Cezanne Hair Smoothing Treatment ~ Improve Curls. Fight frizz. Tone blonde. (2023)

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    Cezanne Hair Smoothing Treatment ~ Improve Curls. Fight frizz. Tone blonde. (2)

    Cezanne Hair Smoothing Treatment ~ Improve Curls. Fight frizz. Tone blonde. (3)


    (Video) CEZANNE Smoothing Treatment. Tone blonde PLUS get healthy smooth hair!

    Hair Needs Keratin

    Keratin is a protein inside our hair to give it strength and elasticity. Over time our natural keratin can break down from aging, styling, hair color, and environmental dryness. The protein in a keratin treatment creates a protective barrier to the cuticle to restore hair and reduce frizz. Smoother hair absorbs less water, so you also reduce styling time!

    Cezanne hair smoothing: Not a Relaxer

    Traditional hair relaxers use harsh chemicals that break down the natural structure of hair and can leave it dry and lifeless. Formaldehyde (or some form of it) was used in the first Brazilian Blowouts that straightened and smoothed hair. Later “keratin treatments” was broadly used to describe most modern hair smoothers or straighteners, but Cézanne smoothing treatment is a far superior product and service and should not be grouped with other keratin treatments.

    Cezanne has zero “aldehyde” derivatives and instead of damaging or breaking down the hair structure to make itappear smoother, it truly repairs and improves your hair. Though it does not “straighten” hair, some straightening benefits may be had due to restored shine and vitality. It’s frizz free finish that can last up to 6 months can be life changing for women with unruly hair.

    Cezanne Before and After

    Cezanne Hair Smoothing Treatment ~ Improve Curls. Fight frizz. Tone blonde. (4)


    Blonde Treatment to Tone & Smooth

    Cezanne Hair Smoothing Treatment ~ Improve Curls. Fight frizz. Tone blonde. (5)


    Curly Hair Smoothing

    Cezanne Hair Smoothing Treatment ~ Improve Curls. Fight frizz. Tone blonde. (6)

    (Video) Difference between Keratin / Brazilian and a Relaxer treatment


    Keratin Treatments are like a “facelift” for hair.

    Keratin is the protein that exists in young healthy hair and fingernails that wears down with age and can become frizzy. Few people are born with pin straight hair. Studies show 85% of people have some wave or texture. Smoothing treatments can help combat dryness from styling and chemical treatments. They can even help with dull dry hair from medical issues like cancer or thyroid conditions by improving the luster and overall appearance of hair.

    Whether your hair is straight, wavy, or curly, your hair is improved by a treatment with Cezanne™. 100% formaldehyde free and healthy, we suggest this treatment to all our salon guests who want silky-smooth hair

    Keratin Smoothing Treatment At Work

    Cuticle layers in a single strand of hair are circular and overlapped. Notice how a healthy cuticle is closed and a damaged one is open. Open cuticles are weak spots that cause breakage. Filling in the open cracks is how keratin treatments correct open cuticles so they lay smooth.

    Cezanne Hair Smoothing Treatment ~ Improve Curls. Fight frizz. Tone blonde. (7)

    Cezanne Hair Smoothing Treatment ~ Improve Curls. Fight frizz. Tone blonde. (8)

    Curly hair has naturally open cuticles from texture, making it prone to dryness. Smoothing treatments restores hair by reducing frizz and damage.

    Hair ages faster than skin.

    Keratin is as important to hair as collagen is to skin. Free radicals are “unstable” atoms we’re exposed to in our daily environment. Metals and chemicals in tap water are an example of how aging free radicals collect and speed up the aging process of naturally absorbent hair. Pollutants easily attach to our hair, yet hair does not get the same level of daily care as our skin.

    Lack of regular haircuts to keep “long” hair is the most common cause for accumulative damage. Under trimming hair ends causes breakage to travel further up a hair shaft. On average, by age 30, most women don’t realize their hair is half the diameter it should be for one main reason- lack of haircuts.

    Deep conditioning treatments are beneficial, but keratin smoothing treatments are the most affective way to treat damaged hair to avoid breakage later.

