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Searching for SDS Grand Cross Tier List 2023 so you are at the right spot. Make sure that you use the best characters in 7DS (Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Game) to dominate the opponent. Here’s the latest 7DS tier list.

Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Tier List has reached enormous heights two and a half years after its initial release. Arriving as a new player at this point you may be overwhelmed, but by comparing your first few pulls to the latest character ratings, you’ll be able to quickly determine what’s winning and what’s worthless.

Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross is a turn-based RPG developed for mobile devices by Netmarble, the people behind two of this year’s big mobile releases: Marvel Future Revolution and Seven Knights 2. And like the last of them , there is an official version for PC. As well as.

Tier List Update – 14 March 2023

SDS Grand Cross Tier List – Best Characters >>

In this 7DS Global Tier List 2023, we have ranked all Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross characters. Before scrolling down and checking the tier list, we would like to describe the tier details; All 7DS characters are ranked based on their overall performance at the end of the game.

SDS Grand Cross Tier List (March 2023) – 7DS Characters (1)

We’ve categorized 7DS Grand Cross characters into level x6 categories; level S shows 7DS characters who are OP/better, SDS Grand Cross Tier List level A+ shows characters that have good ratings (not OP), SDS Grand Cross Tier List level A shows good people (not the best), SDS Grand Cross Tier List level B shows characters who are average, SDS Grand Cross Tier List level C shows 7DS characters with below-average ratings. And, SDS Grand Cross Tier List level D has characters that are not the worst/recommended. Now, let’s have a look at 7DS Tier List Global 2023.

Tier S Characters – 7DS Grand Cross Tier List >>

CharactersTier List
The Four Archangels SarielTier-S
Ragnarok Lostvayne MeliodasTier-S
Hijack GowtherTier-S
Invincible Avatar EscanorTier-S
Covenant of Light LudocielTier-S
Napping Reaper CusackTier-S
Dark Traitor MeliodasTier-S
Elite Demon ZeldrisTier-S
The Four Archangels TramielTier-S
Halloween GowtherTier-S
Protector King HarlequinTier-S
Lostvayne MeliodasTier-S
Starry Night’s Illusion LilliaTier-S
Holy Warrior ElizabethTier-S
Divine Protection MerlinTier-S
The Goat Sin Of Lust GowtherTier-S

Tier A+ Characters – 7DS Grand Cross Tier List >>

CharactersTier List
Signs of Maturity KingTier-A+
KOF ’98 RugalTier-A+
Ashen Desire HendricksonTier-A+
Collector MerlinTier-A+
The Lion Sin of Pride EscanorTier-A+
Stranger Things ElevenTier-A+
Holy Knight EscanorTier-A+
Re: Zero RemTier-A+
Advent of Destruction LilliaTier-A+
Executioner ZeldrisTier-A+
The Boar Sin of Gluttony MerlinTier-A+
Camelot’s Sword ArthurTier-A+
The Four Archangels LudocielTier-A+
Re: Zero RamTier-A+
Assault Mode MeliodasTier-A+
Re: Zero EmiliaTier-A+
Chosen King ArthurTier-A+
Sunny Vacation EastinTier-A+
Sweet Temptation DerieryTier-A+
The Grizzly Sin of Sloth KingTier-A+
Stranger Things JimTier-A+
Ten Commandments DerieriTier-A+
Halloween RoxyTier-A+
Knight of Wrath MeliodasTier-A+
Mastermind LilliaTier-A+
KOF ’98 KyoTier-A+

