[Top 15] Divinity: Original Sin 2 Best Builds That Are Powerful (2023)

What Are The Best Builds in DoS2?

Hello there Godwoken. Are you struggling on how you want to build your characters? Maybe you’re new to RPGs and don’t know how to build? Or are you a veteran that wants to try something new?

Luckily D:OS2 grants us a very fluid character creation process that allows us to build however we like, but sometimes we want a blueprint for how we can make it through the game.

Today, I’m going to show you 15character builds that can help you achieve Divinity.


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The Tidalist makes use of the flexibility that Hydrosophist provides the player. To maximize the damage output, the character should be built around Intelligence and Wits. The Tidalist is built around dealing high amounts of damage with the form of magic known for its lack of damaging skills. Purely fighting from afar, this character works by merging Hydrosophist and Huntsman skills. Albeit the build centers around Hydrosophist, Huntsman’s passive ability to increase damage boost from the height advantage mechanic turns what would normally be your healer into an arctic threat.

What the Tidalist Excels in:

  • Hydrosophist attack spells are normally multiple attacks, meaning more chances for a critical hit. Savage Sortilege and a high Wits score enhances this even further. This turns Hydrosophist from being just a “White Mage” kind of skill tree into a real threat.
  • Turning large areas of terrain into ice. This gives you some control of the battlefield as the enemy AI will aim to avoid slipping on surfaces. Pools of ice can also be exploded with Ice Breaker to injure anyone near ice.
  • Mobility. Huntsman gives the Tidalist Tactical Retreat, meaning they can avoid melee enemies and gain the height advantage to further increase their damage

Choose This Build if…

  • You want to be a vicious healer. The Tidalist is a way of building a healer that doesn’t force you to depend on your big strong tanks to save you every time someone runs straight for you.
  • You enjoy being consistently useful. Throughout D:OS2, you will come across enemies that are resistant to all kinds of elements. Luckily, if you come across one that is resistant to water damage, you can switch to acting as a support.
  • You can’t stand the undead. Healing spells such as Restoration damages the undead instead of healing them. With Savage Sortilege, you can 'heal’ the undead a lot harder. This also works with enemies under the Decay status effect, as they too take damage from healing sources.

Build Details:



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The Druid is a wildcard of a mage build where you need to focus on your summoning, but you will need to put points into nearly every other skill tree. As the Druid, you will not be directly fighting but instead be the support to your own Incarnate. To make up for your lack of damage, your Incarnate will be there to rinse through the enemies whilst being the one to take all the hits. For this build, Intelligence and Memory are needed as you will be using a lot of spells.

What the Druid Excels in:

  • The Druid is an excellent support. With having access to a massive spell pool, they will have access to every potential buff the game has to offer.
  • The focus on empowering your Incarnate means you will essentially be providing your party with an additional tank. If you equip the Incarnate with all four base infusions plus an elemental infusion that resists your enemy’s attacks, they can afford to take more hits than someone in heavy armor.
  • Having access to every elemental damage in the game allows such adaptability where overcoming an opponent’s weakness is never a challenge. You can simply just give your Incarnate the infusion the enemy is weak to and slaughter it efficiently.

Choose This Build If…

  • You don’t want to be limited in what you can do. Having points into nearly everything also gives you access to a lot of spells that need points in two different skill trees like Corpse Explosion or Oil Carapace.
  • You want to use a pet. Since you will have access to a reusable Incarnate, your character will be at a minimal risk.
  • You want to be flexible. Is a melee attacker approaching you? Teleport them away with your Aerotheurge spells. Is your undead ally low on health? Use the poison spells from Geomancy to heal them. Druid lets you do anything.

Build Details:



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Unlike the Druid, the Elementalist doesn’t need a big scary pet to rely on. Putting points into Pyrokinetic, Aerotheurge, Hydrosophist and Geomancy provides you a large amount of versatility. Additionally, Polymorph and Huntsman boosts your damage capabilities. Polymorph grants you some form of elemental skill but also gives you free Attribute points, which helps since you need to spread them amongst Constitution, Intelligence and Memory.