    (Video) How I saved my EXTREMELY damaged bleached hair - STAYING BLONDE ✨ fried + dead to thick + healthy

    How Cézanne Smoothing Works

    All keratin treatments must have an active ingredient to crystallize proteins on the hair during the heat application. Cezanne uses botanical based alpha hydroxy acids (AHA), and natural silk protein. AHA can be found in sugar, fruit, and vitamin A. Alpha hydroxy acids have been proven safe for decades and are widely used in skincare.

    A Permanent Deep Conditioner

    Aggressive brushing and poor products also cause damage, so most people have some level of damage to their hair. Keratin treatments are a permanent version of a deep conditioner. People with natural hair texture love this as a healthy alternative to traditional chemical relaxers for incredible smoothing results to help reduce blow dry and styling time.

    We only use formaldehyde free keratin treatments.

    Services are described in detail so you can trust education is important to us.We place high value on factual information as false claims in the health and beauty industry has grown.

    Ourowner is known as an industry expert and researched keratin treatments for 2 years to find a truly formaldehyde-free formula. One that was safe for staff, clients in cancer recovery, and even children, with no animal by-products and environmentally friendly. After vetting multiple companies, Cézanne Keratin treatments met and exceeded her expectations.

    Many companies advertised as “formaldehyde-free” in the early days of keratin treatments, but had aldehyde derived ingredients that released dangerous vapors during the flat ironing process. Here you can see a list of the banned products and original keratin companies of the early 2000’s that suppressed or diminished the dangers of using formaldehydes.

    Dajah’s keratin smoothing treatment made her hair amazing! She has washed it and worn it curly and after school each day. Even on gym class days, she has virtually no frizz! Her curls are soft, beautiful and tangle free! Thank you Studio 39! We love this treatment because it’s perfect for multi-cultural hair. Mom’s looking for a kid friendly keratin treatment, you will love it!

    Becky P.

    (Video) Hair Rescue Mission: Bands, Brassiness, and Blotches and How I Fixed It

    Happy Mom

    Why Keratin Treatments Came Under Scrutiny

    Cosmetics fall under FDA regulation, but historically is less focused on than food and drug safety. This combined with the fast-evolving nature of the beauty industry is why it took 7 years before a health and safety spotlight was aimed at formaldehyde use in first generation keratin treatments.

    The FDA put a 1% limit on it in the overall formula and banned existing lines with more. Old advertising guidelines allow manufacturers to omit an ingredient if there is less than 1% in a formula. This was manipulated by saying it was formaldehyde “free.”

    In 2016 OSHA warned that products with any form of formaldehyde can create an unsafe workplace, so the FDA issued a warnings. Afterwards, many salons avoided this newer service entirely. For years keratin treatments were grouped together and had a bad public image.

    Cezanne has stood apart from other keratin treatments with high standards and safe products, and we brought this line into Studio 39 in 2014 and have had a decade of stunning hair results.

    Keratin Smoothing Treatment Service

    Multi-cultural guests love this as a healthy alternative to traditional chemical relaxers because of the non-toxic solution and incredible smoothing results that reduce blow dry and styling time. As a hair color salon, it locks in hair color, so we recommend a Cézanne treatment to protect you hair color as well. Filling in open cuticles that are common in curly or dry hair can restore hair of the keratin it has lost and reduces frizz from texture, damage or stress.We have not seen any negative results from this treatment in 10 years, but a consultation can answer any questions. Here is an overview of the service.

    • Deep cleanse hair with a special shampoo.
    • Apply the keratin product by combing it through.
    • Cezanne treatments process for 20-40 minutes.
    • Rinse and blow dry hair.
    • Flat iron the hair with a titanium flat iron.
    • Leaving a smooth glossy finish.

    Keratin Smoothing Pricing at Studio 39 Salon KC & Lee’s Summit

    The service takes between 2-3 hours and we do a consultation for new guests to see the hair. This allows us to book the correct amount of time and discuss the best keratin smoothing treatment for your specific hair needs. Pricing below is the starting point based upon hair length. Thick or dense hair may priced at longer length costs, as pricing is determined by time and product used.

    • Shoulder length or above: $300
    • Below the shoulder: $350
    • Below Mid Back: $375

    Ready for smooth hair?

    Kansas City: 816-756-1187

    Lee’s Summit: 816-554-4700


    Is Cezanne treatment good for curly hair? ›

    Cezanne's Classic Smoothing Treatment smooths all hair types, including straight, wavy, textured and curly hair. Unlike other keratin smoothing treatments, ours is free of formaldehyde and harsh chemicals, requires no downtime and gives you endless styling options.

