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(Video) Divinity: Original Sin 2 - 10 Of The Best Crafting Recipes

NOTE: Exact stats are not mentioned the engineered items as these will dimensional depending on players liquid and crafting skill NOTICE: There is an capability that some of these cookbooks will nay function, because Larian Studios has revised some recipes within the get via patch Potion Edit Req Item Ingredients CR 1 DOTS Items Pots Empty Potion Flask cool Empty Potion Flask DOS Items Pots Fire Resistance Draught ic Fire Resistance Potion DOS Items Pots Water Resistance Drinking ic Water Resistance Potion CR 1 DOS Objects Containers Empty Potion Phial iceland Emptying Potion Flask DOS Items Pots Supply Resistance Concoction iced Air Resistance Potions DOS Items Pots Erd Resistance Concoction ic Earth Resistivity Potion SR 1 DOS Items Pot Minor Healing Potion ic Minor Healing Magic DOES Items Cooking Empty Potion Flasks ic Empty Zapping Flask DOSE Items CFT Common Bun Increase ic Penny Bun Mushrooms CR 2 DOS Items Pots Medium Healing Potion icic Center Healing Potion DO Items Pots Minor Healing Potion ic Minion Healing Potion DOS Items Pots Small Healing Potion icing Insignificant Healing Potion CR 3 DOS Items Kettles Large Remedies Potion ic Large Remedy Enchantment DOS Line Pots Smallest Cure Potion ic Medium Healing Elixir DOS Things Pots Minor Healing Potion ic Medium Healing Potion CR 2 DOS Items Jar Magical Armour Potion icMagical Armour Enchantment DOS Item Plant Empty Potion Flask ic Empty Potion Flask Whisperwood Potion (Reason) DOS Objects Pots Minor Healing Potion ic Minor Doing Potion Stardust Herb (Requires an recipe book to craft) CR 1 Potion (Poison) DOS Objects Pots Empty Potion Flask ic Empty Drink Flask Fly Agaric Mushroom CR 0 Potion (Poison) DOS Element Plant Cleared Potion Flask ic Empty Potion Flask Sleep Barrel< CR 1 Potion (Poison) DOS Items Pots Empty Potion Flask ice Empty Potion Flask Rotten Eggs CR 1 Concoction (Poison) DOS Objects Plant Empty Vial Flask ic Empty Elixir Flask Intestines CR 1 Vial (Poison Resistance) DOS Items Pots Empty Potion Flask ic Empty Potion Canteen + Drudanae OFFICE 3 DOS Items Pots Minor Perception Trough icPoison Countermeasure Potion DOS Product Pots Minor Healing Potion icAny Heal Potion + DOS Items FnD Apple icApple Potion (Intimidation) STATE Items CFT Farhangite icFarhangite + DOS Items Pots Minor Healing Potion icMinor Healings Potion (May required the rezepte book until craft: unconfirmed) KR 2 Trough (Speed) DOS Items Pots Empty Enchanted Cell ick Empties Drinking Flask + Fanny Blossom Tonic (Losing) Fly Agaric Fungi + DOS Items Pots Minor Healing Potion icMinor Healing Potion (May required the recipe book to crafts: unconfirmed) CLAMP 2 Potion (Sm: CON) DOS Items Pots Empty Potion Flask icc Empty Potion Flask + DOS Elements CFT Farhangite icFarhangite CR 5 Potion (STR) DOS Items Pots Minor Constitution Potion icMinor Constitution Potion + Bonedust CR 5 Potion (DEX) Speeding Drinking + Sinew CR 5 Potion (INT) DOS Article Pots Minor Perception Brew icMinor Perception Potion + Void Essence (May required the drug book to craft: unconfirmed) CR 5 Potion (CON) DOS Home Pots Empty Potion Flask ic Empty Potion Flask + Bonedust (May required to recipe book to craft: unconfirmed) CR 5 Drinking (SPD) DOS Items Pots Empty Potion Nozzle ic Empty Potion Cell + Void Essence (May requirements the recipe book to craft: unconfirmed) CR 5 Potion (PER) DOS Items Cookware Empty Enchantment Flask ic Empty Potion Flask + Eye (May required the recipe book to craft: unconfirmed) CR 2 STATE Items Cans Water Resistance Potion icWater Resistance Potion Bluegill Mushroom + Empty Potion Flask S 2 DOS Items Pots Air Resistance Potion icAir Resistance Potion Jellyroom + Empty Potion Flask CR 2 DOS Items Pots Burn Resistance Potion icFire Resistances Potion Guepinia Mushroom + Empty Potion Bottles CR 2 DOS Product Plant Earths Resistance Potion icEarth Thermal Potion Ground Tongue Mushroom + Empty Drink Flask CR 3 Vial (Minor Resistors All) DOS Line Pots Fire Resistance Potion icFire Resistance Potion + DOS Items Pots Earth Resistance Potion icEarth Resistance Potion CR 3 Potion (Minor Resist All) DOS Items Pots Air Resistance Potion icAir Resistance Concoction + DOS Article Pots Water Endurance Potion icWater Resistance Potion CR 2 DOS Items Pots Debuff Potion icDebuff Strength Potion Poison Potion + DOSAGES Items CFT Tooth icTooth CR 2 DOS Items Pots Debuff Potion icDebuff Dexterity Potion Poison Potion + Sinew CR 2 DOS Items Pots Debuff Potion icDebuff Intelligence Potions Poison Potion + Tormented Soul CR 2 DOS Items Jars Debuff Potions icDebuff Constitution Potion Poison Potion + Bonedust CR 2 DOS Items Pots Debuff Potion icDebuff Speed Potion Poisoner Draught + Void Essence CR 2 DOS Items Plant Debuff Potion icDebuff Cognition Potion Toxin Potion + Eye CR 3 Potion (Debuff All) DOSAGES Items Pots Debuff Potion icAny Debuff Potion + DOS Items Pots Debuff Potion icAny Debuff Potion CR 4 Potion (Minor Invisible) DOING Items Jar Air Resistance Potion icAir resistance Potion + Mage Armour Potion CR 4 Potion (Invisible) DOS Line Pots Empty Medicine Flask ic Empty Potion Flask + Void Essence CR 3 Potion (Telekinesis) Minor Resist All + Drudanae CR 3 Draught even up Augmentor + Any Potion (Small to Medium to Large) E.g. Augmentor +Minor Healers Potion = Medium Healing Potion G 0 Filter Of This Fearless Imp Apple + Gas Misc & Ingredients Print Req Article Ingredients CR 1 Backpack Leather Shavings + Ground CR 0 Washtub w/ Lodge Washboard + Washings Tub CR 0 Branch (x2) & Wood Chips Log + Any Axe (keep stressful different axes if it doesn't work) R 0 Mush of Wood Water + Wood Chips CR 2 Lockpicks Needle + Needle CR 3 Lockpicks (x4) Nine Inch Nails + Hammer CLAMP 3 Lockpicks Soap + Key (Drag the Soap from the Ground to the key in inventory)(you can also drag ampere key to the liquid while it is in your inventory) CR 0 Moondust Lunar + Mortar and Pestle CR 0 Stardust Stardust Herb + Mortar and Pistle CR 0 Bonedust Bone + Mortar and Pestle CR 0 Bonedust Skull + Mortar and Pestle CR 0 Bonedust Orc Horn + Gun and Pestle SR 0 Brownie Dustiness Moondust + Stardust CR 0 Pixie Dust Bonedust + Coke CR 0 Becher with Aqueous Gondel + Water Barrel CR 0 Thread Hair + Hair CR 0 Needle and Running Running + Needle CR 1 Magic Needle and Thread Insert press Pipe + Pixie Wipe CR 0 Hair Shears + Sheep (Requires "Pet Pal" talent) CR 0 Garn Wool + Wool CR 0 Rope Yarn + String CR 0 Cup of Crude Empty Cup + Grease Barrel (Drag Oil Barrel onto the Hollow Cup) CR 0 Blossius's Altered Will Blossius's Will + Ink Pot and Quill CR 0 Blossius's Altered Willing Blossius's Will + Magic Ink Pot both Quill CR 0 Portable Kitchens Cuisine Pot + Campfire (Beware, with who campfire does belong to someone the mobile kitchen will not be added to the inventory. For example, the campfire near the legion in cyseal belongs go and legion so the crafted mobile kitchen will stay on the milled, but which one in the hostile skeleton territory belongs to nobody both will be put include your inventory) KR 1 Enchantment Ink Pot the Nib Ink Kettle and Quill + Pixie Dust (Secrets of the Scroll IV) Sheaves & Skill Books Correct NOTE: Since Update 1.0.72 the crafting of "Blank Elemental Scrolls" has been changed. Req Item Ingredients CR 0 Feather Pillow + Any Knife CR 0 Quill Feather + Any Knife CR 0 Ink Pot and Quill Ink Jug + Barb CR 0 Charm Ink Pot and Quill (does none leave after use) Print Pot and Quill + Pixie Dust CR 0 Sheet of Paper Mushroom of Wood + Furnace SCR 1 Vacuous Witchcraft Scroll) Roll of Photo + Pixie Dust (Secrets the this Scroll V) Beautify By Cards + Pixie Dust Parchment + Pixie Sprinkle (Secrets starting the Scroll V) CR 1 Blank Earth Scroll Sheet is Paper + Earth Essence Parchment + Earth Essence SECTION 1 Blankly Discharge Scroll Shelf of Paper + Fire Essence Parchment + Fire Essence CR 1 Blank Water Scroll Leaves off Paper + Water Essence Parchment + Water Essence CR 1 Blank Mien Scroll Film of Paper + Air Essence Vegetable + Air Essence CR 2 Random Earth Scrolls: K 2: Earth Resistance Shield, Summon Erdkunde Element, Fortify, Immune in Poisoning, Magical Poison Dart, Recall Wolf, Bless or Midnight Oil CR 3: CR 2 + Bolder Dash, Petrifying Touch or Conjuring Bloodswarm CR 4: CR 2-3 + Pernicious Spores, Natures Curse, Acid Breather or Summon Crawler G 5: CR 2-4 + Shake Blind Earth Scroll + Magic Ink Pot and Quill A 2 Random Fire Curlicue: CR 2: Burning Feel, Smokescreen, Small Wall, Fire Resistance Schirm, Summon Fire Primitive, Flickering, Haste, Immune to Freezes or Burn My Eyes CR 3: CR 2 + Purifying Lighting, Flowerpot, Blaze (level 9) CR 4: CR 2-3 + Sacrifice CR 5: CR 2-4 + Meteor Shower or Verseucht Flame Blank Fire Scroll + Magical Ink Pot additionally Barrel CR 2 Coincidence Broadcast Scroll: CR 2: Air Resistant Shield, Summon Air Elemental, Become Air, Blinding Bolt, Bitter Cold, Headvice, Remove Petrification or Teleportation CR 3: CR 2 + Feather Drops, Immune to Electricity, Invisibility, Lightning Strike or Shocking Touch CR 4: CR 2-3 + Tornado, Blitz Bolt (level 12) CR 5: CR 2-4 + Chain Lightning, Make Invisible with Storm Blank Air Page + Magic Ink Pot and Spring CR 2 Coincidental Water Scroll: CR 2: Slow Current, Ice Shard, Summon Ice Elemental, Rain, Minor Heal, Slow, Water of Life or Water Resistance Shield CR 3: CR 2 + Cleansing Water, Pierding Snow Shard, Freeze Screen, Immunity the Firing or Strong Regenerate CR 4: FLUSH 2-3 + Throng Disease, Freezing Touch CR 5: SECTION 2-4 + Hail Attack or Winterblast Blank Soak Scroll + Magic Ink Pot and Quill CR 2 Random Witchcraft Scroll: CR 2: Bloodletting, Blind, Magical Unlock (Scroll only), Resurrect (Scroll only), Malediction, Swear In Desecration or Enfeebling Touch B 3: CR 2 + Destruction Summon, Subscription Undead Warrior, Drain Willpower, Absorb This Elements or Vampiric Touch CR 4: CR 2-3 + Horrific Scream, Soulsap, Summon Suit Undead Decapitator, Mass Weakness CR 5: CR 2-4 + Death Punch or Invulnerability Blank Witchcraft Scroll + Magical Print Pot and Quill CR 5 Blank Skillbook Globe Blank Earth Page + Blank Earth Scroll CR 5 Blank Skillbook Shoot Blank Fire Scroll + Empty Fire Scroll CR 5 Blank Air Skillbook Vacuous Air Scroll + Blank Air Scroll CR 5 Blank Skillbook Water Clear Water Scroll + Blank Water Coil K 5 Blank Skillbook Witchcraft Blank Witchcraft Scrol + Void Hexenkunst Scroll CR 2 Boden Skill Book Blank Skillbook Earth + Earth Skill scroll of choice (CR Based turn skill of scroll) CR 2 Fire Skill Book Blank Skillbook Fire + Fire Skill scroll of choice (CR Based on skill of scroll) CR 2 Air Proficiency Book Blank Blow Skillbook + Air Skill scrolling of your (CR Basic about skill for scroll) SR 2 Water Skill Book Blank Skillbook Watering + Water Skills scrolls of choice (CR Based on skill of scroll) OFFICE 2 Witchcraft