Divinity Original Sin II: The Ultimate Wayfarer Build (2024)

By Anastasia Maillot


A comprehensive guide to putting together the best Wayfarer build possible in Divinity: Original Sin 2.

Divinity Original Sin II: The Ultimate Wayfarer Build (1)

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  • Setting Your Attributes
  • Choosing Your Abilities
  • Picking Your Talents
  • Huntsman Skills
  • Geomancer Skills
  • Unique Weapons And Armor

One of the many strengths that Divinity: Original Sin 2 has as a game is its ability to bring variety to traditional character classes from the medieval fantasy RPG genre. While warriors, rangers, and wizards can all be made in the game, there are also a bunch of in-between character classes that are just a tiny bit different from their original inspiration. One of them is the Wayfarer.

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Unlike the Ranger, who might generally be considered quick and squishy, the Wayfarer class is more of a survivalist. Based on the default Wayfarer skills of the game, here's how to build the best one possible.

Setting Your Attributes

Divinity Original Sin II: The Ultimate Wayfarer Build (2)

Making a powerful Wayfarer starts right off the bat with attributes. The starting ones chosen by the game are quite nice and should be leveled up accordingly each time you gain attribute points from leveling up.

  • Wits: This will increase your initiative, which allows your Wayfarer to go first in a fight. Your Critical Damage is increased, too.
  • Finesse: An essential attribute for characters who prefer crossbows, Wayfarers will need to focus on Finesse to get the most damage out of their crossbows.
  • Intelligence: This is needed to boost the effectiveness of your Geomancer spells, but shouldn't be prioritized over the first two.

Choosing Your Abilities

Divinity Original Sin II: The Ultimate Wayfarer Build (3)

There's quite a bit of freedom here to do as you please, but going the way the game intended a Wayfarer to be played, you'll want to ensure you distribute your ability points between these four options.

  • Ranged: This will up your damage with ranged weapons by five percent each time you level it up, and your Critical Chance by one percent.
  • Huntsman: High ground is key for a Wayfarer, and leveling up Huntsman grants you an additional five percent's worth of damage when you shoot from a high ground spot. Moreover, you'll get to learn higher-level Huntsman skills.
  • Geomancer: Not the most popular choice of magical schools, but still incredibly powerful, you'll harness the elements of oil and poison to fight off your enemies and gain extra Poison and Earth damage by five percent. You also get more Physical Armor when using an armor-boosting skill or potion.
  • Bartering: From non-combat, it doesn't matter much what you pick, but Bartering is always a nice option to make sure you save money and have enough gold with you by the time you get to Arx.

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Picking Your Talents

Divinity Original Sin II: The Ultimate Wayfarer Build (4)

The best talents for a Wayfarer are identical to that of a classic Ranger build. These talents are powerful boosts, and picking from this list happens only once in a blue moon when you level up, so choose carefully.

  • Arrow Recovery: When you use a special arrow, you'll have a 33 percent chance of recovering it, which will spare your resources.
  • Elemental Ranger: When shooting an enemy standing on an elemental surface, your arrow will deal that element's damage.
  • Duck Duck Goose & Opportunist: The Wayfarer is a tanky character, so you can generally afford to be in the thick of things a bit more. As such, being able to evade attacks of opportunity and also perform them is incredibly useful, so both of these talents are a must.

Huntsman Skills

Divinity Original Sin II: The Ultimate Wayfarer Build (5)

Wayfarers share their primary skill tree with Rangers, so if you have experience with Ranger builds, building a successful Wayfarer won't be difficult. Focus on these skills to up your damage and get the most out of your arrows and crossbow.

  • First Aid: A nice supporting spell that heals and removes negative buffs such as Crippled, which is a common one to encounter early on in the game.
  • Pin Down: Does 120 percent damage and Cripples the enemy, provided they have no physical armor.
  • Ricochet: When facing multiple enemies, this one is a necessity. One arrow jumps from an enemy to another so long as they're within five meters of each other, dealing 90 percent Physical damage.
  • Barrage: Kill three birds with one stone. Barrage lets your Wayfarer shoot three arrows anywhere you want, each dealing 60 percent damage.
  • Tactical Retreat: If you do need to escape, this ability is ideal. It lets you teleport to safety or to high ground (or anywhere really) and also casts Haste on your Wayfarer.
  • Marksman's Fang: This shot is able to go through multiple enemies in a straight line, dealing massive damage and ignoring any armor.
  • Arrow Storm: A very nice area-of-effect spell that rains down multiple arrows in a set area. The damage is determined by how high your Finesse is.

