The First Wash After A Keratin Treatment: Everything You Need To Know (2024)

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The First Wash After A Keratin Treatment: Everything You Need To Know (1)

If you’re thinking about going through keratin treatment, part of your research should answer how you’re going to take care of your hair afterwards.

The first wash after keratin treatment is one of the most crucial steps to take in order to maintain the longevity and results of the treatment.

As you may already know, keratin treatment is a process that smooths and straightens the hair by infusing it with keratin, a protein naturally found in the hair.

This treatment can last up to three months, but only if you take care of your hair properly afterwards, especially in the first few days.

I’m here to share with you everything that you need to know about taking care of your keratin-treated hair.

Why You Should Be Careful When Washing Hair After a Keratin Treatment

You have to be careful when washing your hair for the first time because when keratin is first applied to hair, it needs time to penetrate the shaft and work its magic.

You have to be careful when washing your hair for the first time because when keratin is first applied to hair, it needs time to penetrate the shaft and work its magic.

As much as possible, you want to maximize the amount of time the keratin treatment spends on your hair, which is why the first wash is always the hardest.

Fortunately,I have some tips to make sure your first post-treatment wash is a success.

When To Wash Hair After A Keratin Treatment

Ideally, you should wait 3-4 days after your treatment before washing your hair. This allows the keratin to set and bond properly with your hair.

If you absolutely must wash your hair sooner than that, it’s best to wait at least 12 hours.

The exact time you need to wait before washing your hair depends largely on these factors:

  • The type of keratin treatment you received
  • How much your stylist applied
  • Your hair type

If you’re unsure, it’s always best to ask your stylist how long you should wait before washing your hair. This is a great way to ensure that you don’t damage your hair or ruin your treatment.

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Preparing for Your First Wash After Keratin Treatment

These are the steps you need to do to prepare for your first wash after keratin treatment:

Invest in the Right Hair Care Products

You should look for shampoos and conditioners that don’t have sulfates and sodium chloride.

These ingredients can strip away the keratin treatment and leave your hair feeling dry and brittle.

Instead, look for products that are specifically designed for chemically-treated hair.

You’ve already invested in making your hair look its best, so don’t skimp on other hair care products!

Here are some products I recommend:


The First Wash After A Keratin Treatment: Everything You Need To Know (2)

If you're looking to smooth things out and keep your first-wash post-keratin treatment on point, invest in good quality products that are designed for frizzy hair.

I love the L'Oreal Paris EverPure Frizz-Defy Shampoo and Conditioner because they work together to help control frizz and fly-aways while keeping your hair hydrated.


  • Anti-fade,
  • Humidity and frizz resistance
  • Natural botanical oils and sunflowers


The First Wash After A Keratin Treatment: Everything You Need To Know (3)

If you have colored hair and underwent keratin treatment, this dynamic duo is ideal for you. The set includes the Keratin Complex Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner.

These products are designed to work together to keep your color vibrant while also providing hydration and protection against damage.


  • Contains Provitamin B5,
  • Hydrating and smoothing
  • Sulfate-free


The First Wash After A Keratin Treatment: Everything You Need To Know (4)

The Alfaparf Milano Lisse Design Shampoo and Conditioner Set h0as everything you need to keep your hair hydrated, smooth, and frizz-free.

The shampoo is designed to cleanse your hair without stripping away the keratin treatment. The conditioner will help detangle your hair and leave it feeling soft and silky.


  • Paraben, sulfate, and salt-free,
  • Keeps hair tangle-free
  • Contains hydrolyzed keratin, quaternized collagen, and Babassu oil

Get a Microfiber Hair Towel

The next step to properly washing your hair after a keratin treatment is to get yourself a good microfiber hair towel.

Microfiber towels are made of tiny fibers that are super absorbent.

This means that they will help to soak up any excess water from your hair, making it dry faster and preventing your hair from getting frizzy.

Have a Wide-Toothed Comb

Aside from a microfiber towel, you should also have a wide-toothed comb on hand.