Tier A Characters – 7DS Grand Cross Tier List >>

CharactersTier List
Greatest Soldier Mikasa AckermanTier-A
Elite Demon GloxiniaTier-A
Harlequin KingTier-A
Creation DianeTier-A
Chivalrous GilthunderTier-A
Stranger Things WillTier-A
Elite Demon DroleTier-A
Tempest HowzerTier-A
Elite Demon DerieriTier-A
Light of Hope ArthurTier-A
Dungeon Raider ShinTier-A
Halloween Hunter SlaterTier-A
Cadet Corps Eren JaegerTier-A
Elite Demon MonspeetTier-A
Elite Demon EstarossaTier-A
Oceanic Harmonizer EastinTier-A
The Ten Commandments ZeldrisTier-A
The Serpent Sin of DianeTier-A
Champion GriamoreTier-A
Elite Demon MelasculaTier-A
Reincarnation of Revenge HelbramTier-A
KOF ’98 MaiTier-A
Ruler of Stormy Seas EastinTier-A
The Ten Commandments DroleTier-A
Ten Commandments FraudrinTier-A
Halloween Protective Heart DianeTier-A
KOF ’98 AthenaTier-A
Earthshaker ValentiTier-A
Destined Heir ArthurTier-A
Advent of Destruction MonoTier-A

Tier B Characters – 7DS Grand Cross Tier List >>

CharactersTier List
Godspeed Knight JerichoTier-B
The Pleiades of the Blue Sky DeathperceTier-B
Ale Collector BanTier-B
Reverse ElizabethTier-B
Mobile Tavern ElizabethTier-B
Stranger Things MikeTier-B
Mad Destroyer RoxyTier-B
Halloween ShinTier-B
Forest Guardian KingTier-B
Ten Commandments GallandTier-B
Re: Zero BeatriceTier-B
New Legend JerichoTier-B
Deathbringer MonoTier-B
King of Prophecies ArthurTier-B
Halloween ElaineTier-B
Memory Fragment LizTier-B
Liones ElizabethTier-B
Titan Form Eren JaegerTier-B
Overpower SlaterTier-B
Ten Commandments MelasculaTier-B
Sweet Temptation ZaneriTier-B
Mascot ElizabethTier-B
Sunny Vacation ValentiTier-B
Sweet Temptation JennaTier-B
A New Adventure ElizabethTier-B
Bringer of Disaster LilliaTier-B
Knighthood of Scraps Disposals Oslo and HawkTier-B
Knight of Ice GustafTier-B
Reincarnation of Conviction ZaratrasTier-B
Greatest Soldier LeviTier-B
Elite Demon GallandTier-B
Forest Guardian HelbramTier-B
Swift Sword NanashiTier-B
New Legend MeliodasTier-B
Knight of Frost JerichoTier-B
The Dragon Sin Of Wrath MeliodasTier-B
Sweet Temptation ElaineTier-B
Outlaw BanTier-B
Rapier GuilaTier-B
New Legend ElizabethTier-B

Tier C Characters – 7DS Grand Cross Tier List >>

CharactersTier List
10 Commandments MonspeetTier-C
The Pleiades of the Blue Sky DogedoTier-C
Omen of Chaos HendricksonTier-C
Roars of Dawn JillianTier-C
Burning Ember CainTier-C
Omen of Chaos DreyfusTier-C
The Pleiades of the Azure Sky DenzelTier-C
Adventurer JerichoTier-C
Kungfu Master DianeTier-C
New Generation JerichoTier-C
Royalty HelbramTier-C
Roars of Dawn WeinheidtTier-C
Heart of the Land DianeTier-C
Rule of Monsters RimuruTier-C
Halloween GuliaTier-C
Wings of the Sky ElatteTier-C
Boar Hat of Tavern ElizabethTier-C
Elite Demon FraudrinTier-C
The Six Knight Of Black BellionTier-C
Matrona DianeTier-C
Beard of the Mountain Cat AlioniTier-C
Slime RimuruTier-C
Infinity MerlinTier-C
Ten Commandments GloxiniaTier-C
The Fox Sin of Green BanTier-C
Halloween MeliodasTier-C
The Seven Deadly Sins MeliodasTier-C
Memories of Years GerhardeTier-C
Executer of Darkness CamilaTier-C
Fang of the Land MatronaTier-C
Ten Commandments EstarossaTier-C
Weird Fangs RuinTier-C
Break DreyfusTier-C
Confirmation TwigoTier-C
Disaster KingTier-C
Lioness Hero GowtherTier-C
The Seven Deadly Sins DianeTier-C
Wanted Man GowtherTier-C
Thunderbolt GilthunderTier-C
Eternal Promise DianeTier-C
Knighthood of Scraps Disposal HawkTier-C
Nunchaku BanTier-C
Weird Fangs GolgiusTier-C
Boom Boom Pow MarmasTier-C
Explosion GuilaTier-C
Tyrant of Destruction MilimTier-C
Reincarnation of Obsession VivianTier-C
Star of Kingdom GilthunderTier-C
Roars of Dawn SlaterTier-C
Boar Hat Tavern MeliodasTier-C

