Divinity Original Sin 2: Best Builds For Lohse (2024)

Lohse is one of the more mysterious members of theDivinity: Original Sin 2cast, and she lets players in on the mystery on the get go. Despite her cheerful nature, Lohse seems to hide (or suppress?) what seems to be a darker aspect. Inside Lohse is an unknown evil that waits to unleash its wrath in the present.

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As one of the Pre-Made Origins for the game, Lohse's story is one that players eventually explore in the main game. Thankfully,Larian Studiosgives players the opportunity to equip Lohse with what she needs to defend herself and her teammates while she unravels the truth behind the entities in her head. However, just which builds fit this cheerful bard?

Updated July 16, 2021 by Rhenn Taguiam: Unlike other RPG experiences,Divinity: Original Sin 2 boasts not just a powerful narrative and immersive customization, but also a cast of memorable player characters. Lohse remains one such cast member, thanks to her natural charisma and mysterious origins. She'll immediately hint towards sinister presences lurking inside her head ever since she's tapped into the Source.Thankfully, despite these setbacks, Lohse remains quite a powerful asset to anyone's party in Original Sin 2.Here are a few other options to incorporate her into the party.

15 Aggressive Inquisitor

Divinity Original Sin 2: Best Builds For Lohse (1)

Focus On: Warfare, Necromancer

One way for Lohse to deal with the darkness lurking inside of her is to use it to fight evil, herself. As this build suggests, Lohse can capitalize on melee attacks infused with debilitating dark magic through the Inquisitor Starting Class.

Starting as the Inquisitor, Lohse can get early-level lifesteal and melee domination. Skills she obtains at the start of the game include Battering Ram (Warfare 1),allowing her to close the gap between opponents quickly. Blood Sucker (Necromancer 1)grants melee lifesteal. When facing enemies from afar, Mosquito Swarm (Necromancer 1) can give her the same lifesteal perks.

At higher levels, Warfare and Necromancer help Lohse tank enemies through different playstyles. Warfare skills can boost her combat performance with Enrage (Warfare 2)and even Blitz Attack (Warfare 2). Debilitating Necromancer Skills at higher levels allows Lohse to mitigate damage through minions, such as the Bone Widow (Necromancer 2). Risky but rewarding bonusesalso in this Skill School, through Death Wish (Necromancer 2) and Shackles of Pain (Necromancer 2).

14 Protective Knight

Divinity Original Sin 2: Best Builds For Lohse (2)

Focus On: Warfare

Players who want to subvert expectations with the spellcaster Lohse can transform her into a pure melee tank. This build capitalizes on powerful melee attacks that force enemy attention on Lohse instead of her teammates.

Beginning as the Knight, Lohse can tap into more attack options with the Opportunist Talent, which allows her to make Opportunity Attacks against enemies that pass her adjacent space. Lohse can also dish out powerful melee attacks this early. Battering Ram (Warfare 1)is a gap-closer, Crippling Blow (Warfare 1)is a melee finisher, and Battle Stomp (Warfare 1)reaches further targets.

At higher levels, her Warfare Skills can transform her into a juggernaut. Phoenix Dive (Warfare 2) gives her unparalleled mobility as a tanking character. In terms of offense, the likes of Onslaught (Warfare 3) can obliterate foes quickly. Should Lohse want to tank, Guardian Angel (Warfare 3), and Thick of the Fight (Warfare 3) can help her take on multiple foes at once.

13 Stealthy Rogue

Divinity Original Sin 2: Best Builds For Lohse (3)

Focus On: Scoundrel

Players who want Lohse to be their literal “secret” weaponcouldbuild her as a stealth DPS, capitalizing on the Scoundrel Skill School. To achieve this build, they might want to start Lohse off as a Rogue. Thanks to this Class and its innate abilities, Lohse can dish out damage to debilitate enemies, quite helpful for a party without Sebilleas the staple assassin.

When starting as the Rogue, Lohse gains its preset The Pawn Talent, which gives her +1AP of free movement at every turn. This Talent becomes beneficial for her starting Skills, all of which improve her mobility and attack options. Throwing Knife (Scoundrel 1) gives her access to a nifty ranged attack, while Backlash (Scoundrel 1) is almost a guaranteed critical. With Adrenaline (Scoundrel 1), Lohse can achieve a quick burst of movement, perfect when facing stronger foes.

As her potency in Scoundrel develops, Lohse gains access to deadlier debuffs. With Rupture Tendons (Scoundrel 2) to cut mobility and Sawtooth Knife (Scoundrel 2) to break defense, Lohse can become a force to be reckoned with in the mid-game.

