Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin GAME MOD Seeker of Fire v.1.8 - download (2023)

Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin GAME MOD Seeker of Fire v.1.8 - download (1)

Seeker of Fire is a mod forDark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin, reated by AoiYozora, Radai and TalkSickWais.

Description (in author’s own words):

Seeker of Fire’s aim is to create a better standard for Dark Souls II modding, as lots of Dark Souls II mods don’t have the same impact as I and III. The mod also changes how the game can be progressed while using most of its predecessor as a foundation for this mod.

Note: This mod only works for SOTFS edition



One of the very first notable changes is the game’s lighting and fog. Areas will noticeably have darker contrast with areas being a little darker. The idea came across my mind after a full playthrough of the Vestiges mod, which brought to my attention that lights should be modified. The torch mechanic is a lot more useful now since caves will generally be a bit darker.Bloom effects will be a bit brighter and make armor and weapons reflect a lot.

It is recommended that you play on the lowest brightness settings for the best lighting experience. If the game gets a little too dark, feel free to turn the brightness back up.

(Video) Dark Souls II SOTFS Seeker of Fire overhaul mod

Of course, if you aren’t a big fan of the new lighting, you can remove it by going into the game folder>SeekerOfFire then remove the “filter” folder

Game Mechanics

Most of the game mechanics have been brought over from Tales of Drangleic, so you can go read the changes on the Tales of Drangleic mod page. But there are also new exciting changes as well.

A decent amount of unique game weapons now have additional or changed movesets, the most notable is the Black Knight Halberd which is pretty cool. The changes will also affect some small shields as some of them now have the Target/Buckler animation. Because of time restraints and personal things, additional changes to weapons are unfinished, so the ones that are finished

will be the ones placed in the mod.

Nearly all rings will give additional stats to ADP, which will make ADP completely optional. A regular ring will give 3 ADP, while a +1 Ring will give 4 ADP and so on.

Hitboxes on some bosses and enemies have been readjusted to make them a bit smaller, so attacking a mimic from behind won’t get you chomped down by its strange grab attack.

Lock-on and weapon-free aim has been drastically improved as you can roll away from enemies and your attack will still direct towards the enemy you were locked on to. And speaking of Lock-on, the camera for bosses has been changed to make it a little more dynamic as the player character is always aiming down for some reason.

Soul intake has been drastically reduced from enemies and bosses to balance out over leveling. One of the problems that people had was the massive intake of souls, you got too many and now you don’t know what to do with them, which made the game ridiculously easy. This is quite a controversial change, so for people who disagree with this change I have some good news for you. I left a massive chunk of souls, and I mean massive chunk of souls in a semi-hidden location in the earliest parts of Things Betwixt so you can’t complain to me about not having enough souls. Literally, the chunk of consumable souls is so massive, that it’s not even fun anymore (1 million per soul, it doesn’t have a description or name on it)

(Video) DS2: Seeker Of Fire (1.8) Weapon Changes Moveset Showcase | Dark Souls 2 MOD

1.4 Note: As of version 1.4, if the ring of restoration is ever acquired it will make most challenges trivial due to its modded broken hp regen effects. Warning to people who want a challenging experience to avoid the ring of restoration. It was modified for people who an even more casual experience.

Game Progression

One of the most anticipating things to look forward into this mod is game progression. One of the best things in DS2 was the ability to choose wherever you wanted to go, which bosses you wanted to fight first; made the game very non-linear compared to other souls games. Well, this mod has created more possibilities for a fun and thrilling playthrough as you are given more access to areas earlier.

Want to start Shulva first thing? Easy, you don’t even have to kill the Rotten to start anymore. Want to start Eleum Loyce without getting 1million soul memory? Sure thing, just grab the frozen flower which is now moved to the Shaded Ruins, and just simply enter the dlc, since the first door to the shrine of winter is removed. Finally! Aava can truly be your first boss without

the effort of grinding, now that is pretty neat!

About 1/3rd of the game’s bosses have now been remixed in new locations and some of them have even completely changed. Some areas have been moved to new locations to give a refreshing experience. Some bosses now have new bullets to give them cool special attacks.

Item placement has been drastically changed in the base game and will be left undocumented for my own surprise and enjoyment as well as others. Feel free to create a wiki page somewhere idc that much.

The mod does have some Japanese and Polish translations, though I'm not sure if everything has been working correctly, but if you do have translation files that you want me to add to the mod, I would be happy to add them to the download page.

How to install and uninstall

(Video) This Dark Souls II mod is a refreshing experience - Seeker Of Fire

• Extract all files into your Dark Souls II Scholar of the First Sin game folder. (The "SeekerOfFire" folder, the modengine file, and dinput8.dll file all go into the game directory.) \Steam\steamapps\common\Dark Souls II Scholar of the First Sin\Game

• To uninstall, just remove the contents that were in the folder. (Delete "SeekerOfFire" folder, modengine, and dinput8.dll)


• TKGP for Yapped, Yabber, and UXM

• Katalash for DSMapStudio and Mod Engine

• Virake for letting me use their Better Sound Effects mod

• Patrix for his Polish translations

?• nomorevideos for the epic Photoshop mod cover artwork

Special thanks to the streamers Zillagaming, Gawblin, and ???? for continually giving much support since Tales of Drangleic.

(Video) Dark Souls 2 : Seeker of Fire - All Bosses

Special thanks to ???, ????/kopenta, OnlyAfro, Necros_Sanguinus, ??, Acre, Team Riftstone, BValentine , TATICADS, Colelvis? , Lavos, ???, JNeptuna , CensoredChillBot, rastapiz, Patrix, GreatMightyp0? , ????, and Prod for completing the mod! I hope everyone had a good time!

I would also like to announce that I am retiring from Dark Souls modding and am moving on to something else. The community has given me so much love since Tales of Drangleic 2.0 and I would like to thank all of those who stuck around and played something from an amateurish modder.??


Q: Will I get banned for playing this mod?

A: By default, I don't believe you will since the mod will force you offline. I'm not completely sure

if you ever decide to uninstall the mod and reload your modded character. To be safe, back up

your saved files, or play on another family shared steam account.

Q: Can I play with my friends?

A: Yes, you can. You just have to edit the ModEngine files to do so, I will put the ini files in the

(Video) Sekeer of Fire - Mod для Dark Souls 2 SotFS | Как установить | Очень темно - ничего не видно

downloads as well. But at the same time, you risk getting soft-banned, so play on another family

shared steam account, or if you are already banned you can play with your friends who are also


  • Last update: Monday, April 18, 2022
  • Genre: RPG
  • File size: 111.7 MB


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