Tier D Characters – 7DS Grand Cross Tier List >>

CharactersTier List
Roars of Dawn SimonTier-D
Melt HendricksonTier-D
Adventurer GriamoreTier-D
Snatch BanTier-D
Lioness Royalty HowzerTier-D
The Seven Deadly Sins KingTier-D
Star of the Kingdom HowzerTier-D
Iron-Wall Knight GriamoreTier-D
Weird Fangs FriesiaTier-D
Kijin BenimaruTier-D
Weird Fangs JudeTier-D
Fairy King’s Forest ElaineTier-D
Undead BanTier-D
The Pleiades of the Blue Sky DeldryTier-D
Roars of Dawn HugoTier-D
The Pleiades of the Blue Sky ArdenTier-D
Protector of Dolls KingTier-D
Vaizel Fight Festival TaizooTier-D

Our SDS Grand Cross Tier List uses a list of popular levels as the basis when performing the settings based on the player feedback through the Grand Cross Web. To reduce inflammation and keep it relatively simple, our version only includes SSR characters.

As a general rule, the eligible group presented on things like limited time events or the Banner Festival are best. However, habitual Gacha Reng can compensate at this time, so possibly the oldest event units will not get any place at the top of the list of levels compared to the most modern counterparts.

SDS Grand Cross Tier List – 7DS Best Heroes >>

Tier List SDS Grand Cross Tier List Characters
SEren (B), Gilthunder (G)
AGriamore (R), Guila (B), Gustav (G), Marmus (B), Slater (R), Allioni (G), Hendrickson (G), Jericho (B), Jericho (R)
BCain (G), Dogedo (R), Griamore (R), Guila (B), Gustav (G), Dreyfus (R), Elizabeth (R), Hawk & Elizabeth (R), Hawk & Elizabeth (R), Gilthunder (B), Taizoo (R), Meliodas,(B), Twigo (R), Vivian (R), Arthur (B), Gowther (G), Hendrickson (G), Jericho (B) Jericho (R)
CHowzer (B), Weinheidt (B), Dreyfus (G), Rimuru (G)
DBan (R), Giant Diane (R), Jillian (G), Arden (B),
FHowzer (G), Hugo (G), Freesia (B), Griamore (B), Jude (R)

For the initial people, we have created a separate SDS Grand Cross Tier List of seven mortal sins from Grand Cross that it has been included in those characters which are worth the game. Although you will have many opportunities from the beginning to buy some SSR units located at the top of our SDS Grand Cross Tier List, limited resources will invest in the main characters SR and R which are meaningful in the early parts of the game.

It is worth noting that in both tables in the list of Grand Cross Madli sins level, we have condensed the color characteristic of each character in the same letter at the end of each entry. Most characters contain more than one version, such as an alt festival or a simple recolligence, which can create long and hard handling names, because they are released more and more.

If you see a character with more than your name and its color, then it is a relatively standard base unit. Most characters with one unit name include two or more words, maybe a particular unit, such as limited time phenomena, which will usually be more than most basis units.

What’s The Best 7DSGC Hero for Gold Farming >>

If you are looking to customize your 7 DSGC Gold Farm Career, look forward to the Hawazar (R) or Red House. This SDS Grand Cross Tier List of SSR unit is considered the best for PVE agriculture due to the increase in the attack of its storm.