You might be tempted to just use your fingers to detangle your hair after a keratin treatment, but this can actually cause more damage and breakage.

Instead, gently comb through your hair with a wide-toothed comb to avoid any tugging or pulling.

How to Wash Your Hair After Hair Treatment

Now that you’re prepared with the right products, these are the steps to washing your hair:

Check the Water Temperature

The First Wash After A Keratin Treatment: Everything You Need To Know (5)

You want the water to be lukewarm—not too hot, as this can dry out your scalp, and not too cold, as this can make it difficult to remove all of the product from your hair.

The best temperature is around 38–43°C. Nonetheless, you can always check the temperature on your forearm. If it is too hot for you, then it will be too hot for your hair.

Additionally, make sure to check the type of water you have. Avoid hard water since it also contains chemicals that can interact with your hair.

If you have hard water, use a water softener to reduce the levels of minerals before washing your hair or store soft water in bottles for your first wash.

Don’t Wet Your Hair Too Much

While you can still use the shower, make sure to just wet your hair enough for your shower products to work. Avoid fully submerging your head or getting your hair too saturated.

Water can strip away the treatment before it’s had a chance to fully sink in and work its magic.

Maximize Your Shampoo and Conditioner

Maximizing your hair care products for the first wash is key to success. For the shampoo, you want to focus it on the roots and massage it in for a good minute before rinsing.

As for the conditioner, you can apply it all over your hair but put it more on the ends. Leave it in for about 3-5 minutes before rinsing out.

Again, make sure to just rinse your hair enough to get the product out. You don’t want to overdo it and strip away all the benefits of the treatment.

Apply Conditioner Before Showering

Applying a conditioner to your hair before showering can help to prevent the harsh water from stripping away the natural oils in your hair, which can lead to dryness and frizz.

This can protect your hair and help to keep it looking smooth and sleek after your first wash.

The First Wash After A Keratin Treatment: Everything You Need To Know (6)

Additional Hair Care Tips for Treated Hair

Some more hair care tips for taking care of your mane:

Keep Your Hair Down

The First Wash After A Keratin Treatment: Everything You Need To Know (7)

Don’t put your hair up in a bun, ponytail, or other tight hairstyle for the first three days after your treatment. This will help keep the keratin smooth and prevent it from frizzing.

Additionally, you shouldn’t even tuck your hair behind your ears since this can lead to creasing.

If you have to put your hair up for work or other obligations, try loose styles like braids or low buns instead.

Avoid Other Chemicals for the First Few Weeks

Let your hair soak in the keratin treatment for the first few weeks. Give it a break from other chemicals, such as hair dyes, permanent waves, and straighteners.

Exposing your locks to these chemicals can reduce the treatment’s effectiveness, especially when you just had your hair treated.

Have a Hydration Routine to Regulate Hair’sProtein and Moisture

Getting a keratin treatment or Brazilian blowout can disrupt the balance of protein and moisture in your hair.

This treatment smooths the hair shaft by adding protein, but can also make your strands feel dry and brittle.

That’s why it’s important to have a hydration routine in place both before and after your treatment.

This will help regulate your hair’s protein and moisture levels, keeping your strands healthy and strong.

Your hydration routine should include a conditioner that is rich in moisture, a leave-in conditioner or treatment, and an oil or serum to seal in moisture.

Use a Leave-In Heat Protectant

On top of hydration products, you also have to use a leave-in heat protectant to keep your hair healthy and looking its best. This will help it stay smooth, shiny, and frizz-free.

Exposure to heat can damage the keratin in your hair by causing it to break down and become frizzy.

A leave-in heat protectant will help to keep your hair healthy by creating a barrier between your hair and the heat.

FAQs: Washing Keratin Treated Hair and Other Concerns

What Happens If You Wash Keratin Treatment After 24 Hours?

Washing too soon can cause the treatment to become less effective and may even strip it away completely. It’s best to wait at least 48 to 72 hours before washing your hair.

