Best 5 Dog-Proof Cat Feeders On The Market In 2022 Reviews (2024)

Are you looking for a way to feed your cat without your dog eating its food beforehand? How can you feed your cats away from your dog?

In case you are, you might need to invest in a dog-proof cat feeder. Unless you are a handyperson that has an idea of how to build their dog-proof cat feeder, some of the design solutions that the pet supply market has come up with could be of great help. In this article, I have listed some of the products that are popular among cat owners and that are worth checking out.

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What To Know About Dog-Proof Cat Feeders

What Is A Dog Proof Cat Feeder?

Dog-proof cat feeders that are sometimes a must in multi-pet households where dogs like to eat everything in their sight, including cat foods. This usually results in your cat ending up hungry and it is also not very good for your dog to eat cat food. By having a dog-proof cat feeder, you ensure your cat is the only pet that can access its food. There are many different solutions to dog-proof cat feeders. Some opt for just elevating cat food onto counters in the kitchen or in other rooms, where dogs can’t reach it. If you can’t separate your pets for mealtime, there are also microchip feeders that allow only the bearer of the chip to open the lid on top of food.

How Do Dog-Proof Cat Feeders Work?

As stated above, there are many different solutions to dog-proofing the cat food. I suggest you search through Walmart, Amazon and other such online retailers because they offer a wide range of products that could help you solve the problem of your dog eating your cat’s food. Some differently designed pet feeders open the lid on top of the food bowl only to the pet that wears a chip. This will ensure that no one else can access the food, which will also be protected from contamination. Another way of protecting the food from dogs is to get a box feeder with a small enough opening so that dogs can’t get inside. Other design solutions include putting the cat feeder high-up enough where dogs can’t reach it.

Why Cats & Dogs Should Not Share Foods

If cats and dogs could eat the same food, there would almost be no necessity for separate dog and cat food selections. Cat food can have a lot of calories that could make your dog overweight. Because the cat food can be packed with fat, it can cause digestive distress and make your dog suffer and feel sick. Dogs tend to eat a lot of food at once and cats are more known for nibbling on smaller portions of food throughout the day, which is exactly what gives your dog a chance to steal their food. Dogs eat meat and plants, whereas cats’ diet is mostly meat.

Best 5 Dog-Proof Cat Feeders Reviews

Best Dog Proof Cat Feeding Station

SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder

Chip Bearer Can Access The Food

The SureFeed model works with the help of a chip. Usually, it is a veterinary implanted chip number that your cat already has. In case your cat does not have such an implanted chip, this product comes with one collar tag that can open the microchip feeder, as well. Only the cat with the correct chip will be able to access the food, so dogs, or any other pets, can’t eat it.

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Two Feeding Bowls Included

This microchip feeder comes in white color and features a grey mat and two grey bowls that go inside: one is a single and one is split. There is a clear transparent lid on top of the bowl so your cat can see the food. This lid will open and reveal the food when your cat comes closer to it. It has a handle for easy lifting, carrying and transporting.

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Suitable For Dry & Wet Food

To program which chip number can access the food, you will have to use one button located on the feeder, so it is very simple. This dog-proof cat feeding station has a capacity of 13.5 fluid ounces and is suitable for both dry and wet food. If your cat has to follow a special diet, this model is great for reserving the food only for that pet. It will also ensure that none of your pets get obese by eating too much.


  • chip opens the feeder
  • user-friendly
  • suitable for wet and dry food

Best Dog Proof Elevated Cat Feeder

OurPets Wonder Bowl Selective Pet Feeder

Powered By Batteries Or Adapter

This model comes in grey color and has a clear lid on top. It can be powered by 3 D batteries or an adapter. It is ideal for multi-pet homes so only one pet can get to the food. The lid will keep the food fresh and protected from bugs, as well as other pets and kids. Only the pet that wears a tag that comes with this cat feeder will be able to eat out of this dog proof elevated cat feeder. The tag opens the lid automatically when the cat wearing it approaches the feeder.

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1.5-Cup Capacity

This dog proof elevated cat feeder features a stainless steel bowl that is easy to remove from the feeder and is dishwasher safe on the top rack. It has a capacity of 1.5 cups of dry food. The feeder opens the lid with the help of infrared technology that detects when the cat with the tag is close to the feeder. The tag and the base of the cat feeder are both water-resistant.