Since the game holds a strong focus on PVE’s content, it should be difficult to catch it from the coin store if you have not yet. Nevertheless, catching many copies will only make it more effective to maximize your maximum capacity. Doing so that you can increase your Pierce rate statistics and hold the production of damage from its growing storm, which can make gold agriculture an irrigation.

Without entering the best details of the war of the war and the progress of the new player, this brief view of the seven sins will have to configure it on the right path, whether you are a new player, what an experienced come back or a The professional thinking that the spreading community thinks about the current character list.

Final Words >>

We hope you like this SDS Grand Cross Tier List guide. In this post, we covered every Seven Deadly Sins character ranking that will help you to choose the best character in the game.

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Who is the strongest character in the seven deadly sins grand cross? ›

Meliodas is the captain of the Seven Deadly Sins and the strongest fighter in the group.

Who is the best Escanor in 7ds Grand Cross? ›

Overall, Light “The One” Ultimate Escanor is one of the strongest units in the game. He is able to tank, deal a lot of damage, and deny enemy strategies such as Demon teams with Blue Festival Berserk Estarossa 's Encroach to reduce stats, since he's basically able to ignore most of its effects.

Is highest ranking demon cusack good? ›

Cusack is one of the highest-ranked demon of the Demon Clan as well as Zeldris' former master. He and Chandler were once a single entity known as the "Original Demon". The "Original Demon" was created by the Demon King as his most trusted retainer.

What is the best team for Mael of Sunshine? ›

Mael should be mainly used in a Goddess Team with Blue Festival Ludociel, Blue Goddess Elizabeth, and Red Ragnarok Ban as a Sub.

What is Meliodas max power level? ›

His total power level in this form is 142,000. Meliodas exudes a miasma that causes weaker beings to feel sick, even ones as powerful as Post-Training King.

Who is in love with Escanor? ›

Specifically, Merlin, the Pig's Sin of Gluttony, a powerful magician who found great interest in Escanor. Escanor would grow infatuated with Merlin, citing that she was the first person not to be afraid of him and even to show an interest in him.

Who is more powerful Escanor or Meliodas? ›

Despite Escanor defeating Meliodas once the reality is that Meliodas is stronger than Escanor.

What is cusack power level? ›

Power Level

Who is the strongest in the Demon Clan? ›

Born from Chaos alongside The Supreme Deity, The Demon King is among the show's strongest characters. Using half of his power, the demon king created the Ten Commandments, powerful demons that Meliodas and his group members couldn't defeat easily.

Who has the highest rank in demon school? ›

Here are the strongest demons in the school, ranked by their powers.
  1. 1 Ameri Azazel.
  2. 2 Alice Asmodeus. ...
  3. 3 Sabro Sabnock. ...
  4. 4 Dorodoro Brothers. ...
  5. 5 Iruma Suzuki. ...
  6. 6 Goemon Garp. ...
  7. 7 Keroli Crocell. ...
  8. 8 Picero Agares. ...
Dec 11, 2022

Who does Mael love? ›

3000 years ago

During this time, Mael greatly admired his older brother, aspiring to be like him. It was also during this time that he met the goddess Elizabeth and fell in love with her because of her being the only person besides his brother who never made fun of him.

Is Mael jealous of Meliodas? ›

The only parts of Mael that transferred over to Estarossa were his love for Elizabeth Liones and intense jealousy for Meliodas, his greatest adversary as Mael and older sibling as Estarossa.

Who is the most liked character in 7ds? ›

As always, leave your comments below if you were expecting other characters!
  • Number Six: Zeldris, Son of the Demon King.
  • Number Five: Elizabeth Liones, The Fallen Angel.
  • Number Four: Escanor.
  • Number Three: King, The Sin of Sloth.
  • Number Two: Ban, The Sin of Greed.
  • Number One: Meliodas, The Sin of Wrath.
Sep 24, 2021

What is Diane's highest power level? ›

Power Level

Who is the strongest fairy king 7ds? ›

As a member of the Seven Deadly Sins and the current and most powerful Fairy King in all of history, King is extremely powerful. He is strong enough to overpower a Great Holy Knight single-handedly.