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Geomancer Skills

Divinity Original Sin II: The Ultimate Wayfarer Build (6)

Geomancer skills are surprisingly powerful and useful, as they combine two elements: Poison and Oil. There are also a few supporting spells that can increase your Physical armor in a pinch, making you the ultimate tanky-yet-ranged hero.

  • Fortify: A classic spell that grants you a set amount of physical armor and removes negative effects like Poisoned, Burning, or Bleeding.
  • Fossil Strike: Chuck a large boulder at your enemies, dealing 85 percent Earth damage. Where it lands, an oil surface will appear and slow enemies.
  • Poison Dart: Shoot a powerful dart that deals 100 percent Poison damage and creates a small poison puddle on the target.
  • Mend Metal: When your party's Physical armor is down, this spell will restore a part of it during multiple turns.
  • Summon Artillery Plant: Summons are always a fantastic choice when outnumbered. This plant will spew out acid and create a poisonous and cursed cloud enemies will struggle to deal with.

Unique Weapons And Armor

Divinity Original Sin II: The Ultimate Wayfarer Build (7)

Wayfarers have quite a few great options when it comes to good gear. The game will throw some randomly generated items your way as you progress through your adventure, but there are some items that will always be the same and which are worth going the extra mile to find.

First, check out all the unique crossbows and where to find them easily, after which we'll introduce the best unique gear and their respective locations.

Divinity Original Sin II: The Ultimate Wayfarer Build (8)
  • Shadow's Eye: Once you exit Fort Joy, this crossbow will be given by Zaleskar to Ifan if he's in your party. Like most crossbows, it reduces movement by -1. It provides +25 percent Accuracy and lets you cast Chameleon Cloak.
  • Agitator: A very rare item, the stats of which might vary. It can be purchased from one of the burning pigs if they're saved on Fort Joy island. It provides +1 Finesse, -1 Movement, +20 percent Critical Chance and +15 percent Accuracy.
  • Houndmaster's Crossbow: Found inside Fort Joy in the houndmaster's quarters, it slows you by -1, has a 20 percent chance to slow the enemy for two turns, and has +5 percent Accuracy.
  • Vord Emver: Found in Arx, from one of the enemies Karon sends your way. It provides +3 Finesse, +2 Huntsman, +1 Ranged, -1 Movement, +5 percent Accuracy, and +20 percent Life Steal. It also has a 20 percent chance of freezing the enemy for two turns. When equipped, you can use the spell Cryotherapy.
  • Deadeye's Signature Crossbow: Get this in Reaper's Coast, far up north where Ifan is set to meet his mercenary friends. It gives you +3 Finesse, +2 Huntsman, -1 Movement, and +5 percent Accuracy.
Divinity Original Sin II: The Ultimate Wayfarer Build (9)
  • Second Skin: In Fort Joy, make sure to have a character with Pet Pal and speak with a squirrel nearby the Void Salamanders. It will tell you the location of a treasure chest with these gloves inside, which give you +1 Finesse, +10 Poison Resistance, and +1 Huntsman.
  • Racht Muvora: Head to Papa Thrash in the Black Bull tavern of Reaper's Coast, and buy this chestplate from him. It will give you +2 Finesse, +20 percent Water Resistance, +1 Ranged, +1 Sneaking, +1 Thievery, +0.25 Movement, and +21 HP. Any melee damage will also be reflected onto your enemies as water damage. When equipped, your Wayfarer will be able to cast Global Cooling.
  • The Shadow Prince's Signet: On the Nameless Isle you'll eventually face off against the Shadow Prince. Slay him, and his signet is yours. It grants you +3 Finesse, +3 Wits, and +1 Thievery.
  • Kallisteis: In Arx, find the merchant waiting past the bridge to Lucian's Temple, as they sell these powerful boots. They give you +3 Finesse, +2 Wits, +1 Scoundrel, +1 Sneaking, +1 Thievery, +6 Initiative, +0.5 Movement, and full immunity to being Crippled, Knocked Down, or even Slowed.
  • Nazad Hunola: In the basem*nt of Sanguinia Tell's house in Arx, make sure to grab this chest armor in one of the chests. The armor grants you +5 Finesse, +3 Intelligence, +10 percent Fire Resistance, +10 percent Water Resistance, +1 Huntsman, +2 Scoundrel, +0.1 Movement, +176 HP, and 20 percent of incoming melee damage will be deflected on enemies as water damage.
  • Vo Charlen: Inside Dorian Gall's house in Arx, find this helmet in his basem*nt. It will give you +5 Finesse, +2 Constitution, +3 Wits, +20 percent Water Resistance, +1 Huntsman, +1 Sneaking, +234 HP, and full immunity to Terrified and Charmed.

