Dark Souls II Scholar of the First Sin Overhaul (2023)

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For Dark Souls II Scholar of the First Sin Version.1.02/Calibrations 2.02

After some time I decided that I wanted to play one of my favorite games again, but being how it is in it's current state and the tools available I decided that I would try my best to make it into a more fuller experience. So as of now I am in the process of re-texturing as much as I can to make the world seem less cartoon-ish and hopefully better looking. I plan to do more as more tools are updated or created for Dark Souls II Scholar of the First Sin

What I have done:
- I have changed most of the Boss Soundtracks
- Changed 85% of Majula textures, skyboxes and NPCs

What I am planning to do:
- Better Enemy placements - Made possible by Jgwman63 and his SOTFS Level Editor and Repacker
- More accurate world space - I'll do my best to rectify this with editing of the sky-boxes and backgrounds in each map
- Better sound design once the tool that I am waiting on is updated for Dark Souls II/Scholar/Dark Souls 3
- Better soundtracks for bosses
- Better Item and lore texts once I find a tool that can edit in-game texts
- A better User Interface
- Changing the rest of the game's maps and textures
- Better Looking Armor

(Video) Dark Souls II: SOTFS - Augur of Darkness Mod (Pt. 1)

In Depth Changes

Original Sound Track Changes
1. Changed after gamestart sound to Dark Souls 3 "Chosen Cinder" (Original song inspired by Dark Souls 3) By Alex Roe
2. Changed Character Creation OST to Dark Souls (Remix) Moonlight Butterfly by Mathieu Ophanin
3. Changed Majula OST to Project Beast / Bloodborne "Hunter's Haven" (Unofficial Fan Made Hub Concept) by Alex Roe
4. Changed Last Giant OST to Night of the Hunt - Volucer, Warden of the Cosmos by Alex Roe
5. Changed Duke's Dear OST Theme to Night of the Hunt - Lucian, the Devout Spartan by Alex Roe
6. Changed Prowling Magus OST to Dark Souls (Remix) ARTORIAS The Abyss Walker by Mathieu Orphanin
7. Changed Gaurdian Dragon OST to Bloodborne "A Duel for Blood" (Original song inspired by Bloodborne) by Alex Roe
8. Changed Lost Sinner OST to Borne in Blood "Illithid Puppeteer" (Original Bloodborne inspired album) by Alex Roe
9. Changed Bell Gargoyles OST to Dark Souls (Remix) Bell Gargoyles by Mathieu Orphanin
10. Changed Ruin Sentinels OST to Night of the Hunt - Beneath the Amber Moon by Alex Roe
11. Changed Mytha, the Baneful Queen OST to Demon's Souls Remix - Calm After The Battle by Sabbah
12. Changed Covetous Demon OST to Borne in Blood "Vile Clot" (Original Bloodborne inspired album) By Alex Roe
13. Changed Flextile Sentry to Night of the Hunt - Ourania, the Great Muse by Alex Roe
14. Changed Old Iron King to Dark Souls 3 Unused Soundtrack 3 by Yuka Kitamura
15. Changed Smelter Demon to Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen OST Daimon 2nd Form Theme
16. Changed Skeleton Kings to Dark Souls 2 Soundtrack Mashup - Gravelord Nito & The Rottten (Dual Mix) by Macrohazard
17. Changed Executioner's Chariot to Dark Souls II Scholar of the First Sin - Skeleton Lord OST By Motoi Sakuraba
18. Changed The Rotten to Bloodborne OST - The Witch of Hemwick ByMichael Wandmacher
19. Changed Ancient Dragon to Final Fantasy XV OST The Nilfheim Empire By Yoko Shimomura
20. Changed Dragonrider to Final Fantasy XV OST Magna Insomnia By Yoko Shimomura
21. Changed Old Dragonslayer to Dark Souls Ornstein and Smough Remix - Knight and Executioner By Alex Roe
22. Changed Scorpioness Najka to Dark Souls 3 Unused Track 7 By Yuka Kitamura
23. Changed Royal Rat Authority to Dragon's Dogma Impure Mountain HD OST - 15 - Disc 2
24. Changed Giant Lord to Night of the Hunt - Volucer, Warden of the Cosmos by Alex Roe
25. Changed Demon of Song to Dark Piano Suicide Orchestral Version By Lucas King
26. Changed Milfanito Singing to Not yet Changed
27. Changed Nashandra to Dark Souls Hunter x Hunter 2011 OST Elegy Of The Dynasty
28. Changed Throne Watcher and Defender to Dark Souls 3 Lothric Princes Remix - The Curse That Binds Us By Alex Roe
29. Changed Looking Glass Knight to Dark Souls 3 - Iudex Gundyr - The Fallen Champion Remix BY SpawningMusic
30. Changed Twin Dragonriders to Final Fantasy XV OST Magna Insomnia By Yoko Shimomura
31. Changed Milfanito Song to Not yet Changed
32. Changed Trapped Milfanito Singing to Not yet Changed
33. Changed Velstadt, the Royal Aegis to Not yet Changed
34. Changed Vendrick to Bloodborne Lady Maria Remix - Gehrman and Maria By Alex Roe
35. Changed Darklurker to Hunter x Hunter 2011 OST 3 - 6 - Elegy Of The Dynasty
36. Changed Elana singing to Not yet Changed
37. Changed Elana to Not yet Changed
38. Changed Sihn, the Slumbering Dragon to Not yet Changed
39. Changed Fume Knight to Not yet Changed
40. Changed Sir Alonne to Dark Souls 2 Sir Alonne Remix - Kodoku By Alex Roe
41. Changed Blue Smelter Demon to Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen OST Daimon 2nd Form Theme Extended
42. Changed Burnt Ivory King to Not yet Changed
43. Changed Aava, King's Pet to Darksign - Demons from the Dark By Alex Roe
44. Changed Lud & Zallen, King's Pets to Darksign II - In Death, I Am Reborn By Alex Roe
45. Changed Aldia, Scholar of the First Sin to Not yet Changed
46. Changed Credits, if you choose not to link the Fire to Not yet Changed
47. Changed Credits, if you choose to link the Fire toNot yet Changed