12 Playful Shadowblade

Focus On: Polymorph, Scoundrel

Players who want a stealthy Lohse that fiddles around with magic will appreciate this build. The Shadowblade's Guerilla Talent, which gives a 40% Sneak Attack damage, already makes this Class quite an attractive start for assassins.

Beginning with the Shadowblade also grants Lohse access to better stealth options. Aside from Backlash (Scoundrel 1), there’s Chameleon Cloak (Polymorph 1) that boosts invisibility. Meanwhile, Chicken Claw (Polymorph 1) can transform most bosses into Chickens – helpful as well as entertaining.

If Lohse continues with her Shadowblade build, Polymorph can give access to a wide array of support abilities. Tentacle Lash (Polymorph 1) and Bull Horns (Polymorph 1) can give Lohse both enhanced ranged and melee options, respectively. Advanced Skills such as Forced Exchange (Polymorph 3) and Equalize (Polymorph 3) can turn the tide of battle when used properly.

11 Glass Cannon Wizard

Divinity Original Sin 2: Best Builds For Lohse (5)

Focus On: Pyrokinetic, Geomancer

Asanother version of the spellcaster archetype, Lohse can’t go wrong with a magic-focused build. Taking on the mantle of a traditional Wizard, Lohse immediately gets access to the preset Far Out Man Talent, boosting her attack range by as much as two meters. This perk alone gives Lohse protection from range, and more opportunities to deal devastating damage to foes.

With this build, Lohse begins with the staple Pyrokinetic and Geomancer combo. Fossil Strike (Geomancer 1) damages opponents and wets them with oil. Ignition (Pyrokinetic 1) and Searing Daggers (Pyrokinetic 1) can rain hell on opponents from both melee and ranged, respectively.

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At higher levels, Lohse can deal more devastating attacks with these two easily synchronized Skill Schools. Pyrokinetic alone has terrifying Fireball (Pyrokinetic 2), Laser Ray (Pyrokinetic 2), and Supernova (Pyrokinetic 2). Geomancer can dish out debuffs and Poison to enemies with Impalement (Geomancer 2), Poison Wave (Geomancer 2), and Worm Tremor (Geomancer 2).

10 Pure Enchanter

Divinity Original Sin 2: Best Builds For Lohse (6)

Focus On:Hydrosophist, Aerotheurge

Despite her nature as a performer, Lohse's inner spellcaster will have her declare theEnchanteras her default Class. In terms of builds, Lohse can actually get with a straight Enchanter build.Unlike the conventional AOE Spellcaster, growing the Enchanter gives Lohse the potential of being a powerful DPS/Healer hybrid.

They start with the Far Out Man Talent, further extending their reach. In terms of Skills, they start with Rain (Hydrosophist 1) that creates wet surfaces, Hail Strike (Hydrosophist 1) that freezes surfaces, and Electric Discharge (Aerotheurge 1) that induces shock in wet surfaces.

Interestingly, Lohse can grow into a powerful Enchanter by boosting those stats alone. For instance, Aerotheurge at stronger levels will have more AOE Skills that builds damage on wet surfaces, which Hydrosophist Skills usually create. Meanwhile, Hydrosophist has some of the game's best buffs and heals.

9 Curious Mystic

Divinity Original Sin 2: Best Builds For Lohse (7)

Focus On: Mystic (Tag), Loremaster, Hydrosophist

As a Pre-Made Origin, Lohse begins with some default characteristics - including the Mystic (Tag). This Tag only gives Lohsespecial dialogue options when talking to Clerics or those with spiritual connections. However, Lohse's innate fascination with the supernatural would make a Mystic focus the ideal fit for roleplaying fans.

Firstly, Loremaster is an ideal Civil Ability to improve to enhance Lohse's capacity to assess and identify unknown objects. Secondly, a Hydrosophist Skill School focus can give Lohse a healthy dose of support abilities - befitting the support nature of other Clerics in Rivellon.

In terms of combat, Lohse's Hydrosophist focus gives her access to battlefield-tinkering abilities and support spells. Restoration (Hydrosophist 1) and Healing Ritual(Hydrosophist 2) alone serve as some of the game's best healing spells. Moreover, Winter Blast (Hydrosophist 2), Ice Fan (Hydrosophist 2), and Global Cooling (Hydrosophist 2) make Lohse a mean Spellcaster when provoked.