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Divinity Original Sin II: The Ultimate Wayfarer Build (2024)


What is the strongest build in Divinity Sin 2? ›

The Necromancer in Divinity Original Sin 2 is perhaps the most powerful class in the game. With the proper build, Necromancers can wipe out multiple enemies without giving them a chance to react, but its power relies on choosing the right talents, skills, and equipment as the player continues through Rivellon.

What is the most overpowered class in Divinity Original Sin 2? ›

1 Conjurer

The Conjurer is perhaps one of the most overpowered starting classes in Divinity: Original Sin II. Right off the bat, they get the ability to summon elementals and even totems that you can also control, essentially doubling your firepower.

What should the Red Prince be? ›

Upon recruiting the Red Prince, His Majesty would ask players to make him a Fighter first. And interestingly enough, going for a Pure Fighter can help players capitalize on the Red Prince's skillset. Not to mention, the Fighter is the most faithful Starting Class to his story.

What is the best starting character build in Divinity Original Sin 2? ›

In terms of Starting Class, the Knight easily tops the list with its available Skills. Battering Ram ensures they always have the means to rush the enemy. Meanwhile, Crippling Blow and Battle Stomp give them the ability to stop enemies in their tracks.

Where to get overpower divinity 2? ›

  • Sold by Gareth.
  • Sold by Haran at Driftwood.
  • Sold by The Lost Knight at Temple of Tir-Cendelius.
  • Sold by Black Ring Quartermaster at Black Ring encampment near Temple of Rhalic.
  • Sold by Fionola at Arx.

What is the max skill cap in divinity 2? ›

The hard level cap is 50. I do not know the level you can get from playing campaign. Every level you get 2 attribute points. Every level you get 1 combat skill point.

What is the best class in Devine W? ›

The Wukong is the best class for close-quarters combat in Divine W: Perfect Wonderland classes. It has a holy staff that the legendary Monkey King gave to it. Wukong is a great choice for new players because of how well-rounded his stats and skills are. It's impossible to find a better warlord than him.

What class should IFAN be in Divinity 2? ›

Ifan's default class works well for a reason. The Huntsman skill is extremely powerful in the hands of any character, but a mercenary like Ifan can take it to the next level. His line of work means he's well accustomed to scouting from rooftops, ready to take out foes with well-placed arrows.

Can you have Red Prince and Sebille? ›

If the player starts as her, Sebille won't object to taking the Red Prince along, but keep an eye on her when he speaks with his kin. She might also have some choice words for lizard NPCs, so watch for potential conflict.

Can you romance the Red Prince as a male? ›

The Red Prince

Unfortunately, there is no true romance to be had with him, because he will at most consider the player his slave, while his love is reserved for someone back home. This is why he's undoubtedly the worst companion to romance, which is fitting given how pompous this character is.

What class should Sebille be? ›

Though Sebille is more than comfortable dealing damage, she also grows fiercely loyal to the player over time, making the support aspect of the Enchanter class a surprisingly good fit. Furthermore, as with the Conjurer, this class also gets a Loremaster bonus; thus, Sebille gains the above benefits an Enchanter too.

Is it better to make your own character Divinity 2? ›

In fact, the game immediately advises players that making their own character will offer a new set of dialogue options unique to them. Players who want to feel like they're an actual part of Rivellon might want to make their own character.

What is the best skills in Divinity 2? ›

Divinity Original Sin 2: The 15 Best Skills In The Game, Ranked
  • 8 Soul Mate.
  • 7 Dominate Mind.
  • 6 Shackles Of Pain.
  • 5 Living On The Edge.
  • 4 Death Wish.
  • 3 Forced Exchange.
  • 2 Chicken Claw.
  • 1 Teleportation.
Sep 3, 2022

What is the max level in divinity original? ›

The max level is not 20, but rather a "soft cap". There are enough experience points to get to level 20 by just doing quests without murdering everything for experience points. if you do all of the side quests, you can end the game at level 22 and if you maximize exp gains, you can end the game at level 23.

