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First, I would like to state that I am not an astrologer. I’m writing this description or whatever you’d like to call this because I created a playlist based on this synastry overlay. My process of creating playlists is like an author writing a book. For this reason I wanted to write this short story (or whatever you’d like to call this) to explain my song choices into my own words based off of the research I did on the Sun being in someone’s fourth house. Just in case it is not visible, I have provided 3 links in my description of the fourth song of this playlist to help you gain a better understanding of my thoughts/imagination when curating this playlist. If you have any experience with this overlay or if you are an astrologer, let me know your thoughts and experience because I genuinely am interested.

Illuminating (Sun) your home (4th House).

The Sun person is lighting up the home of the Fourth House person. By this I mean that the Sun person is involved in the Fourth House person's family life, home, and space in general. With them illuminating and being so prideful of this part of the Fourth House person's life, they make them feel good about their home, family, where they're from and the foundation of who they are today. The Fourth House person finds comfort in the Sun person's pride in them. This makes them open to being more vulnerable with the Sun person. During my research I learned that the Fourth House person makes the Sun person feel comfortable with sharing their inner creativity. The Fourth House person lays down a stable foundation for the Sun person to share their creative pursuits without the external influence of anything outside of themselves. The Fourth House person makes the Sun person feel free from judgment. To get deeper into the vulnerability of this synastry overlay we should talk about how vulnerability can lead to trust issues. The fourth house is known as your Nadir or Imun Coeli (Latin for “bottom of the sky”) better yet known as your IC. This part of your chart is the part that you keep closest to your heart, because it is essentially the home that you retreat to when you’re going through growing pains or when you wanna feel comforted. If the Sun person lights up the Fourth House person's place of retreat before they’re ready to open up those doors, it can be extremely uncomfortable and scary for the Fourth House person. Think of it as you having a room in your home filled with memories in the form of pictures or moving images, like the moving portraits in Hogwarts. These moving portraits are filled with the sunny moments of your life, but also the gloomy moments of your life. You alone have the key to this room. You allow someone into your home, but they find the key, enter the room, turn on the light, and begin viewing all of these memories without your consent. This person is actively disrespecting your boundaries and breaking your trust. Yes, you allowed them into your home, but you never gave them permission to unlock those doors filled with the foundation of who you are today. That is sort of what the Sun in the fourth house synastry overlay is like. Which is why it is important to establish and respect each other's boundaries and be patient with one another. Trust that in time, the Fourth House person will let you see those parts of themselves when they are ready. When this time does come around the Fourth House person starts to make space and time for the Sun person to be a part of their home, until they eventually become each other's home.

Okay, now to get into the playlist I created and the story it tells based off of this synastry overlay. The playlist (can be found by pressing the link at the bottom of this post) contains 5 songs put all together to create a 19 minute long vibe with the subtitle “Settle.”

The first song of this playlist is Undivided by Roy Woods. I wanted to start this playlist off with this song as a representation of the Fourth House person, someone who isn’t a homebody being hit by this Sun in the fourth house overlay. The Fourth House person finds themselves wanting to stay home with the Sun person. Staying home cooking with them or cuddling them, just being domesticated with them in general becomes more interesting and exciting than going out and being around others. This is described from the start of the song with the lyrics:

“I don't party on Friday night.”

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“I don't party on Saturday no more.”

“I ain't hit the club, drinking at the crib with the bros, pinching all the ounce from the plug.”