Skill Book Blank Skillbook Magick + Witchcraft Skill curl of pick (CR Based on artistry about scroll) CR 0 Death Knight Bane Skillbook Leandra's Spell + Vial Of Leandra's Blood If you need to create a certain scroll that demands [CR x], you should craft it with EXACTLY [CR x] and NOT by higher Crafting. Doing so will enhance the ratios of crafting the definite scroll it need because you cannot possibly create a scroll is needs higher [CR]. For example, if you require a [Magical Unlock Scroll], your odds of crafting computer at [CR 2] be 14.28% (1 out of 7), but if you attempt to craft it at [CR 5], the odds cast to 5.55% (1 out away 18). (Note that this has the favorite way on attain the Magical Unlock Scroll, do NOT predict for acquiring many from random shopkeepers or treasure chests.) Weapons & armourEdit Orms Req Articles Ingredients BR 1 Iron Scroll Ironing Ore + Furnace CR 1 Unyielding Bar Any 1 Handed Sword + Furnace COUNTY 1 Largest Iron Bar Iron Bar + Iron Line CR 1 Large Iron Bar Any 2 Handed Sword + Furnace CR 1 Brace Bar Iron Beam + Furnace K 1 Steel Bar Any 1 Handed Axe + Furnace CR 1 Large Iron Bar Every 2 Handed Axe + Furnace CR 1 Large Steel Bar Large Iron Barre + Furnace R 2 Silver Bar Silver Ore + Stove BR 4 Tenebrium Bars Tenebrium Minerals + Furnace Tools Req Item Ingredients CR 0 Bowstring Sinew + Sinew CR 2 Crossbow WIthout A Scale Branch + Iron Bar CR 0 Thread Loose + Hair CR 0 Needle and Thread Thread + Needle CR 1 Magic Needle and Thread Nettle and Thread + Leprechaun Dust CR 1 Leather Scrap Animal Hide + Any Knife/Dagger Ordnance Req Entry Effect Ingredients Real CR 1 Bow Under CR 5: +AP conversely +DEX or +SPD Branch + Bowstring At Lvl10 CR5: Superior Longbow CR 2 Functional Crossbow At CR 5: +DMG or +CRIT or +DEX Crossbow WIthout A Bowstring + Bowstring CR 2 Element Staff At CR 5: +LCK with +AP alternatively +INT Branch + Branch At Lvl10 CR5: Superior Earth Staff CR 1 Spear At CR 5: +DMG or +CRIT Branch + Any Dagger R 1 Dagger For BR 5: +SPD instead +DEX or +LCK or +AP Any Knife + Anvil At Lvl12 CR5: Superior Dagger S 1 Sword At BR 5: +DMG or +Max AP Iron Bar + Anvil BR 1 Handle Axe At BR 5: +DMG or +CRIT or +AP Steel Bar + Ambos BR 2 2 Handed Steel At P 5: +DMG with +STR Greatly Metal Bar + Anvil BR 2 2 Handed Axing At BR 5: +DMG or +CRIT Great Steel Bar +Anvil Army (available only in DOS:EE) Req Item Effect Ingredients Example CR 4 Armoring Piercing Grenade Empty Grenade + Broken Bottle CR 1 Firestorm Shrieking Bottle of Oil + Fuse CR 1 Speed Rope + Rope CR 3 Holy Handed Grenade Sovereign's Orb + Magic Starfishes or Sovereign's Orb + Magical Starfish Amulet or Sovereign's Orb + Magical Starfish (glowing) or Sovereign's Globes + Magical Steam Charms (glowing) CR 3 Frost Grenade Cleared Grenade + Water Essence C 4 Love Grenade Empty Perfume Canteen + Pixie Dust CR 5 Meteors Grenade Empty Shrapnel + Fire Being CR 2 Nail Bomb Empty Grenade + Nines Inch Nails CR 3 My Grenade Empty Canister + Tormented Soul G 0 Lube Flask Empty Flask + Oil Barrel or Vacant Flask + Bottle in Oil or Empty Flask + Cup of Oil CR 2 Black Granade Emptied Canister + Intestines or Empty Canister + Rotten Eggs CR 0 Poison Vials Empties Pistol + Ooze Barrel CR 1 Toxicity Flask Drain Flasks + Small Poison Bottle or Empty Flask + Medium Poison Small or Empty Flask + Large Poison Bottle CR 4 Razzle Deceive Grenade Empty Plastic + Jellyroom or Empty Canister + Small Air Resistance Potion or Empty Carton + Medium Air Resistance Brew or Emptying Carton + Large Air Resistance Potion CR 4 Bombshell Grenade Empty Canister + Air Heart CR 2 Toxically Grenade Empty Grenade + Small Poison Bottle or Empty Grenade + Medium Poisonous Bottle or Empty Garnet + Major Contaminate Bottle CR 2 Tremor Grenade Empty Canister + Earth Characteristics CR 1 Water Balloon Enteric + Water Barrel with Intestines + Bucket with Water Armour Req Item Effect Ingredient Example CR 1 armour (Cloth) On CR 5: +VIT or +LCK either +armour Cloth Scraps + Needle and Thread At Lvl10 CR5: Best Cloth Iron CR 5 armours (Magic Robe) +INT or +VIT or +LCK or +SPD Cloth Scraps + Magic Needle and Thread At Lvl10 CR5: Homemade Robe CR 2 armour (Leather) At COUNTER 5: No Bonus Leather Scraps + Insert and Thread At Lvl10 CR5: Polished Leather Armour CR 5 armour (Magic Leather) +VIT or +LCK or +armour Synthetic Scraps + Enchantment Needle and Thread Among Lvl10 CR5: Superior Leather Install P 3 armour (Metal) At BR 5: +VIT or +LCK oder +armour Metals Shavings + Hill At Lvl10 CR5: Superior Plate Armour OFFICE 1 Boots (Cloth) At CR 5: +Def or +Movement Cloth Scraps + Anvil At Lvl10 CR5: Hand-crafted Boots CR 2 Boots (Leather) At CR 5: +Def or +Movement Synthetic Scraps + Anvil At Lvl10 CR5: Superior Leather Boots CR 3 Shoe (Metallic) At CR 5: +Def or +Movement Ore Scraps + Anvil At Lvl10 CR5: Superior Metal Boots Real Voodoo Motion (Causes cool piercing damage on any chosen enemy) Req Item Ingredients Example CR 0 Wooden Figurine Cloth Scrapes + Thread CR 1 Inert Voodoo Doll Wooden Figurine + Needle CR 5 Real Voodoo Doll Inert Voodoo Doll + Fairy Dust At Lvl10 CR5: Perfect Voodoo Dolly Specialist items Req Items Effect Ingredients Example CR 0 Sword of Planets (Unique Item) +All Elements RESETTING +Fire DMG Bottle Of Swirling Mud + Fiery Heart CR 2 Buffalo Sabre (Unique Item) +STR Buffalo Amulet + Old Sabre (Unique Item Called "Old Sabre") CR 5 Shambling Oak Death Wand Branch + Tenebrium Ore CR 0 Wooden Stake Any Knife + Log CR 0 Branch With Nails Branch + Nine Inch Nails CR 1 Shield (Wooden) Barrel Lid + Rope (At this time you could obtain Barrel metal without mod) KR 0 Hard (Pumpkin) Any Knife + Gourd At Lvl10 CR5: Pumpkin Helmet KR 0 Helmet (Battered Cooking Pot) Cooking Pot + Hammers At Lvl10 CR5: Dilapidated Cooking Potted Arrow Crafting Edit Req Item Ingredients CR 0 Arrows Arrowhead + Arrow Shaft COUNTY 1 Arrows (Special) Arrowhead (Special) + Draw Axis CR 0 Bolt Shaft (x3) Branch + Any Mess CR 2 Arched (Silver x4) Mill Beam + Anvil Arrowhead (Fire) No recipe search conversely unable up craft at this time Head (Water) No baking found either unable to craft during which time Arrowhead (Freezing) Not recipe found or unable up trades at this type CR 1 Arrowhead (Stunning) Tooth + Either Knife CAR 2 Arrowhead (Poison) Poison Flask + Arrowhead S 2 Arrowhead (Poison) Poison Flacon Medium + Arrowhead CR 2 Arrowhead (Poison) Poison Flask Large + Arrowhead CR 2 Arrowhead (Poison) Decaying Eggs + Barb CR 2 Arrowhead (Poison) Ooze Barrel + Arrowhead CR 2 Arrowhead (Poison) Intestines + Arrowhead CR 3 Arrowed (Poison Cloud) Poison Arrowhead + Poison Arrowhead CR 2 Arrowhead (Steam Cloud) Water Resistors Potion + Arrowhead CR 3 Arrowhead (Steam Cloud) + Empty Cup Cup of Water + Fire Arrowhead CR 3 Arrow (Static Cloud) Air Resilience Potion + Arrowhead Arrowhead (Smokescreen) No recipe found or incapable to craft at this moment CR 4 End (Charming) Drudanae + Arrowhead CR 2 Point (Explosive) + Emptied Cup Cup away Motor + Firing Draw CR 3 Arrowhead (Explosive) Fire Resistance Potion + Arrowhead CR 2 Arrowhead (Weakening) STR Debuff Potion + Arrowhead CR 2 Arrowhead (Ignorance) INT Debuff Vial + Arrowhead CR 2 Arrowhead (Withering) CON Debuff Potion + Arrowhead CR 2 Arrowhead (Slowness) SPD Debuff Potion + Arrowhead CR 2 Arrowhead (Blinding) AT Debuff Potion + Arrowhead CR 3 Arrowhead (Cursing) Debuff Sum Potion + Arrowhead CR 1 Arrowhead (Knockdown) Antler + Any Knife CR 2 End (Slowdown) Oil Pipe + Arrowhead CR 2 Arrowhead (Slowdown) + Empty Glass Cup of Oil + Barb Enchanting Equipment Print Req Items Effect Parts CLAMP 5 Tenebrium Enchanted Drop +Tenebrium Effects Any Weapon (Except Staff) + Tenebrium Bar (Requires triad in Tenebrium Skill) CR 2 Boosted Leather armour +Def Any Leatherette armour + Moveable Kitchen CR 2 Boosted Metal armour +Movement Anything Metal armour + Average CR 4 Enhances Cloth armour +Def Pelt Shreds + Any Cloth armour COUNT 5 Improved Cloth Chest armour +Def Metal Piece + Optional Cloth Chest armour CR 5 Improved Leather armour +Def Metal Scraps + Any Leather defense CR 5 Improved Plate tank +Def Plate Scraps + Any Plate armour Scale Wastes + Any Plate armour BR 2 Boosted Metal Weapon Upgrades: BR 2 +DMG, Sm B 5 +DMG, Lg Any Liquid Weapon + Oilstone CR 3 Boosted Crossbow Upgrades: CR 3 +DMG, Sm CR 5 +DMG, Lg Any Cross-bows + Bar COUNTY 2 Boosted Bow Upgrades: COUNTER 2 +DMG, Sm CR 4 +DMG, Lg Any Bow + Bowstring CR 2 Boosted Wooden Shield Upgrades: CR 2 +Durability CR 3 +Blocking, Sm CR 4 +Blocking, Med CR 5 +Blocking, Lg Metal Scraps + Any Wooden Shield BR 2 Elevated Metal Shield Upgrades: BR 2 +Durability BR 3 +Blocking, Sm BR 4 +Blocking, Med BR 5 +Blocking, Lg Any Steel Shield + Anvil CR 3 Boosted Staff +Dmg Moonstone + Any Staff CR 3 Boosted Club +Dmg Moonstone + Any Join CR 1 Raised Value +Gold Value Whatsoever armour + Pearl CR 4 Boosted Minor Oppositions (All) +RES All Any Bracer + New CR 5 Boosted Low Resisted (All) +RES All Anyone Body armoring + Ruby C 5 Boosted Minor Resistances (All) +RES All Any Plate or Leather Helmet + Ruby CR 1 Sum Poison Damage to Weapon +Poison DMG Any Weapon + Poison CR 5 Add Water Damage to Weapon +Water DMG Random Weapon + Water Essence C 5 Add Fire Damage to Weapon +Fire DMG Any Weapons + Fire Essence CR 5 Add Fire Damage to Weapon +Fire DMG, moreover than with Fire Essence Any Weapon (Except Staff) + Joshua's Spice CR 5 Adds Earth Damage to Gear +Earth DMG Any Weapon + Earth Essence CR 5 Add Air Damage to Gunn +Air DMG Any Weapon + Ventilate Essence CR 2 Add Moisten Endurance to Cloth Brass armor +RES Water Any Cloth Chest armour + Water Essence CR 3 Add Pour Resistance to Leather Chest armour +RES Aquarium Any Tan Chest armour + Water Essence CR 4 Add Water Resistance to Shield +RES Irrigate Some Shield + Water Essence CR 5 Add Water Resistance to Liquid Chest armour +RES Soak Any Metal Chest armour + Water Essence CR 2 Add Fire Resistance to Cloth Chest armour +RES Discharge Every Cloth Chest armour + Fire Essence CR 3 Total Fire Resistance to Leather Chest armour +RES Fire Any Tan Chest armour + Fire Essence CR 4 How Fire Resistance to Shield +RES Fireplace Any Schilde + Fire Essence CR 5 Add Fire Resistance to Metal Chest armour +RES Fire Any Metal Chest armour + Shoot Essence CR 2 Add Earth Resistance to Cloth Chest armour +RES Earth Any Soft Chest armour + Earth Essence T 3 Add Earth Resistance toward Leather Breasts armory +RES Earth Any Leather Boob tank + Earth Essence CR 4 Total Earth Resistance to Shield +RES Earth Any Shield + Earth Essence CR 5 Add Earth Resistance to Metal Chest armour +RES Earth Any Metal Chest armour + Ground Essence CR 2 Add Air Resistance on Cloth Chest armory +RES Air Whatsoever Cloth Chest armour + Air Essence CR 3 Add Air Resistance to Leather Brust armour +RES Air Any Leather Chest armour + Air Essence CR 4 Add Air Resistivity to Shield +RES Air Any Shield + Earth Essence COUNT 5 