us to say this or that cute kitten is the fairest of them all, but any kitten behind the lens of cat photographer Nils Jacobi has a better chance than most! This Maine coon itty bitty kitty (not for long!) is certainly striking a pose, and seems like a natural cover model for Cat Fancier magazine.

2. Funny Cute Kitten

Ffft! Fffft! Ffffft! Honestly, a feisty feline like this makes us laugh out loud, but certainly her pride would be gravely wounded if we mocked her fierceness! Come on, though—this is a funny kitten picture! What else would you expect from a furocious Bengal, descended from domestic cats and wild Asian leopard cats (but no relation to the tiger).

3. Fitz the Cute Black Kitten

Forget everything you've ever heard about black cat superstitions and just let the cute black kitten magic take over! Soon to be a house panther, Fitz here is really casting a spell of serotonin goodness and giving us oodles of good vibes.

4. Little Louie the Adorable White Kitten

Talk about a cute white kitten! Little Louie gazes up at us with those baby blues and a smidgen of "If I fits, I sits" demeanor. With his widdle feet placed just so, that flipped up tail shows a bit of attitude! According to his loving cat momma, he's one of three kitties who went "from the shelter to the posh life".

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5. Colonel Mustache the Fluffy Kitten

Whenever you need a fix of fluffy kitten pictures, drop a tag of #himalayan into the social machine and without a doubt, a poofy lovebug like Colonel Moustache here (how's that for a cute cat name?) will pop up. This fuzzball is living his best life in Toronto, and we can't wait to see how handsome he is as an adult!

6. Cookie the Tabby Kitten

Here's a mindfulness exercise for you: take 10 deep breaths and watch Cookie the tabby sink deeper and deeper into the shag! Oooommm. The Kittens Foster sure understands the power cute kitten pictures and videos have on our wellbeing—just imagine how much more fab you'd feel if you fostered these precious purrballs in person!

7. Chloe and Seren the Siamese Kittens

Oh, how we love adventure cats! And look at their snazzy wee harnesses! Not only do Chloe and Seren fulfill our desire for cute Siamese kitten pictures, but they also seem intent on paving the way for future feline explorers.

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8. Happiest Kitten: Tigger the Kitty

We believe a happy kitten picture is every kitten picture, but this little dude, known as Tigger the Kitty, might as well be meowing the Pharrel song, "Happy". Barely 4 months old in this pic, his favorite things in the world are "turkey, cuddling, and biting my daddy." Awwww! And ouch!

9. Glam Vivian the Grumpy Persian Kitten

And then you have this calico cutie, Glam Vivian, who we're certain isn't a grumpy or mad kitten all the time. Persians like her are sweet tempered and loving by nature, so maybe this was her mood after the dog trashed her new subscription treat box, ate her food, or raided her litter box for a 'snack'. Yeah, the dog brought her down, man.

10. Adorable Orange Kittens

Always have to give a big shout out to the staff at shelters and rescues who post adorable kittens all over social media so the little ones can find furever homes! The fine folks at Halfway Home Rescue in Lexington, Ky., knew exactly the rush these cute orange kitten pictures would cause online!

11. Precious Sleeping Kitten

It's clinically proven that when you spot the teeny, tiny toe beans and boopable pastel pink nose of a cute sleeping kitten, your heart melts, the troubles of the world slowly fade away, and you'll find more joy in life. She probably has a putter-putter of a purr, too—the thought of which sends us right over the edge!

12. Little Boots the Munchkin Kitten

Unusual and cute Munchkin kittens do grow up, to a point. Little Boots here, a Scottish fold Munchkin, won't actually get much taller, as Munchkin breeds have legs about 3 inches shorter than the average cat. This means she'll look like a cuddly kitten forever. We can't stand it.

13. Casilda the Sphynx Kitten

If you can't let loose with a serious "Awwwww!" when spotting a cute Sphynx kitten like this, you're really missing out! For example, you can tell by the expression on this pint-sized puddy-tat, a sweet girl named Casilda, that while she might not have fur like a typical cat, she's overflowing with love and ready for so, so many cuddles.

14. When You Can’t Decide Which Cute Kitten to Get, Get Them All!

Okay, we'll leave you with not just one cute kitten, but a stack of three! These highly photogenic British shorthairs thoughtfully pose (most of the time!) for their creative cat momma, Sina. We don't know if she's coaxing them with catnip or what, but the results rank 12 out of 10 on the darling kitty scale!

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This article discusses the joy and mental health benefits of looking at cute kitten pictures. It mentions that science supports taking a few moments to enjoy these adorable images, whether it's to boost your mood during a virtual meeting, beat the afternoon work slump, or simply find some delight in your day.

The article highlights several cute and funny kitten pictures, each with its own unique charm. Here's a brief summary of the kittens mentioned:

  1. Maine Coon Kitten by Nils Jacobi: This Maine Coon kitten, captured by cat photographer Nils Jacobi, strikes a pose and could easily be a cover model for Cat Fancier magazine.
  2. Furocious Bengal Kitten: This Bengal kitten, descended from domestic cats and wild Asian leopard cats, showcases its fierceness in a funny way.
  3. Fitz the Black Kitten: Fitz, a black kitten, defies superstitions and casts a spell of serotonin goodness with its adorable appearance.
  4. Little Louie the White Kitten: Little Louie, a white kitten, gazes up with its baby blues and a touch of attitude, showing off its posh life after being adopted from a shelter.
  5. Colonel Mustache the Fluffy Kitten: Colonel Mustache, a fluffy Himalayan kitten, is sure to melt hearts with its poofy appearance.
  6. Cookie the Tabby Kitten: Cookie, a tabby kitten, provides a mindfulness exercise as it sinks deeper into the shag.
  7. Chloe and Seren the Siamese Kittens: Chloe and Seren, two Siamese kittens, fulfill our desire for cute kitten pictures while also paving the way for future feline explorers.
  8. Tigger the Kitty: Tigger, a happy kitten, exudes joy and loves turkey, cuddling, and playfully biting its owner.
  9. Glam Vivian the Grumpy Persian Kitten: Glam Vivian, a calico Persian kitten, may appear grumpy in the photo, but Persians are known for their sweet temperament and loving nature.
  10. Adorable Orange Kittens: These cute orange kittens, featured by Halfway Home Rescue in Lexington, Kentucky, capture hearts and help find forever homes for shelter animals.
  11. Precious Sleeping Kitten: The sight of a sleeping kitten with tiny toe beans and a boopable pink nose can melt hearts and bring joy to life.
  12. Little Boots the Munchkin Kitten: Little Boots, a Scottish Fold Munchkin kitten, will remain small and cuddly due to the breed's shorter legs.
  13. Casilda the Sphynx Kitten: Casilda, a Sphynx kitten, may not have fur, but she overflows with love and cuddles.
  14. Stack of Three Cute Kittens: Sina, a creative cat momma, captures the photogenic poses of three British Shorthair kittens, resulting in adorable pictures.

Please note that the descriptions provided are based on the information you shared. If you have any specific questions or would like more details about a particular kitten, feel free to ask!

14 Cute Kitten Pictures to Rescue Your Day (2024)
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