What is the best crowd control divinity? ›

Crowd Control Magic: The Enchanter is the best choice for early game crowd control. Its ability to do pretty significant water and lightning damage, combined with the chance to make enemies slip or be stunned are pretty great.

How do you get 100% fire resistance divinity? ›

You need to get Demon talent to begin healing from Fire, as it raises the cap of your Fire resist by 10%. Resists are capped at 100%, unfortunately. You will need at least one point in Pyrokinetic to inveest in Demon talent, however.

Can you get to level 21 in Divinity 2? ›

Read on the forums that someone was barely able to reach character level 20, but..its possible. Level 21 is REAL! 21-22 is where most people finish the game.

What is the max number of companions in divinity original sin? ›

A player can have up to two companions. If one character has the Lone Wolf talent, the party limits to only one companion. If both characters have the Lone Wolf talent, they cannot have any companions. The game alters the companion's experience rate so that they are able to catch up to the characters' level.

What is the max intelligence divinity? ›

Intelligence is an Attribute in Divinity Original Sin 2. All characters begin with a basic 10 points in each attribute. Characters can be customized with 3 additional attribute points at the start and acquire 2 more points per level. A total of 30 points can be added to an attribute for a maximum of 40 points.

Does dual wielding increase wand damage Divinity 2? ›

The Dual Wielding skill is one of the many Abilities and Skills found in Divinity: Original Sin 2. This skill is used by a wide range of characters. It increases the damage you do while wielding two weapons, such as Daggers or Wands.

What is the best offhand weapon in bg2? ›

As a general rule, the three +APR weapons are the best offhands in the game for any class that can use them. These weapons are Belm+2 (scimitar), Kundane+2 (short sword), and Scarlet Ninja-to (ninja-to; can only be offhanded by rogues via UAI).

Is dual wielding swords good Divinity 2? ›

Dual Wielding increases damage and dodge chance when dual-wielding one-handed weapons. +5% Damage and +1% Dodge Chance per point. Dual Wielding is a combat ability in Divinity Orginal Sin 2. Dual Wielding increases damage and dodge chance when dual-wielding one-handed weapons.

What is the easiest class in divine divinity? ›

The warrior class is probably the easiest to get started with (and in terms of unique weapons, the game is fairly biased towards swords). The survivor class tends to be the most challenging to play; they have skills for daggers, but the damage output isn't going to match that of a sword.

Does classes matter in divinity 2? ›

The only significance of class is when you pick up companions as you only get to choose from the presets and if that preset comes with a skill you don't like or need, you can't change that until act two. Otherwise, it is completely irrelevant beyond giving people around the forum a basic idea of your character build.

What class is best for beginners destiny? ›

Warlock. As the starting Warlock class, Dawnblade Warlocks give you your first taste at powers such as healing or increasing attack with the Warlock's class abilities. The Dawnblade's super ability, Daybreak, turns light into sharp blades that rain down from the sky.

Does Ifan always betray you? ›

If your approval is not high enough and you insist on becoming Divine, even if he is romanced, Ifan 'betrays' you, before entering the chamber where the last boss awaits. [Video: Ifan betrays]. However, more than betrayal, I would like to call it his own coherence. “I've trusted before.

What is the best role for Lohse? ›

Focus On: Pyrokinetic, Geomancer

As another version of the spellcaster archetype, Lohse can't go wrong with a magic-focused build. Taking on the mantle of a traditional Wizard, Lohse immediately gets access to the preset Far Out Man Talent, boosting her attack range by as much as two meters.

What is Lohse's starting class? ›

Lohse is an Origin or Companion in Divinity: Original Sin 2. Lohse's default class is Enchanter.

Can you recruit Sebille as a Lizard? ›

Sebille is located just beyond the southern gate of Fort Joy, lurking near Stingtail's camp near some boat debris. Given her grievous experiences with Lizards in the past, she will not take kindly to you if you are playing as a Lizard race character or are travelling with The Red Prince.

Can you romance Ifan as Fane? ›

The strong, lone-wolf type, Ifan is another main companion and can be romanced.

Do you lose Sebille if she becomes the tree? ›

-Letting her become whole with the mother tree will give you +3 memory perk. -Have her remain as she is will force a fight with everybody in the area + 3 driads. You will be given the option to then kill the mother tree.