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Stable And Sturdy Design

If your cat has a strict food diet, this way you can be sure that only that particular cat will be able to eat the food inside this elevated cat feeder, which is also good for reducing neck and joint strain in cats. It is made stable and prevents slipping, as well as turning over because of the sturdy design.


  • battery or adapter powered
  • infrared tag included
  • 1.5-cup capacity
  • elevated design

Best Dog Proof Cat Feeder Box

Felines Only – the Purrrfect Cat box

User-Friendly Design

This dog-proof cat feeder box features a black base where two bowls are fitted in and a transparent cover with two round openings on the side. Together they look like a box that has side openings that allow the cat to get inside and approach the food. There is a handle on top of the box that is designed for easy transporting and lifting so you don’t have a lot of problems with pouring the food in.

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Stable Design Keeps The House Clean

The side openings are big enough for your cat to approach the food but will keep the dogs away because their head won’t be able to go through the hole. It has rubber feet on the bottom of the base that prevents sliding and keeps the dog-proof cat feeder stable. The design will minimize the food spillage and mess on your house floors.

Multi-Purpose Design

This multi-purpose design will keep the dogs away from your cat’s food, reduce the mess on your house floors and is also very easy to clean because it is completely dishwasher safe. It will also keep all the cat food odors inside the box. It can even be attached to a surface with tape that is double-faced or with the help of screws, so it can’t be turned over.


  • cat feeder designed like a box
  • keeps the dogs away from food
  • completely dishwasher safe
  • prevents food spillage and odors
  • handle for easy carrying

Best Dog Proof Cat Feeder Furniture

CatastrophiCreations Cat Feeder Wall-Mounted Elevated Feeding Shelf

Features A Wall-Mounting Shelf

This wall-mounted shelf features two stainless steel dishes fitted into a piece of solid wood shelf. It will appear to be floating once mounted to the wall thanks to the hidden wall attachments. By elevating it off the ground, it is an ideal solution for cats that love to climb and will also keep the food away from dogs. Dogs can’t climb up like that and are not lightweight like most cats, so this is perfect for keeping the dogs away.

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Screws For Wall Mounting Included

The solid wood shelf is available in three finishings: unfinished, Onyx or English Chestnut so you can tailor it to the environment where it will be installed. The shelf comes with all the screws necessary for wall mounting so it will be very easy to install. Once this shelf is wall-mounted you won’t have to worry about your dogs or kids eating cat food anymore.

Ideal Solution Because Cats Love To Climb

Because it is elevated off the ground, your cats will love to eat out of it and will enjoy their eating experiences. Cats love to climb because it is in their nature, so this shelf has more than one purpose. It keeps the cat food away from dogs and gives your cat an exercise he/she loves. It can be installed into more advance wall-mounted systems for cat climbing and sleeping, and can also work on its own.


  • wall-mounted shelf
  • two stainless steel bowls
  • keeps dogs away from cat food

Best Dog Proof Cat Tree With Feeder

Cat Craft Deluxe Feeder Perch Cat Tree

Features A Feeding Bowl On The Second Level

This 41-inch tall cat tree has three levels. It is made out of wood, sisal rope, and faux fur finishing. The first level has a flat top that is perfect for climbing further up. There is also a condo with a circular opening which is ideal for sleeping and chilling inside. There is also a scratch ramp that leads to the condo. On the second level features a flat top with a feeding bowl fitted into it that will keep dogs away from the cat food, since it is raised off the ground. The top level of the tree is reserved for a curved lounging bed.

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Ideal For Entertainment & Sleeping

There is also a hanging toy that cats love to play with installed in between the second and third levels. This dog-proof cat tree with a feeder is ideal for households with multiple cats and will keep them entertained. Besides providing your cat with games and entertainment and giving them a comfortable sleeping area, this tree also keeps their food away from dogs.

Step-By-Step Instructions Included

This model includes instructions for easy assembling. The bowl on the second level is great for keeping your dog that loves to eat anything in their way, including your cat’s food, and is also good for keeping away from overweight dogs. If your cat has a special diet, this will reserve the food for that cat only.


  • 41-inch tall cat tree
  • three levels included
  • feeding bowl on the second level
  • keeps cat food away from dogs

Conclusion: Which Dog Proof Cat Feeders Should You Buy?