8 Bardic Jester

Divinity Original Sin 2: Best Builds For Lohse (8)

Focus On: Jester (Tag), Polymorph

Alternatively, players who want to stick to Lohse's career as a musician would want to focus on herJester (Tag). Despite how she somehow ends up in combat, Lohse is a celebrated singer and performer. With the Jester (Tag), Lohse gets more ironic and sarcastic remarks - perfect for jokesters who want to test the patience of NPCs.

To add salt to the proverbial wound, this kind of Lohse build might want to add additional focus to the Polymorph Skill School. After all, the Polymorph Skill School has a bag of tricks to further irritate opponents. For instance, Chameleon Cloak (Polymorph 1) is a free invisibility cloak to escape angry NPCs. Meanwhile, Chicken Claw (Polymorph 1) turns anyone - including bosses - into chickens.

As an added bonus, Lohse as a bard can motivate players to choose their starting instruments more carefully. Again, this doesn't add anything to combat, but this does improve Lohse's sense of style.

7 Conjurer Of The Dark

Divinity Original Sin 2: Best Builds For Lohse (9)

Focus On: Summoning, Loremaster, Leadership

Roleplaying fans who want to embody Lohse's "hidden dark side" would appreciate theConjurer Starting Class. This build keeps Lohse and her allies away from harm, courtesy of various otherworldly creatures she can summon to her aid. Roleplayers who want an "Evil Lohse" with minions would love this build.

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With the Conjurer Starting Class, Lohse will start the game with the ability to talk to animals via the Pet Pal Talent. Moreover, her starting Skills would immediately allow her to inner spirits to manifest. Conjure Incarnate (Summoning 1) enables her to call an otherworldly pet, while an Elemental Totem (Summoning 1) conjures a totem that continuously attacks enemies. Lastly, her Dimensional Bolt (Summoning 1) is a long-ranged attack that canchange surfaces.

At higher levels, Lohse can infuse her Incarnates and Totems with powerful abilities. She may also gain the ability to charm others via Dominate Mind (Summoning 2).

Divinity Original Sin 2: Best Builds For Lohse (10)

Focus On: Polymorph, Two-Handed, Persuasion

An alternate take on "Evil Lohse" would be pretending that her "evil voices" can manifest as physical transformations. Think of it as Lohse gaining a "monster form" as a sign of these evil entities trying "to get out" of her. Thankfully enough, theMetamorph Starting Classand its Polymorph focus already gives Lohse a tremendous advantage in this regard.

With the Metamorph Class, Lohse gains the Opportunist Talent, giving her Opportunity Attacks to nearby opponents. This works great with her Two-Handed bonus, making her ideal for close combat. Moreover, her various Polymorph Skills give her various methods of wreaking havoc. Starting move Tentacle Lash (Polymorph 1) can attack from a distance, while Bull Horns (Polymorph 1) gives her a free charge. Lastly, the Class starts with Chicken Claw by default.

Players looking for diversify Metamorph even further will love other transformational abilities. For instance, Spider Legs (Polymorph2) will let Lohse entangle foes, while Medusa Head (Polymorph2) can petrify opponents. If that's not enough, Forced Exchange (Polymorph 2) will exchange the Vitality of Lohse with another character's – perfect for turning the tide!

5 Witch Of Corruption

Divinity Original Sin 2: Best Builds For Lohse (11)

Focus On: Necromancer, Scoundrel, Persuasion

Given the "evil" stereotype attached to theWitch Starting Class, it makes sense for Lohse roleplayers to want to try this Class for a change. Thankfully, this investment will pay off. If at some point players want to make Lohse truly evil, the starting abilities of the Witch will definitely be up their alley.

For instance, Witches start with the Leech Talent, which enables them to restore Vitality by absorbing blood surfaces. Meanwhile, their combination of Scoundrel and Necromancer Skill Schools let the Witches kill quietly. That, or a choice to make the process extremely painful.

With Necromancer alone, Witches start with Raise Bloated Corpse (Necromancer 1) for an explosive minion and Mosquito Swarm (Necromancer 1) for the convenient lifesteal. Meanwhile, they can start with Chloroform (Scoundrel 1) to induce sleeping on opponents. Thing is, improving both Necromancer and Scoundrel Skills will give Lohse tremendous magical and physical debuff potential - making her the perfect torture machine.

4 Cleric OfGoodness

Divinity Original Sin 2: Best Builds For Lohse (12)

Focus On: Hydrosophist, Necromancer, Bartering

Roleplayers who want to focus on a Lohse who prevails over her evil side might want to roleplay with aCleric Starting Class. In terms of roleplaying, players can leverage on the Cleric Class and imagine Lohse joining the congregation to learn how to control her destructive urges. As a result, her abilities focus on supporting her peers and fighting evil.