What The Elementalist Excels in:

  • The Elementalist has a high damage potential as Polymorph can help maximize their Intelligence early.
  • The Elementalist has the possibility for constant AoE damage. Having access to Pyrokinetic and Hydrosophist, you can throw around widespread attacks one after another. With a high Intelligence and Savage Sortilege, these AoE attacks can be devastating.
  • D:OS2 has a mechanic that allows the elements to interact with each other in different ways. Building an Elementalist lets you abuse this whilst giving you battlefield control. Although your turns may be complex, the payoff is more than worth it.

Choose This Build If…

  • You want to be the definition of a mage? Becoming a master of the elements creates such an experience.
  • Most of your party has just decided they all want to be the frontline attacker. With your skills, you can in every way ensure they don’t meet a quick end.
  • You enjoy being able to compliment your team in whatever situation you come across. You can either be the main damage dealer or fill the gaps in your team that they don’t see.

Build Details:


12.Summoner of Sparks

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A warrior with the power to summon and cast fire based spells. The main focus of this build is to work with your Incarnate, most likely fire infused, to fight on the frontlines. Dipping into Warfare, you will gain access to Warfare skills that will instead deal the damage type of your staff instead of physical damage. A few points into Polymorph compliments this build further as it can give you mobility and Bull Horns for the ability to cause bleeding. For the Summoner of Sparks, Torturer is essential to make your fire based spells ignore magical armor and instantly set everyone ablaze.

What The Summoner of Sparks Excels in:

  • Dealing magical damage at a close range. If you use a fire staff, your Pyrokinetic level will increase the damage of your Warfare skills, ripping down magic armor like paper.
  • Torturer means this build can penetrate armor with burning and bleeding. Bull Horns can cause bleeding and most Pyrokinetic skills can cause burning. These statuses can pierce armor thanks to the Torturer talent, making low health but heavily armored enemies practically no threat whatsoever.
  • With the spread between Strength and Intelligence, this spellcaster type of class can essentially become a partial tank for your party. You’ll have access to armor with high physical and magical armor, being able to balance them out and not lack in either like most characters.

Choose This Build If…

  • You want to be a summoner where your pet isn’t your shield but another weapon in your arsenal. Both you and your fire infused Incarnate can tear down magic armor for your less bulky wizards to pick off.
  • You want to be a mage but you fight like a warrior? The Summoner of Sparks is essentially a different kind of battlemage where you do cool moves with your staff instead of a sword. Warfare skills like Whirlwind and Battle Stomp scale based on your weapon’s damage and the state your weapon uses, which is your intelligence. This makes you a mage that can hit as hard as a warrior and not need to hide behind everyone else.
  • You’ve noticed how well Pyrokinetic and Warfare go together. Sparking Swings is a skill needing points into both skill trees that after you hit an opponent, a bouncing projectile shoots out of the target, hitting others. This only gets better with Master of Sparks as everyone gains the Sparking Swings buff. Being up and close means you can use AoE moves up close whilst being resistant to your own attacks if you select the Demon talent.

Build Details


11.Sanguine Bowman

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The Sanguine Bowman is an archer that delves into the darker paths of magic. Using Huntsman and Warfare primarily, with some points into Polymorph and Necromancy to compliment the build. A point into Hydrosophist can be beneficial to learn Raining Blood to cause widespread bleeding, especially if you have Torturer.