What is the most powerful sin? ›

Pride (superbia), also known as hubris (from Ancient Greek ὕβρις) or futility. It is considered the original and worst of the seven deadly sins on almost every list, the most demonic. It is also thought to be the source of the other capital sins. Pride is the opposite of humility.

What is Elizabeth's power level? ›

Power Level

How old is Meliodas in human years? ›

Despite his adolescent appearance, Meliodas is actually a demon who is over three thousand years old.

Who is Gowther's girlfriend? ›

Glariza was a member of the Demon Clan and in some point she became the lover of the great wizard, Gowther. She was part of a group of innocent Demons that were captured by the Goddess Clan before being massacred by the Archangel, Mael. In her final moments, she only asks to be able to see Gowther one last time.

Who does Merlin love? ›

Significant otherLady of the Lake, Morgan le Fay, Sebile (romance tradition)
Home"Esplumoir Merlin", British woods
8 more rows

Who ate Escanor's soul? ›

After Melascula ate Escanor's soul, the intense heat burnt her to a crisp, leaving her charred and black. From then on, she began to fear his power and also wanted revenge on him, making their relationship mutually antagonistic.

Who is God in 7ds? ›

God「 魔神王 ゴッド , Goddo」 is a power possessed by Zeldris of the Ten Commandments, lent to him by his father as his representetive.

Who is the youngest 7ds? ›

The Seven Deadly Sins: Main Characters Ranked From Youngest To Oldest (& How Old They Are)
  • 3 Gowther (Over 3,000 Years Old)
  • 4 Merlin (Over 3,000 Years Old) ...
  • 5 King (Over 1,300 Years Old) ...
  • 6 Diane (750 Years Old) ...
  • 7 Ban (43 Years Old) ...
  • 8 Escanor (40 Years Old) ...
  • 9 Elizabeth Liones (16 Years Old) ...
  • 10 Hawk (16 Years Old) ...
Sep 16, 2020

Who is villain in 7ds? ›

The Demon King is the main antagonist of the anime and manga series The Seven Deadly Sins. He is the supreme ruler of Purgatory who commands the Demon Clan and the creator of the Ten Commandments.

Can Meliodas beat Naruto? ›

Since Naruto mainly relies on ninjutsu, Meliodas can easily beat him. In fact, no matter how much damage Naruto causes, Meliodas could always use Full Counter and knock him out easily.

Who could beat Escanor? ›

When he has embraced his demon form, Meliodas is strong enough to defeat Escanor.

Can Meliodas beat Goku? ›

There really isn't much meliodas can do against goku at all. Even piccolo has done more damage in mere second to what meliodas has achieved in the first arc of dbz by blowing up the moon semi-casually.

What is Gowther's power level? ›

Power Level

How strong is Arthur Pendragon? ›

Power Level

Is King Arthur stronger than Meliodas? ›

Arthur does not yet have full control over the power of Chaos, but he is certainly more powerful than Meliodas. Meliodas' skill is phenomenal, he has incredible Martial Arts, Swordsmanship and is very adept at using his abilities.

Who is the strongest demon girl? ›

1. Nezuko. Nezuko, also a part of our strongest characters in the Demon Slayer list, is one of the most powerful female characters in the anime. Just by being a demon, she is more powerful than all the human characters in the series.

Who is the number 3 ranked demon? ›

Akaza is an upper-rank-three Demon and one of the most faithful minions of the Demon king Muzan Kibutsuji. The Blood Demon Art that Akaza uses is known as Destructive Death. Using his ability, he can create destructive shockwaves at will.

Who is upper rank 3 demon? ›

Upper Rank 3: Akaza

His abilities make him a formidable foe, and he is feared by both demon slayers and demons alike. Akaza's unique ability is his incredible strength and agility, which allows him to move at lightning speeds and deliver devastating blows to his enemies.