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Given their Hydrosophist focus, it's safe to assuming that a Cleric already has access to Restoration as a healing Skill. However, their early-game offensive Skills come from the Necromancer Skill School. These include Decaying Touch (Necromancer 1) that deals damage in melee, and Blood Sucker (Necromancer 1) that drains life from bloody surfaces. Dabbling into Necromancer make perfect sense to the needs of the Cleric. After all, one who has control over life should be able to control death.

Same with the Enchanter, a leveled-up Cleric can make for a mean DPS/Healer hybrid. However, Lohse's Cleric can enjoy more buffs via Hydrosophist and more debuffs via higher-level Necromancer.

3 RangerFits The Bard Stereotype

Divinity Original Sin 2: Best Builds For Lohse (13)

Focus On: Huntsman, Pyrokinetic, Lucky Charm

Fans ofDungeons & Dragonsknow that the comedic Bards usually play Rangers to stay behind the party - mostly to avoid getting hit whenever they make bad puns. For a performer like Lohse, aD&Dfan might want to give her the archetypal Ranger role via theRanger Starting Class. And interestingly enough, becoming a Ranger transforms Lohse into a deadly ranged combatant.

As a Ranger, Lohse gets an interesting blend of ranged attacks with her Schools. For instance, Peace Of Mind (Pyrokinetic 1) makes for a great buff, while Elemental Arrowheads (Huntsman 1) can make surfaces for her Spellcaster teammates. Lastly, Ricochet (Huntsman 1) and its ranged potential introduces Lohse to the wonderful world of long-ranged combat.

In terms of growth, Lohse can maximize her long-ranged potential with Marksman. After all, while its Skills mostly deal attacks in long range, and Elemental Arrowheads can help Lohse maximize Pyrokinetic's explosive potential. Meanwhile, Pyrokinetic sends fiery hell to opponents, alongside a couple of interesting buffs.

2 Wayfarer Emphasizes The Traveling Performer

Divinity Original Sin 2: Best Builds For Lohse (14)

Focus On: Huntsman, Geomancer, Bartering

Alternatively, players who want to give Lohse a long-ranged advantage would appreciate the battlefield setup of the Wayfarer Starting Classinstead. This is a good fit for Lohse's traveling performer archetype, as this focuses on survival - especially in unknown territories. They begin with the Pet Pal Talent, letting them talk to animals.

Whereas the Ranger emphasizes on the explosive impact of Pyrokinetic, the Wayfarer capitalizes on manipulating the battlefield with Geomancer. As such, the Wayfarer still begins with Elemental Arrowheads but this time they get Pin Down (Huntsman 1) to stop enemies on their tracks. They also get Fossil Strike (Geomancer 1) to create oil surfaces – perfect for fires.

In terms of growth, the Wayfarer's Schools make for mean ranged attacks and support. After all, Huntsman's Ballistic Shot, Marksman's Fang, and Sky Shot already guarantee powerful ranged damage. Meanwhile, a focus on Geomancer gives access tostrong AOE such as Earthquake.

1 Battlemage Maximizes Combat

Divinity Original Sin 2: Best Builds For Lohse (15)

Focus On: Aerotheurge, Warfare, Persuasion

Players who want a more aggressive Lohse will appreciate the offensiveBattlemage Starting Class. Thanks to this Class, Lohse can rely on the melee power of Warfare while channeling the mobility of Aerotheurge Skills. As a result, Lohse can easily trump in close range while messing with others trying to hit her from afar.

Given her Battlemage status, Lohse begins with the Comeback Kid Talent. This is handy in itself, as Lohse can resist a fatal blow and, instead of dying, come back with 20-percent health. Meanwhile, she gets Battering Ram (Warfare 1) as a starting Skill. Lastly, Shocking Touch (Aerotheurge 1) can shock enemies up close, while Blinding Radiance (Aerotheurge 1) limits an enemy's movement.

However, where the Battlemage shines is through sheer growth. Focusing on Warfare allows Lohse to master the art of physical prowess. Skills such as Bouncing Shield (Warfare 1)andBattle Stomp (Warfare 1)can already hit multiple foes at once at early levels. Likewise, Aerotheurge offers Skills such as Nether Swap (Aerotheurge 2) that can mess with enemy formation.

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Divinity Original Sin 2: Best Builds For Lohse (2024)
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