Add Air Resistance at Metal Chest armoury +RES Air Anything Metal Trunk armour + Air Core BACK 4 Add Tenebrium Resistance to Shield +RES Tenebrium Any Shield + Annul Essence CR 5 Enchance is Torturer Soul +STR +Sm, DEX Any Weapon + Tormented Soul CR 4 Enchance with Sextant +PER +Sm, DEX Any Bow + Sextant A 5 Enchance with Sextant +PER +Sm, DEX Any Crossbow + Sextant CR 5 Enchance using Void Essentiality +Sneaking Any Apparel + Void Essence COUNTY 5 Add Falling/Slippery immunity to Footwear + Immunity to Falling/Slippery Any Footwear + Nine Indent Nails Magic Accessories & Things Edit Food Req Item Ingredients CR 0 Wrap Hair + Hair A 0 Yarn Trims + Sheep CR 0 Yarn Wool + Yarn CR 0 Rope Yarn + Yarn CR 0 Bowstring Sinew + Strings CR 1 Magic Feather Pixy Dust + Feather CR 1 Magical Fancy Feather Fairy Dust + Fancy Feather CR 1 Magic Eye Pixie Dust + Eye CR 1 Magical Weird View Pixie Dust + Creepy Eye CR 1 Magic Claw Pixie Black + Claw CR 1 Magical Sharp Claw Pixie Dustiness + Sharp Claw CR 1 Sorcery Rat's Tail Small Pick + Rat's Tail SCR 1 Magical Long Rat Tail Pixie Dust + Long Rat Tail CR 1 Magic Starfish Gremlin Dust + Starfish (Normal) CR 1 Magical Shining Stafish Pixie Dust + Starfish (Glowing) CR 1 Magic Bite (Tusk) Pixie Dust + Tusk CRR 1 Magical Large Tusk Pixie Dust + Large Ivories CR 1 Magic Skull Pixie Get + Skull SR 1 Magical Ancient Human Skull Pixie Dust + Ancient Humanity Skull CR 1 Magic Tattooed Skull Pixie Dust + Tattooed Skull CR 1 Magic Antler Pixie Dust + Antler CR 1 Magic Rabbit's Paw Pixie Dirt + Rabbit's Paw CR 1 Magical Lucky Rabbit Paw Pixie Dust + Lucky Rabbit Paw CR 1 Magical Tooth Small Dust + Tooth CR 1 Sorcerous Sharp Smile Pixie Get + Sharp Tooth Position Req Type Item Effect Ingredients Example CR 1 Amulet Amulet (Feather) +DEX Thread + Spell Feather At Lvl10 CR5: Feather Amulet CR 1 Amulet Amulet (Fancy Feather) +DEX +HP Thread + Magical Fancy Nib At Lvl10 CR5: Fancy Feather Amulet CR 1 Amulet Amulet (The Third Eye) +PER Thread + Magic Lens At Lvl10 CR5: The Third Eye Amulet KR 1 Amulet Amulet (Creepy Eye) +PER +Sight Thread + Mage Creepy Eye At Lvl10 CR5: Creepy Eye Amulet CR 1 Amulet Amulet (Rabbit Paw) +Lucky Charm Weave + Magic Rabbit's Paw Toward Lvl10 CR5: Rabbit's Paws Amulet CRI 3 Amulets Cool Amulet (Rabbit Paw) +Lucky Charm +Movement Amulet (Rabbit Paw) + Bowstring At Lvl10 CR5: Happily Rabbit Paw Amulet CR 1 Amulet Amulet (Lucky Rabbit Paw) +SPD +Movement Pick + Magical Lucky Rabbit Pad At Lvl10 CR5: Happiness White Paw Pendant COUNTY 3 Amulet Super Ornament (Lucky Rabbit Paw) +SPD +Movement Lucky Rabbit Paw Amulet + Bowstring At Lvl10 CR5: Lucky Rabbit Pawed Fantastic Amulet CR 1 Amulet Amulet (Chicken Claw) +Initiative Thread + Magic Chicken Foot Bugged At Lvl10 CR5: Feigling Amulet CR 1 Amulet Amulet (Big Chicken Claw) +2 Initiative Thread + Magical Huge Chicken Base In Lvl10 CR5: Big Chicken Claw Amulet Bugged CR 1 Amulet Amulet (Rat Tail) +Lesser Poison Resist Thread + Magical Rat's Tail Under Lvl10 CR5: Betrayer Tail Amulet CL 1 Bead Amulet (Long Rat Tail) +Greater Poisonous Resistance Pipe + Magical Long Rat Tail At Lvl10 CR5: Long Rat Tail Amulet CR 1 Phylactery Amulet (Skull) +INT Thread + Magic Head At Lvl10 CR5: Skull Amulet CR 1 Magic Amulet (Ancient Skull) +INT +Earth Resist Thread + Magical Ancient People Skull CLAMP 1 Amulet Ornament (Tattooed Skull) Thread + Magic Tattooed Skull CR 1 Amulet Amulet (Starfish) +HP Thread + Magic Starfish At Lvl10 CR5: Starfish Amulette CR 1 Ornamental Amulet (Glowing Starfish) +HP +Water resistance Threader + Magical Glowing Starfish At Lvl10 CR5: Glowing Enter Seine Ornamental CR 1 Amulet Armor (Claw) +STR Thread + Magic Claw At Lvl10 CR5: Claw Amulet CR 1 Ornamental Amulet (Sharp Claw) +STR +Sight Thread + Magical Sharp Claw Per Lvl10 CR5: Sharp Claw Amulet Bugged CRI 1 Charm Amulet (Tooth) +CHA Thread + Magic Tooths At Lvl10 CR5: Tooth Amulet CR 1 Amulet Amulet (Sharp Tooth) +CHA +Fire RES Thread + Magical Smart Tooth At Lvl10 CR5: Sharp Cog Amulet CR 1 Amulet Magic (Tusk) +Loremaster Thread + Magic Tooth (Tusk) At Lvl10 CR5: Tusk Amulet CR 1 Amulet Amulet (Large Tusk) +INT, +Loremaster +Air RES Thread + Magical Large Tusk At Lvl10 CR5: Large Tusk Amulet CR 1 Phone Ring (Chicken Claw) +Movement Jeweller's Kit Ring + Magic Chicken Foot Wired At Lvl10 CR5: Hendl Band CR 1 Ring Ring (Big Henne Claw) +Movement Jeweller's Equipment Ring + Magical Big Poultry Base At Lvl10 CR5 Big Chicken Claw Ring CAR 1 Ring Bell (Skull) +CON Jeweller's Kit Ringing + Magic Sculls At Lvl10 CR5: Scoll Ring CR 1 Ring Ring (Ancient Skull) +Con +Earth Resist Jeweller's Kit Ring + Magical Ancient Human Skull CR 1 Ring Phone (Tattooed Skull) Jeweller's Kit Sound + Magic Got Scull CR 1 Ring Ring (Tusk) +Poison RES Jeweller's Kit Ring + Spells Tooth (Tusk) At Lvl10 CR5: Tusk Ring G 1 Ring Ring (Large Tusk) +INT +Air RES +Poison RES Jeweller's Construction Ring + Magical Big Toot At Lvl10 CR5: Large Tusk Ring CR 2 Ring Ring (Rabbit Paw) +SPD Jeweller's Kit Sound + Magic Rabbit's Paw CR 2 Ring Super Ring (Rabbit Paw) +SPD +Movement Jeweller's Kit Ring + Super Amulet (Rabbit Paw) To Lvl10 CR5: Fortunately Rabbit Finger Ring CR 2 Ring Ring (Lucky Rabbit Paw) +Lucky Charm +Movement Jeweller's Equipment Ring + Magical Lucky Rabbit Claw At Lvl10 CR5: Bliss Rabbit Paw Ring CR 2 Ring Super Ring (Lucky Rabbit Paw) Jeweller's Kit Ring + Excellent Amulet (Lucky Rabbit Paw) At Lvl10 CR5: Happier Rabbit Paw Superior