It becomes a point where you look forward to just being alone with your partner because as Roy mentions, “Mind is clear when we lay down. Shorty understands me, I'm safe in your arms now. First time for a lot of things now, shorty you got me weak.” The “first time” line and the “safe in your arms” line in connection to this playlist refers back to the first few lines of not going out no more and being okay with your lifestyle changing for this person to become a (hopefully) permanent part of your life. To me, the “you got me weak” line is saying that your partner has broken down your walls and though that can typically feel scary, with trust in the Sun person, it feels reassuring to finally be understood by someone who knows what you are thinking and feeling intuitively. This is also mentioned in the lines of Roy’s mind being clear and from the chorus of the song, “She understands me, what goes on in my life, what goes on in my mind.” The Fourth House person has formed a deep emotional connection and sometimes an emotionally dependent and addictive connection with the Sun person due to how intimate and nurturing this overlay feels, to the point where the Fourth House person gives the Sun person all of them, this is seen here, “They said you should take time, that's why I'm giving her mine and it's undivided.” At the end of verse 2 when Roy says, “I've told you about the things I'm scared of and they don't trouble you and that's because you understand me.” The Fourth House person has exposed themselves to the Sun person, sharing their deepest secrets with them and since this is the fourth house, opening up about their family and their traumas to them. The Sun person makes the Fourth House person feel at ease and secure, so they don’t mind pouring out their heart and soul to them and becoming an open book when it comes to the Sun person. The Fourth House person is not afraid to be vulnerable. It feels as if you both were meant to find each other in this lifetime because of how instant the connection is and how familiar it all feels. The outro of this song puts emphasis on how both the Sun and the Fourth House person feels this intimate and familial connection with each other with Roy repeating the line, “you wanted it as much as I”…

The second song of this playlist is also the namesake of the subtitle of this “Once Upon A Time” story, it is Settle by BAYNK and Sinéad Harnett. I used this song as a representation of the Sun person. The first 2 lines, “It’s not what you say to me. No, it’s just the way that you say it to me.” Represents the familiarity that the Sun person feels with the Fourth House person. The Fourth House person brings out a feeling of comfort, a feeling that nothing is wrong and you’re safe with them. In relation to this song in this playlist, this comfort can be felt simply through their words. There is a gut feeling that they were meant to be with one another. It can feel as if you’re not meeting each other for the first time, but simply picking up from where you left off. The line “I saw the best part of me inside you.” Represents the Sun person's heart becoming elevated by the Fourth House person's soul. The Fourth House person is an open book and vulnerable with the Sun person, as represented by the first song of this playlist, Undivided. This in turn, leads to the Sun person being able to see themselves in the Fourth House person. As a result of this, the Sun person feels very protective of the Fourth House person and wants to become a caretaker for them. They want to provide a home whether that be within themselves or literally, for the Fourth House person. They would do anything to make sure that the Fourth House person feels safe and content when they’re together. The Sun person would defend the Fourth House person with their life. This is also seen in this line from the chorus, “I promise you, I’ll protect you forever.” These next lines from verse 2, “Yeah, you really get me into my zone. Loving you only feels right.” Represents the Sun person feeling like they are meant to be with the Fourth House person. From the beginning of this connection, it feels as if you are home through the overall sense of security that this synastry overlay carries, and this is felt by both the Sun and the Fourth House person. This is a quiet kind of love, one where you lay seaside on a towel reading a book together or short trips spent in the car singing along to your favorite songs. Anything to have this person remain a constant in your day-to-day life, “If you want me to, I'll stick with you, we’ll settle”…

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The third song of this playlist is Take It Home by Alina Baraz. I wanted to use this song as a representation of both the Sun person and the Fourth House person because I feel like the message I’m trying to convey with this song based on the Sun In the fourth house synastry overlay can be applied vice-versa. Not only is it a representation of both, but it is most importantly a representation of the mindfulness that I recommend having with this connection. It is, after all, one of the three water houses (4th, 8th, 12th) and on top of that being an angular/cardinal house (1st, 4th, 7th, 10th). The water houses are primarily emotional in nature. Once these houses are activated in synastry, emotions are brought to the surface, you’re more vulnerable and can easily become codependent with the need to merge. The angular/cardinal houses are primarily introspective in nature. Once these houses are activated in synastry the person activating it will have an influential impact in your lifetime. You will instantly experience them and it will lead to getting more familiar with your soul and subconscious. Now that we’ve established that, let’s get into the lyrics of this song and it’s connection to the Sun in the fourth house synastry overlay:

“I just wanna figure out somewhere you could take me, I been stressin’ lately.” To me this line represents relying on your person to be your escape, the one person that is your home and your comfort. You’re aware of the fact that your person understands you, wants to take care of you, and protect you in any way possible, so you lean onto them because of the safety and familiarity that they exude. This next line is from the pre-chorus, “We could take it slow, won’t you say it?” Since you both want to be there for each other and be each other’s constant, you’re both taking on the responsibility of being gentle and patient with each other. But the one thing you should be mindful of is the fact that as a result of this being an angular/cardinal house, it can be extremely uncomfortable when this is activated. Sometimes it can lead to trust issues and maybe you’re simply just not ready to let someone into those parts of yourself. Regardless of you not being ready to open up, since this is a water and angular/cardinal house, these feelings just seem to easily spill over the surface and it feels like your person is able to read you as if you’re an open book. It is the responsibility of both partners to set clear boundaries and try to move at a slow pace to build comfort and trust for one another. This next line is also from the pre-chorus, “‘Cause I know you know that you feel it in your soul.” Both the Sun and the Fourth House person are aware of this connection, and to me, this line is a representation of water house synastry in general. It always feels soul-deep. As if your bodies aren’t meeting one another, but your souls are. To me, verse 2 represents the establishment of boundaries and patience that I recommended you should have when talking about the pre-chorus of this song, “You say that you want someone to hold, I just wanna get you all alone. You just gotta say it, don’t you keep me waiting.” Well maybe the “Don’t you keep me waiting.” line isn’t an example of patience, but it is a representation of moving at the pace of the other person by mentioning, “You just gotta say it.” as in, the ball is in your court. Before I end this song's breakdown of this playlist, I just wanna ask, doesn't the instrumental of this song remind you of a fairytale or is it just me? Okay, now the outro I feel doesn’t need much of an explanation as to why I added it in here, “You just gotta take it home”…

The fourth song of this playlist is Pluto Projector by Rex Orange County. I really love this song, it’s so precious and beautiful to me. This song in relation to this playlist is meant to be seen from the Sun person's perspective. Immediately from the first line, The great protector, is that what I’m supposed to be?” The Sun person — as mentioned when discussing the second song of this playlist, Settle — feels very protective of the Fourth House person. They take on the responsibility of being the protector and safe haven for the Fourth House person, even without being asked to do so. From the first verse, “Seventy-mil projector, I can show you everything.” The mention of a 70-millimeter projector refers to the high resolution films that use 70-mm film formats in order to capture a larger in size and wider aspect ratio, in comparison to the standard 35-mm film format. 70-mm films are considered better and special because the film comes out sharper, bigger, and more stable in image. Even though a 70-mm film is considered better, they’re not commonly produced because they’re far more expensive and it takes more work to present. If you would like to know more about the significance of 70-mm films and how they came to be, here are two links. (This first link leads to a YouTube video that is about 1 minute long and this second link leads to a YouTube video that is about 12.5 minutes long.) In relation to this song and this overlay, the Sun person is letting the Fourth House person know that they can show them and offer them more than anyone ever has. Normal and average is not what their baby deserves, no, they believe that the Fourth House person deserves the best there is to offer and they’re willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that they have it and get to experience it with them. “And we’re on our way to glory, where the show won’t ever end. And the encore lasts forever and it’s time we’re due to spend.” Keeping up with the theme of films, we see actors and actresses receive praise and glory for their work and they gain a certain level of protection where from the outside looking in, they seem untouchable. It seems like they receive the best that life has to offer. The Sun person is letting the Fourth House person know that with them, the feeling of glory, receiving the best that life has to offer, praise, and being their protector will always remain a constant because, “I’ll gladly say again, I hope the encore lasts forever. Now there’s time for us to spend.” From Verse 2, “Spending the years together, growing older every day (every day). I feel at home when I’m around you.” With this being a fourth house synastry overlay, this couple tends to want to spend a lot of time with each other. The “growing older every day” line truly is fitting to me because when I think of fourth house synastry, I immediately start picturing the scene from Inception when Cobb and Mal grow old together. It is quite a precious synastry overlay. You truly just want to find a way to fit into each other's lives and stay there forever. You spend time in each other’s homes and with each other’s families. Time spent doting on and in the comfort of one another. This couple finds a home within each other. “And it’s sublime with you.” How can you want to be with anyone else when every moment with your significant other is so exceptional? Nothing compares to the way that you feel when you’re with them. Continuing verse 2, “This right here still feels like a honeymoon. When you say my name, nothing’s changed.” Years may pass, but with the Fourth House person, the Sun person remains in the honeymoon phase with their love.