What rank is Kalego? ›

Abilities. Kalego is a Rank 8 (Cheth) demon, among the known highest-ranked demons. As such, he has impressive magic power and proficiency.

Is Iruma Demon King? ›

Meanwhile, Iruma may also be the prophesied one who will become demon king. Many isekai titles have an obligatory demon king, even the parody series Konosuba, but in the world of Iruma-kun!, the title of demon king is an enormous responsibility that potentially, anyone could claim.

Who is the 1st lower rank demon? ›

The only demon who survived Muzan's brutal layoff of the Lower Rank demons was Enmu, who pleaded for mercy and actually got it. He was the Lower Rank 1 demon, and Muzan figured that he would give him a chance to prove that he was worthy of receiving more of his blood.

Who has the highest power level in SDS? ›

Meliodas is undoubtedly the most powerful member of the Seven Sins, and he was the strongest of the Ten Commandments over 3,000 years ago. How strong is Meliodas? Well, he absorbed all of the ten commandments and was still able to use his existing power and agility.

Who is stronger than Meliodas? ›

Meliodas himself stated that Escanor is stronger than him, ultimately meaning that he'll lose if they were to fight.

Who is the strongest demon in Seven Deadly Sins? ›

Meliodas blossomed after he defeated his father, the Demon King, and absorbed the Ten Commandments, emerging as the strongest demon & character in the series.

Who would win Escanor or ban? ›

Subsequently, after killing him (literally) all day, Escanor's power would gradually wane, and Ban could strike out against him while he is weakest.

Who is the weakest SDS member? ›

During the night, Escanor is at his weakest, with a combat class of 15. Five magic, five strength, and five spirit. However, as the sun begins to rise so does his combat class. During the day, Escanor has a combat class of roughly 28,000.

What is the strongest sin? ›

Of the seven deadly sins, theologians and philosophers reserve a special place for pride. Lust, envy, anger, greed, gluttony and sloth are all bad, the sages say, but pride is the deadliest of all, the root of all evil, and the beginning of sin.

Can Meliodas beat one punch man? ›

Being the son of a demon king, Meliodas is one of the most overpowered characters. He is able to destroy mountains without putting a lot of effort into it, but he falls short against Saitama, who is a lot faster than him. Moreover, Meliodas' full counter only reflects magic, so it has no effect on Saitama's punches.

Can Meliodas beat Sasuke? ›

Yes, and with relative ease. He'd have to try obviously since Sasuke is no pushover, but he would never be in danger of losing. 7 Deadly Sins main cast is on an entirely different level from Naruto main cast. If you just go by feats alone rather than power scaling, then it's not even worth getting into detail.

What is the strongest demon race? ›

Demon Race

Celestial demons are the greatest of the ten demon races. They are rulers among their kin, demons among demons.

Who is the strongest demon king ever? ›

1. Muzan Kibutsuji – Demon King. Muzan, the King of Demons, is the strongest and also the primal demon in the world of Demon Slayer. Consuming his blood is enough to turn you into a powerful demon.

Is Escanor royalty? ›

Escanor, a member of the Deadly Sins who bears the Sin of Pride, epitomized by the Lion symbol tattooed on his back, the middle-aged Escanor was originally a prince of the Kingdom of Castellio until he was disowned and driven from his homeland due to his inability to control his monstrous strength, with a woman named ...

Is Ban still immortal after reviving Elaine? ›

Ban's blood has healing qualities because it was fused with the Fountain of Youth, as seen by it being able to heal others' wounds and regenerate the Fairy King's Forest completely. However, Ban lost this ability after using the power of the Fountain of Youth to revive Elaine.

Can Meliodas beat Escanor at full power? ›

His power was so incredible that Merlin needed to take it away to protect the Kingdom Of Liones. Despite Escanor defeating Meliodas once the reality is that Meliodas is stronger than Escanor. It is not that Escanor is powerless. Meliodas is just the demon prince and the protagonist.

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