What The Sanguine Bowman Excels in:

  • With both Huntsman and Warfare increasing your weapon damage to an absurd amount, you can tear down physical damage easily. If you deal direct damage, this will mean your Necromancy’s lifesteal will grant you large amounts of health every round.
  • The Sanguine Bowman has immense amounts of self sustainability. If you ignore the Necromancy’s lifesteal, Huntsman has its own healing skill First Aid. Along with that, Polymorph can grant you invisibility with Chameleon Cloak and Warfare lets you use Challenge. Challenge, if used correctly, heals you for killing the enemy you’ve initiated the challenge to, meaning you will heal offensively.
  • Skills like Reactive Shot and Ricochet are where the Sanguine Bowman shines as they whittle down physical armor of multiple enemies so your frontline fighters won’t feel too overwhelmed.

Choose This Build If…

  • You feel the Wayfarer preset class the game provides you lacks the damage potential. Warfare increases overall weapon damage, boosting your long ranged attacks too. With the increased damage, your lifesteal increases without having to put too many points into Necromancy to feel it’s worth.
  • You want to play a sniper but don’t want to constantly worry about anyone getting close. Skills like Bull Rush and Chameleon Cloak can actually allow you to escape a dangerous situation especially if your Tactical Retreat is still on cooldown.
  • You know your party has enough support and magical damage, but you’ve all been struggling with high physical armored foes. The Sanguine Bowman allows the split party damage feel more balanced with the physical and magic damage difference.

Build Details


10.Glacial Guardian

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The main weakness of Hydrosophist is the lack of attacking capabilities. There are plenty of multi-attack spells in the Hydrosophist tree but they also have a high cost and long cooldowns. Adding a touch of Summoning to this build means you can deal more consistent water damage without feeling useless after all of your skills are on cooldown. With your Incarnate and Water Totems, the amount of damage you can do turns from a splash into a torrent.

What The Glacial Guardian Excels in:

  • Due to the amount of targets you would have created, the aggro from the enemies would be distributed well enough to ensure you are targeted less. Instead of just you, your enemy will now have to deal with totems shooting at them and an Incarnate charging through them.
  • The Glacial Guardian provides an increased level of healing. As Hydrosophist provides a massive amount of healing, a water infused Incarnate also has Restoration. If you want to take it further, a Blessed Ice Incarnate has Steam Lance, a source Hydrosophist skill that can even cure Necrofire.
  • Hydrosophist attack spells such as Ice Fan and Hail Strike can freeze multiple opponents at once, stunning them for a turn and reducing their water resistance. This means whilst you’re able to do a good amount of damage, you can also provide crowd control and let your party take advantage of the temporarily reduced numbers.

Choose This Build If…

  • You want to take full advantage of what the element of water can provide. If your party has an Aerotheurge as well, you can compliment them perfectly by providing them the water to electrify and stun opponents. Water can turn into ice, tripping enemies. Water can even be blessed to heal anyone standing in it. Building the Glacial Guardian gives you full access to the versatility of water.
  • You want to be the healer, but not feeling like a burden. Often in party-based RPGs, the healer is seen as needing to be protected by the other characters. With the Incarnate, you can perfectly protect yourself, letting your teammates feel less pressure on protecting you and can focus better on ending the fight
  • You want to stun enemies quicker than most other classes. If an enemy lacks magic armor and receives both chilled and wet, they can freeze. If you hit an enemy with chilled and your totem hits the same enemy, you can successfully freeze them. With the amount of totems a summoner can have at once, you can easily freeze multiple enemies and for a low AP cost, especially if you have Elemental Affinity.

Build Details


9. Undeath Incarnate

[Top 15] Divinity: Original Sin 2 Best Builds That Are Powerful (7)

An undead Geomancy focused tank that is self sufficient, the Undeath Incarnate self heals in a way that nobody else wants. Being an undead, you can heal through your poison skills from Geomancy. With the ability to heal constantly, as the poisoned status effect constantly heals you, the talent Living Armor can constantly replenish your magic armor equal to the amount you’re being healed. The Undeath Incarnate also incorporates Summoning, as a poison Incarnate can make the battlefield more beneficial for you with more pools of poison. The Glass Cannon talent, although making you vulnerable to status effects, allows you to start every turn with the maximum amount of AP, allowing the turns you can move to be more impactful.