Am I Using the Right Shampoo?

If you’ve just had a keratin treatment, you may be wondering what kind of shampoo you should use to wash your hair. The good news is that you can use any type of shampoo you want!

However, I highly recommend using a sodium chloride and sulfate-free shampoo to prolong the life of your treatment.

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Can I Apply Heat to Keratin-Treated Hair After Washing?

No, you cannot apply heat to your hair after washing it for the first time following a keratin treatment.

This is because the heat will cause the hair cuticle to open and the treatment will be less effective. It is best to let your hair air dry or use a diffuser on low heat if you must use heat.

What is the Best Way to Dry Your Hair After a Keratin Treatment?

The best way to go about removing excess water from your hair is by blotting it with a towel and then letting it air dry.

You should avoid using a hairdryer, as the heat can damage your Brazilian blowout.

If you must use a hair dryer, make sure to keep it on the lowest setting. If it has an air-only setting (without the heat), then all the better.

Why Does My Hair Smell When Wet After a Keratin Treatment?

It is normal for your hair to smell a little funny when wet after a keratin treatment. This is because the chemicals in the treatment can cause your hair to release an odor.

The good news is that the smell will dissipate once your hair dries. In the meantime, you can try using a leave-in product or an essential oil to help mask the scent.

The smell should dissipate within a few washes. If the smell persists even after two weeks, make sure to consult your stylist.

How Long Do Keratin Treatments Last?

Keratin treatments can last anywhere from 2 to 6 months. The length of time will depend on how often you shampoo, the type of products you use, and your overall hair care routine.

Its effectiveness will also depend on the quality of the keratin treatment. A high-quality treatment from a reputable salon will last longer than a cheap knock-off from the drugstore.

Nonetheless, you want to prolong its effects as much as possible. That’s why you should avoid washing your hair for the first 3 days after the treatment.

Conclusion: Let Your Keratin-Treated Hair Soak All That Goodness

Give the keratin treatment ample time to penetrate your strands and scalp. Depending on your stylist and the treatment you received, your ideal first wash can be anywhere from 3 to 5 days.

When you wash your hair, make sure to use a shampoo free of sulfates and other harsh chemicals that can strip away the treatment.

Follow up with a moisturizing conditioner to help keep your scalp hydrated and your strands healthy.

Want to Learn New Ways to Care for Treated Hair?

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The First Wash After A Keratin Treatment: Everything You Need To Know (2024)


The First Wash After A Keratin Treatment: Everything You Need To Know? ›

When To Wash Hair After A Keratin Treatment. Ideally, you should wait 3-4 days after your treatment before washing your hair. This allows the keratin to set and bond properly with your hair. If you absolutely must wash your hair sooner than that, it's best to wait at least 12 hours.

How to do first wash after keratin treatment? ›

Rinse with cold water, then thoroughly wet your hair. Cuticles will now be fully closed, and the colour will be stabilised. To prevent freezing, we advise performing this first wash outside of the bathtub. After that, shampoo your hair twice as usual while it's still damp.

Do I really need to wait 3 days to wash hair after keratin? ›

Waiting for three days before washing your hair after a keratin treatment is essential for the longevity and effectiveness of the treatment. During the waiting period, the keratin protein needs time to fully bond with your hair strands, creating a protective barrier that smooths the cuticles and eliminates frizz.

How do you shower after keratin treatment? ›

  1. When you shower, use the absolute best shower cap. ...
  2. If you work out and/or sweat, get to a dryer asap. ...
  3. No swimming, not even with a swim cap.
  4. No saunas, baths, hot tubs, steam showers, skiing, skating.
Sep 4, 2020

Can I tie my hair after first wash of keratin treatment? ›

Water and moisture can wash away some of the protein treatment, leaving marks in the hair. Leave your hair down and straight for the first four days after your treatment. The keratin is still malleable, so if you put your hair in a ponytail or use a hair clip, it can leave dents in the hair.