What is the best starting class for the Red Prince? ›

Recommended Starting Class: Fighter

Albeit more mundane, the Red Prince can certainly play into his default Fighter class to maximize his potential as a frontline defense in the battlefield. Fighters begin with Warfare 1 and Geomancer 1, giving the Red Prince a wide array of Skills that hit hard.

Can you romance people as Fane? ›

can you romance people as fane? playing as fane i wonder, can you romance people as him? Yes.

Can you cook with the Red Prince? ›

Versatility is key with the Red Prince. They are good for fresh eating, as well as cooking, baking, and juicing. Add them to salads, soups, sauces, or baked goods.

What class is Fane supposed to be? ›

Fane's default class is Wizard.

What happens if Sebille takes root? ›

The Scion will request Sebille be the new Mother, and take root. You can interject at this point and tell Sebille to refuse, but if you do this, the Elves will attack you. If you agree, she will feel the Mother's heart and obtain the "Rooted" talent, which gives +3 to memory.

Can you get Sebille back from Shadow Prince? ›

You can also just attack the Shadow Prince with the remainder of your party, keeping Sebille back until after the battle has already started.

Do you need a dedicated healer in Divinity 2? ›

Every party needs a healer in Divinity: Original Sin 2. Here are a few tips to building the strongest one possible. Fans of Divinity: Original Sin 2 will remember the sheer diversity of tactical opportunities in the critically-acclaimed Larian Studios title.

Does leadership affect your character divinity 2? ›

Leadership gives your party a Dodging and Resistance bonus. The more points you have, the higher your dodge and resistances will become. It's ideal on your tank, or other high health character, that way the buff is always active. Having multiple people with Leadership isn't worth it, since they don't stack.

How many hours does divinity 2 take? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, Divinity: Original Sin II is about 59 Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 153 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

What is the most op class in divinity 2? ›

The Conjurer is far and away the best magic-focused class, and perhaps the best class that Divinity: Original Sin 2 offers. The Conjurer is effectively two characters at once, both controllable by the player: the Conjurer themselves, and their summoned allies.

What is the highest damage build in divinity 2? ›

The strongest build is heavy Pyro/Geo with an emphasis on +crit and +crit damage. You can even heal yourself from the Pyro damage you deal if survivability is a concern.

What are the best attributes fighter Divinity 2? ›

Divinity 2: 10 Best Skills For A Fighter
  • 3 Earthquake.
  • 4 Enrage. ...
  • 5 Oily Carapace. ...
  • 6 Impalement. ...
  • 7 Phoenix Dive. ...
  • 8 Blitz Attack. ...
  • 9 Fortify. Fighters need high physical armor to survive in battle. ...
  • 10 Battering Ram. Battering Ram is one of the most essential skills a fighter should possess. ...
Jan 17, 2021

What are the best attributes for fighter Divinity Original Sin 2? ›

The attributes are broken down into Strength, Finesse, Intelligence, Constitution, Memory, and Wits. For the Fighter, the most important attributes are Strength and Constitution. Strength will add to the percentage of damage the player's attack deal, and Constitution will affect how much vitality the player has.

What is the best race to play divinity? ›

The Elves are the best race to play for story as they can consume body parts and learn new lore from them.

Is Divinity 2 better solo? ›

Divinity: Original Sin 2 lets players experience the campaign either as a party or as a lone wolf. While the latter provides a great challenge, going in with a party is always nicer since it brings in versatility. However, dragging four people around might get a bit tedious after a while.

Does level matter in divinity 2? ›

So it's entirely up to you to consider if you would benefit more from attributes bonuses or higher armor. That's it. For weapons, level obviously affects their base damage. Keeping them up to date with your level is extremely important.

What are Wayfarer skills divinity 2? ›

  • Huntsman. Marksman's Fang. First Aid. Mark. Ricochet.
  • Geomancer. Fossil Strike. Fortify. Contamination. Poison Dart.
Sep 14, 2017

Does choice matter in divinity 2? ›

Divinity: Original Sin II is a great classic RPG with an elegant cause-and-effect system. The choices players make determine the outcomes of various storylines. So it is not hard to make a decision that will come back negatively during a first proper playthrough.

What is the max skill level in divinity? ›

The max level is not 20, but rather a "soft cap". There are enough experience points to get to level 20 by just doing quests without murdering everything for experience points. if you do all of the side quests, you can end the game at level 22 and if you maximize exp gains, you can end the game at level 23.

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