What Undeath Incarnate Excels in:

  • A self sustaining tank that can constantly heal themselves and their armor if they set up the field right. If the field is full of poison, you can constantly poison yourself to regenerate healthing during the entire fight, and with that your magical armor too.
  • Whilst good alone, the Undeath Incarnate is great when paired with the optimal team. The use of Geomancy can create pools of oil or poison anywhere for someone to set alight. If you have a Hydrosophist in the party, you can use their water puddles to create more pools of poison in case you need healing or just to set up another explosion.
  • The Glass Cannon talent also means the enemy AI will target you more often. As you will be healed often by your poison, this isn’t much of a worry when set up right. The ability to be the target of enemy aggro is important for any tank.

Choose This Build If…

  • You want to be the tank that the healer does not need to worry about. As you will be healing yourself consistently, the healer can focus on the other party members, putting less pressure on them.
  • Geomancy also opens doors for being a partial support yourself. With a little dip into Warfare you can have Mass Oil Carapace, turning all oil surfaces into physical armor for you and your comrades. This will of course help the party, but also make you even more self-sufficient.
  • Your party also plays undead characters? Congratulations, you’ve become the tank and the healer. Any other undead party members will benefit heavily from your widespread poison. If you cast Soulmate on your ally, they can heal the same amount you're healing, along with your magical armor regeneration from Living armor.

Build Details:



[Top 15] Divinity: Original Sin 2 Best Builds That Are Powerful (8)

An efficient physical damage dealer that can change fighting styles on the go. The Warden can use a bow from far away and then close in with a spear to end the fight. Specializing in Warfare and Huntsman, the Warden works on a Finesse based warrior style build that can shoot as well as they can swing.

What the Warden Excels in:

  • With points into Warfare and Huntsman, the Warden has access to skills like Phoenix Dive, Bull Rush and Tactical Retreat. This makes the Warden highly mobile for a physical build. Tactical Retreat can also give you Haste, basically nullifying the 1AP you’d spend on swapping your weapons by giving you an extra AP per turn.
  • Putting points into Two Handed gives this character a higher critical multiplier to cause extra damage. This boost lends to bows as well. Such a high amount of damage will provide your allies easier ways to lessen the number of enemies.
  • Although not a tank build, the Warden has access to a balanced array of armor as Finesse armor gives a balance between physical and magical armor. You may end with a character that lacks neither.

Choose this Build If….

  • You’re confident in your other party members. With the amount of damage you can dish out thanks to the extra critical damage, your party members can focus on other areas such as support and magical damage.
  • You want to play a Lone Wolf run. With Lone Wolf giving you extra AP and an array of amazing buffs, you might only need one party member to assist you with magical support.
  • You want to deal the most damage possible. The build lacks self sustainability in favor of pure damage. If you want to dishing out more than you can take, then the Warden is perfect for you. Killing them before they kill you is the only option.

Build Details:


7. Eternal Warrior

[Top 15] Divinity: Original Sin 2 Best Builds That Are Powerful (9)

The Eternal Warrior earns its name from being unkillable. The lifesteal plus the use of heavy armor makes putting this character 6 feet under a challenge. Primarily, you’ll be focusing on Warfare and Necromancy but Scoundrel, Hydrosophist and Polymorph add the small but essential details to the build. Living Armor is a must needed talent here as Necromancy’s lifesteal synergizes perfectly, healing your health and your magic armor as you beat the life out of anything nearby. To boost the lifesteal, Hydrosophist and Scoundrel together gives you Vampiric Hunger, a skill that increases the percentage of health you regenerate per hit.