    Does Cezanne change hair color? ›

    As with all keratin smoothing treatments, there is a potential to lift color because of the heat involved with the process. Whether or not any color is lifted and how much color is lifted is a function of the particular hair or color type and condition as well as the temperature of the blow-dryer and/or flat iron.

    What treatment reduces frizz but keeps curls? ›

    You heard from a friend that keratin smoothing treatments reduce frizz and revive damaged hair, but you're still afraid you'll lose all your curl and end up with pin-straight hair. Don't worry – we've got you covered. The Keratinworks Smoothing System is a non-toxic, CUSTOMIZABLE treatment.

    What are the benefits of the Cezanne treatment? ›

    A Cezanne treatment adds shine to all textures, cuts blow-dry time by 30-50%, reduces styling time, allows for wash-and-go and air drying without frizz, and provides the longest-lasting blow-drys, even in the full heat and humidity of summer.

    Is Cezanne better than keratin? ›

    Regular Keratin Treatment. These two types of treatments are extremely similar regarding results, with the Cezanne option being a bit healthier for you and your hair over time. "I have found amazing results from Cezanne.

    Does Cezanne straighten your hair? ›

    Cezanne is NOT a straightening process. It can loosen curls, but your hair won't be pin-straight or limp. Think of it more like a smoothing and strengthening therapy. It will greatly reduce frizz and help maintain your blow-dry despite humidity.

    What is so great about Cezanne? ›

    Cezanne is now known as a Post-Impressionist and called 'the father of modern art' because he showed how free art could really be. He encouraged artists to explore colour, shape and space without needing to make sense in a traditional, realistic way.

    Can I tie my hair after Cezanne treatment? ›

    No waiting period, meaning the client can work out, swim, wash their hair, use pins and wear hair ties immediately after the treatment.

    Does Cezanne strengthen hair? ›

    A chemical relaxer breaks down the bonds in the hair, weakening it so that it will “relax.” The Cezanne actually ADDS keratin, the protein your hair is made up of, strengthening it against damage and repairing it, while smoothing.

    Why do my curls get frizzy so fast? ›

    Because it's harder for the scalp's natural oils to coat strands from root to ends, curly hair is more prone to dryness and frizz than any other hair type. Excess heat-styling is also a common culprit. Using high heat can dry out your strands and damage the hair's cuticle, causing frizz to emerge.

    How long does a Cezanne last? ›

    The Cezanne Classic Keratin Smoothing Treatment is our original treatment, and it lasts up to five months. We designed it to smooth, strengthen, and heal textured, wavy, and curly hair.

    What is the most expensive Cezanne? ›

    Remember Paul Cezanne's "The Card Players"? The painting was purchased for about $250 million by the country of Qatar in 2011, holding the record for the highest sum ever paid for a work of art. The Card Players is a series of oil paintings, painted during Cézanne's final period in the early 1890s.

    What is the difference between Cezanne and Cezanne Express? ›

    The main difference between the Classic Cezanne Treatment and the Express is the amount of time the service will take and how long it will last.

    Which hair treatment is best for curly hair? ›

    One of the prominent effects of Keratin for curly hair is to rehydrate the natural hair strands and enhance your hair texture into smooth and beautiful curls. Keratin for hair is the best choice of damaged hair treatment by strengthening the natural hair texture.

    Which salon treatment is best for curly hair? ›

    Salon Relax Treatment

    Also known as the hair relaxer, this is truly the best anti-frizz hair treatment, particularly for women with unruly, coarse curly or wavy hair. A relaxing salon treatment for hair involves using chemicals to reduce the curls and bring your locks to an easier manageable state.

    What hair treatment should I get for curly hair? ›

    A keratin treatment is a great option for those with curly hair who want a more relaxed and shiny finish. Depending on your exact hair type and how curly your strands are, there is no promise of a completely straight finish, but it will be much more relaxed and shiny!

    What is the best straightening process for curly hair? ›

    Hair relaxation is one of the most popular techniques used to straighten very curly and coily hair. Chemical relaxers come in various types and strengths and the stylist needs to choose the one that matches your hair condition and your curls type.

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