To conclude this article about dog-proof cat feeders and their reviews, I would like to recommend two dog proof cat feeders that are worth investing in. In my opinion, the best dog safe cat feeders are the SureFeed microchip feeder and the Felines Only cat box. The microchip feeder is dog-proof and works with the help of a microchip or a collar tag you put on your cat so only that one can open the feeder and access the food inside. That means that dogs can get close to this feeder but the lid over the food bowl won’t open for them. The other recommended model is a dog-proof cat box that has two side openings through which the cat puts its head and accesses the food. These openings will keep the dogs away from the food.

If you wish to find out more about cat feeders, read this post I wrote aboutautomatic cat feeders. To learn about different design solutions, read this article where I have reviewed some ofthe best cat feeding stations. If you give this post a read, you can learn aboutthe best microchip cat feeders.

As an expert and enthusiast, I have access to a vast amount of information on various topics, including dog-proof cat feeders. I can provide you with information related to the concepts mentioned in this article. Let's dive into it!

What is a Dog-Proof Cat Feeder?

A dog-proof cat feeder is a device designed to prevent dogs from accessing and eating cat food. It is particularly useful in multi-pet households where dogs tend to eat everything in sight, including cat food. By using a dog-proof cat feeder, you can ensure that only your cat has access to its food, preventing your dog from stealing it [[1]].

How do Dog-Proof Cat Feeders Work?

There are several different solutions available in the market for dog-proofing cat feeders. Some options include elevating the cat food onto counters or in other rooms where dogs cannot reach it. Another solution is using microchip feeders that only allow the pet with the corresponding microchip or collar tag to open the lid on top of the food [[1]].

Microchip feeders work by recognizing the unique microchip number implanted in your cat or by using a collar tag with a chip. Only the pet with the correct chip or tag can access the food, ensuring that other pets, including dogs, cannot eat it [[2]].

Other design solutions include using box feeders with small openings that dogs cannot fit through or placing the cat feeder in a high-up location where dogs cannot reach it [[1]].

Why Should Cats and Dogs Not Share Food?

Cats and dogs have different dietary needs, and sharing food can have negative consequences for both pets. Cat food is often higher in calories and fat content, which can lead to weight gain and digestive distress in dogs. Additionally, dogs tend to eat larger portions at once, while cats prefer to nibble on smaller portions throughout the day. This feeding behavior gives dogs an opportunity to steal the cat's food, potentially leading to nutritional imbalances and health issues for both pets [[3]].

Reviews of Dog-Proof Cat Feeders:

This article includes reviews of several dog-proof cat feeders. Here are some key details about each feeder:

  1. SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder: This feeder uses a microchip or collar tag to allow only the designated pet to access the food. It comes with two feeding bowls, is suitable for both wet and dry food, and has a capacity of 13.5 fluid ounces [[4]].

  2. OurPets Wonder Bowl Selective Pet Feeder: This feeder is powered by batteries or an adapter and features a lid that opens automatically when the cat wearing the tag approaches. It has a 1.5-cup capacity and a stable design to prevent slipping or turning over [[5]].

  3. Felines Only - the Purrrfect Cat Box: This feeder has a box-like design with side openings that allow the cat to access the food while keeping dogs out. It is dishwasher safe, prevents food spillage and odors, and has a stable design with rubber feet to prevent sliding [[6]].

  4. CatastrophiCreations Cat Feeder Wall-Mounted Elevated Feeding Shelf: This feeder is a wall-mounted shelf with two stainless steel dishes. It keeps the food away from dogs and provides a climbing and exercise opportunity for cats. It can be installed as part of a larger wall-mounted system or used on its own [[7]].

  5. Cat Craft Deluxe Feeder Perch Cat Tree: This cat tree features a feeding bowl on the second level, keeping the food raised off the ground and away from dogs. It also provides entertainment and sleeping areas for cats with its three levels and scratching ramp [[8]].


Based on the article's recommendations, the SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder and the Felines Only - the Purrrfect Cat Box are two dog-proof cat feeders worth considering. The SureFeed feeder uses microchip technology to allow only the designated pet to access the food, while the Felines Only cat box has side openings that keep dogs away from the food [[4]] [[6]].

If you would like to learn more about cat feeders, you can read a post about automatic cat feeders or explore different design solutions in an article reviewing the best cat feeding stations. These resources can provide you with additional information on the topic [[9]] [[10]].

I hope this information helps you find the right dog-proof cat feeder for your needs! Let me know if there's anything else I can assist you with.

Best 5 Dog-Proof Cat Feeders On The Market In 2022 Reviews (2024)
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