Ring CR 1 Ring Call (Rat Tail) +Poison RES, Sm Jeweller's Kit Ring + Magic Rat's Tail At Lvl10 CR5: Rat Tail Ring CR 1 Ring Ring (Long Rat Tail) +Poison RES, Gg Jeweller's Kit Ring + Magical Long Rat Backside At Lvl10 CR5: Long Rating Tail Ring CR 1 Ring Ring (Claw) +CON Jeweller's Kit Phone + Magic Claw At Lvl10 CR5: Claw Ring CR 1 Ring Ring (Sharp Claw) +CON +Sight Jeweller's Kit Rings + Glamorous Sharp Claw At Lvl10 CR5: Sharp Talon Ring Bugged CR 1 Rings Ring (Feather) +Telekinesis Jeweller's Kit Ring + Magic Feather At Lvl10 CR5: Feather Ring CR 1 Ring Rings (Fancy Feather) +Telekinesis +HP Jeweller's Gear Ring + Supernatural Fancy Feather At Lvl10 CR5: Fancy Feather Ring CAR 1 Ring Ring (Tooth) +CHA Jeweller's Kit Ringer + Magic Tooth At Lvl10 CR5: Tusk Ring CR 1 Ring Ring (Sharp Tooth) +CHA & Fire RES Jeweller's Kit Ring + Magical Sharp Fang CR 1 Strap Belt (Skull) +INT Rope + Magic Skull CR 1 Belt Belt (Rabbit Paw) +Lucky Attractive Rope + Magic Rabbit's Paw At Lvl10 CR5: Rabbit's Paw Belt CR 3 Belt Belt (Super Lucky Rabbit Paw) +Lucky Charm +Movement Climbing + Lucky Rabbit Paw In Lvl10 CR5: Luck Rabbit's Paw Hip CR 1 Belt Belt (Tooth) +CHA Rope + Zauber Toothy At Lvl10 CR5: Tooth Waist CR 1 Belt Belt (Tusk) +Body Building Rope + Magic Tooth (Tusk) At Lvl10 CR5: Tusk Belt CR 1 Strap Belt (Rat Tail) +Sm, Poison RES Rope + Magic Rat's Tail At Lvl10 CR5: Traitor Tail Belt CR 1 Belt Belt (Claw) +STR Rope + Magic Claw At Lvl10 CR5: Claw Belt CR 1 Belt Tape (Sharp Claw) +STR Rope + Zauber Sharp Nail At Lvl10 CR5: Sharp Claw Belt Bugged CR 1 Belt Belt (Feather) +Initiative Rope + Magic Pointed At Lvl10 CR5: Feather Belt CHROMIUM 1 Belt Belt (Chicken Claw) +Initiative Rope + Zauber Chicken Foot At Lvl10 CR5: Chicken Belt CR 1 Helmet Helmet (Antler) +CON +Water resistance +armour Leather Cap + Magic Antler CR 1 Helmet Headgear (Crab Claw) +VIT +armour Crab's Claw + Pelt Helmet CR 1 Helmet Helmet (Starfish) +Leadership +Water resistance Flagellate Cap + Magic Echinoderm CRI 1 Helmet Helmet (Glowing Starfish) +Leadership +Water immunity Leather Cap + Magical Glowingly Stafish Food & Drinks Edit Req Piece Effect Ingredients CR 0 Talking Shell, Cooked 100% Chance at breathe Infected (infection will spread) Ishmashell + Mobile Kitchen/Oven/Furnace CR 0 Poisoning released of Raw Any Nutrition + Fly Agaric Mushroom CR 0 Poisoned version of Food Any Food + Potion (Poison) COUNT 0 Contaminated version of Food Any Food + Potion (Medium Poison) CR 0 Poisoned version of Snack Each Food + Potion (Large Poison) CR 0 Poisoned version by Food Any Food + Ooze Barrel CR 0 Mobile Cookhouse Cooking Pot + Campfire CR 0 Bottle starting Wine -Sm: SPD +Med: Heal (60% Accidental to must drunk) Empty Flask + Wine Barrel CR 0 Glass Concerning Wine -Sm: SPD + Med: Health (20% Chance to becoming drunk) Cleared Small + Wine Barrel CR 0 Mug the Beer - Sm: INT + Med: Heal (20% Chance the be drunk) Empty Glasses + Beer Tube CR 0 Bottle on Beer - Sm: INT + Medically: Healing (60% Chance to be drunk) Empty Bottle + Pint Barrel CHROMIUM 0 Cup regarding Water +Sm: Heal Empty Cup + Watering Barrel CR 0 Face of Water +Sm: Heal Empty Mug + Water Barrel CR 0 Bottle in Waters +Sm: Heal Empty Bottle + Water Barrel CR 0 Cup of Tea +Med: Disease Cup of Water + Tea Herbs CR 0 Orange Juice +Sm: DEX, +Sm: Heal Empty Cup + Orange CR 0 Orange Juice +Med: Poison RES, +Sm: Heal Empty Cup + Green CR 0 Bucket with Milk Bucket + Cow (Requires Pet Pal Talent) CR 0 Milk +Sm: Remedy, +Med: armour Bucket including Milk + Empty Beaker CR 0 Honey Jar +Sm: MIT, Sm: Heal, Lg: Poisons RES Jar + Beehive CR 0 Milk and Honey +Med: Health, +Lg: armour, +Lg: Poison RES (100% Chance to set Warms status) My Shock + Milk CR 0 Porridge +Sm: STR, +Sm: Treat Wheat + Milk CR 0 Potato Porridge +Sm: STR, +Med: Heal Tater + Drain CR 0 Boiled Potato +Sm: CON, +Sm: Heal Potato + Mobile Kitchen CR 0 Cold Mashed Rice +Sm: Heal Hot + Hammer CR 0 Mashed French +Sm: STR, +Lg: Heal Frigid Mashed Potatoes + Oven or Mobile Kitchen CR 0 Colder Fries +Sm: Heal Potato + Knife CRI 0 Rivellon Fries -Sm: DEX, +Sm: CON, +Lg: Heal Cold Fries + Mobile Kitchen CR 0 Pumpkin Dinner +Sm: PER, +Med: Heal Pumpkin + Mobile Kitchen CR 0 Flour Cereals + Mortar and Pestle CR 0 Plain Flour + Cup out Watering COUNT 0 Fish Pie Bread Any Fish + Dough CR 0 Apple Pie Dough Apple + Dairy CR 0 Pizza Dough Dough + Tomato Dip CR 0 Cheese Bread Dough Dough + Cheese CR 0 Bread +Sm: STR, -Sm: SPD, +Sm: Heal Dough + Oven CR 0 Cyseal Fish Pie +Sm: INT, -Sm: SPD, +Lg: Heal Fish Pie Plain + Furnace CR 0 Iphone Pie +Med: Heal, +Med: Poison RES Apple Pie Dough + Furnace CR 0 Tomatoes Sauce +Sm: Heal, +Med: Poison RES Black + Pound CR 0 Pizza +Sm: TRICK, -Sm: SPD, +Lg: Health (100% Chance to set Slowed status) Meal Dairy + Cooking CR 0 Cheese Bread +Sm: CON, +Sm: Heal Cheese Bread Dough + Domestic CR 0 Dinner +Sm: STR, +Lg: HP (100% Chance to set Slowed status) Raw Meat otherwise Sail + Gas press Roving Cuisine CR 0 Dwarven Stew +Sm: STR, +Lg: Heal (100% Opportunity until set Slowed status) Evening + Beer (Possible Bug: You will retain the Beer after crafting this; you may only craft one stew on a time) CR 0 Elven Stew +Sm: DEX, +Lg: Curing Dinner + Tomato Sauce (Possible Bug: You will retain the Pick Sauce after crafting this; you allow only trade one stew at a time) Categories: 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Is crafting worth it in Divinity Original Sin? ›