What not to do after keratin hair treatment? ›

  1. DON'T wash or wet hair for 72 hours (3 days).
  2. DON'T tie hair into a ponytail as this may leave a lasting impression.
  3. DON'T wear hair clips, hair bands or bobby pins as these may leave a lasting impression.
  4. DON'T place hair behind ears for long periods of time.

Why is my hair still frizzy after keratin treatment? ›

One primary culprit is humidity. High humidity levels can wreak havoc on treated hair. So, it will cause it to revert to its natural texture and become frizzy. This is because keratin treatments work by temporarily altering the hair's structure.

What to do after 3 days of keratin treatment? ›

Once it has been three days since your treatment, try not to wash your hair daily. Following this keratin treatment after care step helps the treatment last as long as possible. Some people have hair that gets oily more quickly than others, so they must wash their hair every other day.

How do you sleep after keratin treatment? ›

For the first three days following a keratin treatment, sleep on your back. Your hair could become wrinkled or frizzy if you sleep on your side or stomach.

Can you flat iron after keratin treatment? ›

Your keratin-treated hair may be impacted within the first 72 hours as a result of those activities, and waves may then challenge your impossibly straight hair. For the first few days, it's crucial to flat iron your hair twice daily. Heat reactivates the keratin treatment.

How many washes does keratin last? ›

Long-lasting results. As long as you care for a keratin treatment by not washing your hair too frequently (2 to 3 times a week is enough), then your keratin treatment can last up to 6 months.

What happens if you use regular shampoo after a keratin treatment? ›

Sodium lauryl sulphate and keratin treatment do not mix well together. Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) is a mild detergent that is used in many shampoo products in order to lather the hair. This ingredient is responsible for stripping out colour from hair and washes out keratin from treated hair.

How do I protect my keratin treatment hair? ›

Check out some important expert-approved tips to maintain the benefits of keratin treatment and prevent hair breakage.
  1. Too hot, too much. ...
  2. Pamper like there's no tomorrow. ...
  3. Say hi to Acai. ...
  4. Keep it minimal. ...
  5. No bleach please. ...
  6. Shower at ease. ...
  7. Far away from the chlorine.
Feb 3, 2023

Can I twist my hair after keratin treatment? ›

Tip 2: No kinking. Twisting and twirling your hair right after your keratin treatment will leave… a lasting impression—quite literally. So for a few days after your kera-session, stay clear from any: Hair clips.

Will my hair be straight after keratin? ›

The process promises straight hair with minimal maintenance, but the benefits don't stop there: Works on all hair types: The treatment will still eliminate the frizz/flyaways and stray cowlicks. Think of it as a constant blowout, but without the barrel curled ends or the complimentary champagne.

What happens if I put my hair in a ponytail after keratin? ›

If you strain your keratin-treated hair into tight ponytails, you run the danger of stretching the coating so much that it loses its ability to cling to your hair. You'll end up with frizzy, difficult-to-manage hair as a result.

How do you wash keratin treated hair at home? ›

Washing Guide for Keratin-Treated Hair
  1. Wait before washing. Prior to washing your hair, you should wait at least 72 hours following your keratin treatment. ...
  2. Choose the right shampoo. ...
  3. Use lukewarm water. ...
  4. Gently cleanse the scalp. ...
  5. Rinse thoroughly. ...
  6. Towel-dry gently. ...
  7. Use sulphate-free shampoos & conditioners. ...
  8. Avoid using hot water.
Feb 22, 2023

What shampoo do I use after keratin treatment? ›

And if you have keratin treated hair you should use a sulfate-free shampoo that won't strip away all the rich protein you just paid for. You should actually wait at least three days after your treatment before washing your hair (or getting it wet in general) to allow the keratin protein to set in your hair.

What happens if I wash my hair 2 days after keratin? ›

The substance needs to absorb properly into your hair to give you the best results. You don't want your money to go down the drain by ruining your keratin-treated hair. If you wash your hair before three days, your results will wear off soon. Moisture can interrupt the treatment and affect the quality of the results.

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