Sound Effects
1. Changed Dark Souls 2 Gamestart sound to it's Dark Souls Counterpart(It's quieter and sounds better)
2. Changed Boss Defeat Sound to It's Dark Souls Counterpart

- - - - -
Textures - Drag and drop what you want into your program's overwrite folder wherever that might be.
Sound and Music - Install using eitherDark Souls Drag and Drop Mod ManagerfromRavangerChris37or manually place them in your sound folder.

(Video) ➜ Dark Souls II - Recommend Mods

If you think that you have been soft-banned
- - - - -
The Soft-banning anti cheat in this game isn't what you'd think, no it isn't stored in a server owned by Fromsoft or tied to your Steam account. Instead for some reason it is stored locally in your computer in your Users folder. The game anti-cheat works in that if you are caught doing something that the developers never intended you to do that your save game is flagged thus sending you to the cheater pool.
This meaning that if you were Soft-banned you can still play on your account instead of family sharing to another and having to restart everything. SoIf you think that you have been soft-banned follow this guide:

1. Locate the DarkSoulsII folder in C:/Users(Username)/AppData/Roaming
2. Copy your saves and store/back them up somewhere on your computer
3. Delete the folder of the Banned Account
4. Go to Steam and validate your game
5. Read and accept the EULA
6. Start a new character
7. Alt-tab out of the game (You need it running)
8. Copy and Paste your save game in the newly made folder in AppData/Roaming/DarksoulsII Note - Only do this if you got banned by a program and not having impossible weapons or stuff before you should have them otherwise in a couple of hours you'll be soft-banned again
9. Play again

Special Thanks to:
- - - - -

RavangerChris37 for his Tool -> Dark Souls Sound Inserter - DSSI (https://www.nexusmods.com/darksouls/mods/1193)
Atvaark for this tool -> Bindertool (https://github.com/Atvaark/BinderTool)
Nagadomi for creating waifu2x
GIMP for providing the tools needed to change the textures in-game
Fromsoft for creating Dark Souls ll Scholar of the First Sin
And Everyone Else

(Video) Dark Souls II SOTFS Seeker of Fire overhaul mod

(Video) I Interviewed The Guy Trying To Fix Dark Souls 2
(Video) The Mod That Saved Dark Souls 2


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