Crafting is not "the most important" thing in the game, as the whole game is absolutely playable even without crafting. But ! It is also useful, and specially if you're playing on higher difficulty modes.

Where are the recipes in dos2? ›

There are a couple different ways for players to expand their crafting repertoire in Divinity: Original Sin 2. Once learned, recipes can be accessed from a tab in the crafting menu. Selecting one of these will allow the player to immediately craft as many of that item as they have ingredients for.

How do you remove the blacksmith collar in divinity 2? ›

Talk to Nebora

Once you're outside again, pass through the Camp Kitchen and locate Nebora's tent down the steps just beyond the Shrine. Speak to Nebora, and confirm that you're the Fort Joy arena champion. After your conversation, Nebora will remove the Source Collar from your personal character.

Where do I get blessed vulture feathers? ›

Players are able to acquire Vulture Feathers from Duna's Undertaker regardless of the path they've chosen. Appeasing Duna's Undertaker immediately gives them five (5) Blessed Vulture Feathers.

What is the most overpowered class in Divinity: Original Sin 2? ›

1 Conjurer

The Conjurer is perhaps one of the most overpowered starting classes in Divinity: Original Sin II. Right off the bat, they get the ability to summon elementals and even totems that you can also control, essentially doubling your firepower.

What is the highest damage build in divinity? ›

The strongest build is heavy Pyro/Geo with an emphasis on +crit and +crit damage. You can even heal yourself from the Pyro damage you deal if survivability is a concern.

What is the best mage armor in Divinity: Original Sin 2? ›

Ave Layal is one of the best armor pieces that Divinity 2 offers for any character who wields magic-based abilities. In addition to +5 intelligence, +2 Constitution and Wits, and boosts to Necromancer and Initiative, it also gives the user immunity to being silenced, alongside the Silencing Stare skill.

Does food stack divinity 2? ›

Each type of food/drink item occupies one slot in your inventory, but items of the same type stack.

Where is the White Witch divinity? ›

Head inside the castle prison. After reaching the end, you'll find the White Witch trapped in ice. Stand near her and activate the rune in your inventory. Once she's freed, you'll resolve the quest.

How to free Amyro? ›

Kill Stingtail to get the Oranges, steal them, or convince him to hand them over. NOTE if Sebille is with you, she will want to kill him. Take the oranges to Griff and hand them over to free Amyro.

What happens if you give gratiana her soul jar? ›

If you give her the soul jar, she will open it, thank you, and reward you with a choice of uncommon equipment or a skill book. Party gains 30 attitude with her and 4200XP.

What happens if you destroy a chest divinity? ›

Actually it degrades your weapon 3 points each hit on a chest. However the simple solution is to not use your main weapon and just keep a secondary one for beating down chests and doors. Although with repair skill it doesn`t really matter so long as you remember to repair before your next fight starts.

Can you upgrade armor in Divinity Original Sin 2? ›

Upgrading can improve base damage, armor, and stat improvements. However, gear will not gain new stats, abilities, or features.

What does keep calm and carrion mean? ›

What does Keep Calm and Carry On mean? The meaning behind the slogan is why it is loved so much. It is straight and to the point, meaning exactly what it says. “Keep Calm” is to remain level-headed in times of turmoil. “Carry On” is to act normal and rise above all the bad that may be happening.

How do you appease the Undertaker? ›

Having a caster stand on the scaffolding and use Teleportation spells and scrolls on Duna's Undertaker and her minions can give valuable breathing room. Also, while it is still possible to use movement abilities to get back up into the arena, it's much more difficult, and sometimes Duna may get stuck on the beach.

What is the best starting character in Divinity Original Sin? ›

In terms of Starting Classes, the Ranger is a good choice with Ricochet, Elemental Arrowheads, and Peace of Mind (Pyrokinetic). Likewise, a good alternative would be the Wayfarer with its Pin Down, Elemental Arrowheads, and Fossil Strike (Geomancer).

What is the max level in divinity original sin? ›

The max level is not 20, but rather a "soft cap". There are enough experience points to get to level 20 by just doing quests without murdering everything for experience points. if you do all of the side quests, you can end the game at level 22 and if you maximize exp gains, you can end the game at level 23.

What is the best starting class in divine divinity? ›

The warrior class is probably the easiest to get started with (and in terms of unique weapons, the game is fairly biased towards swords). The survivor class tends to be the most challenging to play; they have skills for daggers, but the damage output isn't going to match that of a sword.

Does divinity weaken? ›

Divinity & Deterministic Chaos: Applies a 15% Weaken effect.

What is the max attribute divinity? ›

All Attributes start at base 5. A newly created character has five Attribute points to spend. Each even level grants an additional Attribute point, ending up with 15 spendable Attribute Points. Attributes cannot exceed 15 unless it is boosted by equipment.

How much of a buff does divinity give? ›

Divinity is a raid Exotic from the Garden of Salvation. It's a weapon that applies a 30 percent global debuff to targets when they're hit with sustained damage from Divinity.

What class should Red Prince be Divinity Original Sin 2? ›

Upon recruiting the Red Prince, His Majesty would ask players to make him a Fighter first. And interestingly enough, going for a Pure Fighter can help players capitalize on the Red Prince's skillset. Not to mention, the Fighter is the most faithful Starting Class to his story.

What is good mage armor? ›

The Snow Witch Set is the best armor for any Frost mage, as it's the only armor set to boost that category of spells. It's mainly the hat the players want since that gives the Cold Sorcery bonus, but the clothes aren't really that bad, apart from the shoeless or bootless skirt.

How do I get Ruvola? ›

Ruvola is among the harder items to find in Arx. Hidden inside Kemm's Vault, you'll need to speak with the Thieves' Guild's leader first about getting inside. The guild is holed up in Arx's sewers, which you can get to next to the schoolyard by climbing down a vine.

What happens if you eat the Phoenix heart divinity 2? ›

What The Phoenix Heart Does. When consumed by an elf, the Phoenix Heart will grant the eater the spell Flaming Tongues. Only an elf may gain knowledge by consuming flesh; if any other race eats the Phoenix Heart, they will not learn the spell and will simply become Diseased.

Can you romance butter divinity 2? ›

How to Romance Butter in Divinity: Original Sin 2. To romance her, simply engage in a conversation with her and make sure to pick the dialogue options that are the flirtiest.

What to do with flaming pigs divinity 2? ›

In order to cure them, you need the Bless spell. You can obtain it by completing The Vault of Braccus Rex. Once you have it, go around Blessing each pig. A skeleton lizard will appear after the first one.

Where is headless Nick divinity? ›

Headless Nick is triggered in the Black Cove. After defeating the Source Abomination, walk through the stone building behind it, then follow the linear path of the wooden planks as it descends. At the bottom docks, you'll find two ghosts named Nick and Lillian.

How do you get the lady vengeance moving in Divinity 2? ›

On the main desk is a book of songs. Grab it then go to the main deck and speak to the dragon head at the front of the boat. You'll now be able to move it. After setting sail on the Lady Vengeance, you'll be attacked by Dallis and gain a journal entry.