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During my research it was mentioned that for some, this synastry overlay either happens very early or very late in your life. For this reason, this next line from verse 2 is for the ones reading this who has or is experiencing this synastry overlay early on in their life, “I’m still a boy inside my thoughts, am I meant to understand my faults?” With a relationship happening so early on in your life, it can lead to you not taking it seriously and just being a kid because, you technically are. While writing about the third song of this playlist, Take It Home, I mentioned the emotional and introspective nature that a fourth house synastry overlay can have on the people experiencing it. Being so young and having to deal with such heavy emotions, it’s not something that you’re going to take seriously, and in my opinion, that is okay. To me, you should live your childhood being as youthful as possible. Allow yourself the freedom to simply be and play. “As soon as I'm old enough (old enough to understand).” When you grow older you can look back on it and take the time to understand your faults and hopefully grow from it to become a better person. But for now, I say, don’t worry and just let yourself be in the present moment.

This next line is from the outro and it kind of connects (once again) back to the second song of this playlist, Settle, “It’s you that knows my darkness, and you know my bedroom needs. You could blast me and my secrets, but there’s probably just no need.” The Sun person feels comfortable with the Fourth House person and confides in them. They’re aware of the risk taken with being so vulnerable with the Fourth House person, but they also know that the Fourth House person is just as deeply sensitive towards them. Just like the Fourth House person, the Sun person also has a room filled with moving portraits (honestly, we all do), and the Sun person somehow finds comfort in the Fourth House person viewing their moving portraits. They know that with the Fourth House person, they won’t be judged, but loved for who they truly are. In turn, the Sun person wants to show the Fourth House person their darkness, express their bedroom needs, and secrets. To add onto this, in my research it was mentioned that because the Fourth House person compliments the Sun person with their nurturing energies, your ego and intuition can become well-balanced with each other. Through this, you tend to be the most authentic and pure version of yourselves with each other, this helps with loving one another's heart, mind, body and soul. Just like the third song, the instrumental of this song (starting from the 2:45 mark) also reminds me of a fairytale. This line is from the outro, “Stay forever, you know more than anyone”…

The fifth and final song of this playlist is over and over by sky. I wanted to use this song as a representation of the Fourth House person and how the Sun person consumes them. Starting with verse 1, “Put my hands around your shoulders, that's the way that I hold ya. I could lay with you forever, baby, oh.” The Fourth House person can’t help but want to touch the Sun person. It’s almost a feeling of wanting to crawl into your partner's skin just to forever be a part of them and never miss a waking moment. This is the synastry overlay where you would suggest that a couple probably has separation anxiety because they never seem to be apart from each other. They will always find a way to touch each other, and if they can’t do that, they won't be too far from one another. For example, they’re cooking together, you’re not gonna hold hands with your partner (or maybe they will find a way lol), but it could be a scenario where one person is cooking while the other is sitting in the kitchen with them in a comfortable silence or talking to each other. If not that, then they’re both in the kitchen cooking and while one person slices the vegetables, the other is seasoning the meat. Whatever domestic scenario you can think of, this couple will find a way to do it together. These next lines are from verse 2, “Put your hoodie over my head. Stay and talk to me in my bed, think we finally found the real thing, baby.” Anything that has to do with the Sun person, the Fourth House person wants it to be a part of them. They’re game. They will find a way to be around each other, for things that you wouldn’t imagine two people could do, they would find a loophole to that. The Sun person brings out the youthful aura in the Fourth House person. They’re not afraid to say “Hold me.” or express their deepest feelings, and the Sun person welcomes those feelings with open arms. They don’t only want to share your sunny moments, they want you to find comfort in them to express your gloomy moments as well. They want to make it all better for you. The Sun person makes the Fourth House person feel as if nothing is wrong and becomes the Fourth House person's comfort zone. From the chorus, “I'm fallin' everyday, something came over me, I'd give you everything.” To me, the chorus expresses how everyday you find more of a reason to love your partner and stick by them. Even when those butterflies that you had at the beginning of the relationship fly away, you still find more reasons to stay and to love your partner. You want to be the best version of yourself for them. If it means them staying, you would give them anything and everything that you could possibly give, “Over and over again”…


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The Sun and the Fourth House person found a home within one another where their moving portraits could “Settle” and they lived Happily Ever After…

Sun in 4th House Overlay Artwork by amusvisionSynastry. Don’t let astrology limit you, you can have the relationship you dream of!Settle.Sun in 4H |Overlay|(♡)1 Curator Of Vibes


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