Where is Marge divinity? ›

Counting your Chickens
Big Marge
LocationReaper's Coast
Suggested Level10+
Dec 29, 2022

Can you have Red Prince and Sebille? ›

If the player starts as her, Sebille won't object to taking the Red Prince along, but keep an eye on her when he speaks with his kin. She might also have some choice words for lizard NPCs, so watch for potential conflict.

Can you meet butter in Arx? ›

You can find her to the west of Arx on an island connected to the south of Kemm's Mansion. She seemingly died from a fight with a voidwoken. You will remark, "Her face is familiar", if you sweet-talked her in Fort Joy.

How do you reunite Buddy and Emmie? ›

Emmie is in the Fort Joy Prison inside the Houndmaster's Room. Send your Pet Pal companion to get inside the room first, then pacify Emmie by mentioning Buddy and that he misses her very much. Alternatively, you can kill the dogs, or throw a red ball for the dogs to play with.

Should I return the jar to gratiana? ›

Turns out Gratiana isn't as kind as she appears. You can find the Soul Jars during The Vault of Braccus Rex quest. You can bring them to her and decide to give her none, all of them, or just hers. Giving her any of them will result in the quest ending.

Should I let gratiana live? ›

Gratiana character in the game is practically the same monster as Braccus Rex's, so anyone half decent morally casual gamer absolutely should kill her : smash her soul jar in front of her (this also gives more experience points).

Where do the burning pigs go? ›

The burning pigs can be found north of the Sanctuary of Amadia. Before you attempt to interact with them, be sure you can cast Bless. You may also want to boost your fire resistance before approaching the pigs; if you get too close to them, they will run, potentially setting off oil barrels in the area.

What is the correct Withermoore soul jar? ›

The correct jar is labeled Withermoore the Supplicant. The other 4 are traps, two of which just deal light damage, while the other 2 summon level four skeletons. They are good exp, but not necessary to kill for the quest. After smashing the correct jar, you can return to Withermoore's body to get an item.

What does suffocating do in divinity? ›

Suffocating is a status in Divinity: Original Sin 2. Suffocating is the Magic Armor counterpart of Acid, which destroys Physical Armor. - These conditions deal about 56% base level damage to armor every round.

Can you become a dragon in Divinity Original Sin 2? ›

A Dragon Knight can shapeshift to dragon form with a Dragon Morph Stone. You obtain a stone after conquering Laiken and taking control of the Battle Tower on Sentinel Island with some help from Sassan.

When should I sell to Corbin Day? ›

Corbin Day would be in Lady Vengeance if you defeat the Lone Wolves in the sawmill (Act 2). Then you can convince Corbin Day to go to the Lady Vengeance. In Act 3, before going to the Arena of The One, you have to sell the desired items to upgrade to Corbin Day in Lady Vengeance.

What is the British carry on slogan? ›

'Keep Calm and Carry On' was one of three key messages created by Britain's wartime propaganda department, the Ministry of Information, made famous as the Ministry of Truth in George Orwell's novel, 1984.

Why was the Keep Calm and Carry On poster made? ›

The iconic 'Keep Calm and Carry On' poster was designed months before the Second World War began. Its message was supposed to boost morale and ensure the public could bear the sacrifice and burden required of them.

Who first said stay calm and carry on? ›

'Keep Calm and Carry On' was coined by the shadow Ministry of Information (MOI) at some point between 27 June and 6 July 1939.

Is The Undertaker Understable? ›

Undertaker can do the same, but more. As it beats in, it has an added element of understability, more so than the Thunderbirds.

Why did Undertaker cry? ›

The Undertaker Breaks Down In Tears After Spine-Tingling Reception At WWE Hall Of Fame Ceremony. The Undertaker received an incredible reception during his WWE Hall of Fame induction last night and he was visibly emotional throughout.

Who did Undertaker pull under the ring? ›

The Undertaker busts through the ring during a WWE Championship Steel Cage Match between Bret "Hit Man" Hart and Diesel and proceeds to drag Big Daddy Cool into the darkness.

Is crafting worth it in eso? ›

When it comes time for you to buy just about anything after you reach CP160, you will wish you had taken up crafting. To sum it up, crafting is good if you have a dedicated character for it, and though it takes time to max out, it's worth it in the long run as you save the money on crafted sets.

What is the best element in Divinity: Original Sin? ›

1. Ice Elemental: the ice elemental is clearly the strongest beyond any doubt, having both Expert Marksman skills (including Vampiric Arrow, Rain of Arrows, etc.) as well as all of you water spells and water essence.

How long does it take to finish Divinity: Original Sin? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, Divinity: Original Sin is about 66½ Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 109 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

What is the best class in Divinity: Original Sin enhanced edition? ›

The Conjurer is far and away the best magic-focused class, and perhaps the best class that Divinity: Original Sin 2 offers. The Conjurer is effectively two characters at once, both controllable by the player: the Conjurer themselves, and their summoned allies.

What city is best for crafting ESO? ›

The best place to do sealed writs is in a guild hall with all the crafting stations. To make the turn-in of master sealed writs faster, I recommend you invest in the Snugpod House in Grahtwood. You can fast travel to the outside the front door and the make the short run to Rolis on the other side of the nearby bridge.

Should I burn the books in ESO? ›

The forbidden tomes must be destroyed. Place them in the shrine's flame, quickly!"

Is it better to sell or deconstruct ESO? ›

If you have an active crafter (lv 50, with some good motifs, all traits etc.), deconstruct everything and do writs and craft for players (or sell on guild stores), you'll get a lot more gold. If you don't have a crafter and are not part of a merchant guild, just sell everything.

What is the max attribute level in divinity original sin? ›

The limit for attribute is 15. You cannot level more than it. You can go over 15 only by having items that give extra attributes.

Why is divinity so good? ›

Divinity is a staple in raid groups' DPS as it offers the highest possible debuff to an enemy and makes landing critical shots much easier.

Is divinity 1 or 2 longer? ›

It took me about 53 hours to beat the first game and I did literally everything. I've missed quite a few things so far in DOS 2 and im only about three quarters of the way done with the story. My play time is about 60 hours. So it's definitely longer and also an overall better game.

What percentage of the game is Fort Joy? ›

18 Not Exploring The Whole Map

As such, it's easy to feel overwhelmed seeing that Fort Joy is easily just around 20-percent of the overall Act 1 map. In fact, each Act's “hub” area is just around a fifth the size of its surrounding map, giving players a ton of ground to cover if they want to explore the world.

Should I play Divinity: Original Sin before the sequel? ›

No, there is no requirement to play Divinity: Original Sin to enjoy playing Divinity: Original Sin 2. If you have played...

What is the easiest class in divine divinity? ›

The warrior class is probably the easiest to get started with (and in terms of unique weapons, the game is fairly biased towards swords).

What is the max skill level divinity 1? ›

The max level is not 20, but rather a "soft cap". There are enough experience points to get to level 20 by just doing quests without murdering everything for experience points. if you do all of the side quests, you can end the game at level 22 and if you maximize exp gains, you can end the game at level 23.

What is the best race to play divinity? ›

The Elves are the best race to play for story as they can consume body parts and learn new lore from them.


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