What The Eternal Warrior Excels in:

  • A tank that is his own support can be what the team really needs.Later in the game, almost everything can potentially kill you in a turn so whilst your healer will be extremely busy, at least they don’t need to worry about you.
  • High Strength and Intelligence gives the Eternal Warrior the ability to wear armor with amazing physical and magical armor. Being able to also use Bone Cage and regenerate magic armor after every strike means you can play as offensively as possible.
  • With the ability to barely end up below half health, you are able to take a lot of hits and be the desirable target of them. Being able to pull aggro with Taunt and still do fine is important to keeping your weaker members alive.

Choose This Build If…

  • Your team can deliver enough damage. Although yes, you will have amazing regeneration, you cannot regenerate physical armor often. This leaves you open to potentially being knocked down or more vulnerable to multiple heavy hits before you can heal. An offensive enough team can provide you with enough dead bodies to make Bone Cage’s armor recovery worth it, increasing your longevity.
  • You want to play undead. Undead characters take damage from traditional healing methods but lifesteal ignores this rule. This means no one needs to dip into Geomancy to heal your bones with poison.
  • Your team doesn’t prioritize their Constitution. If you have three squishy glass cannons that will drop after a strong enough breeze, you can play the savior that they need by taking the hits that would normally kill them.

Build Details:


6. Duelist

[Top 15] Divinity: Original Sin 2 Best Builds That Are Powerful (10)

Being a master at surviving close combat without high health, the Duelist is agile and lethal. Instead of investing most of your points into skill trees, you’ll be wanting most of your points into dual wielding to increase your dodging. If you choose to be a Dwarf and pick the Parry Master Talent, your dodging percentage will already be decently high. Scoundrel and Warfare can make you the best rogue you can think of.

What The Duelist Excels in:

  • The Duelist, with two daggers, can deliver heavy amounts of damage to a single target through backstabbing. With skills like Cloak and Dagger and Backlash, you can utilize your roguish abilities to easily take out an enemy a turn. Warfare increases overall weapon damage, including your backstabbing.
  • You can enter close combat without the worries of taking damage often. A high dodge stat means you can avoid damage completely. Flanking can lower your dodging ability but not as much as this build increases it. Even in an ambush, you could walk out unscathed.
  • Scoundrel and Warfare grants you skills that can help you quickly jump across the battlefield. The Pawn talent, which is exclusive to Scoundrel, gives you a free AP worth of movement, making it easier for you to solo in on your target.

Choose This Build If…

  • You want to change the tide of battle for your party. The Duelist can quickly get behind enemy lines and kill a certain nuisance. If an archer is giving you trouble or the enemy isn’t going down thanks to their healer, your lethal damage output can take care of that quickly.
  • You want an already amazing build that can be customized to suit your needs. The Duelist can be highly versatile. Adding a point into Hydrosophist can give you Vampiric Hunger just in case you get struck. A point into Polymorph gives you Chameleon Cloak for invisibility and Chicken Claw for a way to use Ruptured Tendons
  • You don’t aim to deal with a lot of enemies at once. The Duelist is perfect for taking out single targets that are vulnerable but a horde of enemies is what you need to avoid. If your team’s tank can distract the enemies for you, then you can perfectly pick them off.

Build Details:


5. Juggernaut

[Top 15] Divinity: Original Sin 2 Best Builds That Are Powerful (11)

A Geomancy tank build that can weaponize your armor, the Juggernaut can take the hits but can hit even harder if they haven’t. As a Strength centered build, the Juggernaut utilizes Geomancy, Polymorph and Warfare to be the protector of the party whilst being able to be the damage dealer. Geomancy’s Reactive Armor does AoE damage whilst sacrificing your armor. The amount of damage this can do definitely justifies the cost.

What The Juggernaut Excels In:

  • The Juggernaut is a master of physical armor. The combination of skill trees gives it skills that can benefit the entire team. Turn to Oil plus Mass Oil Carapace means any liquid surface can be absorbed into your physical armor. The amount of physical armor gained scales with your Geomancy. With the ability to stack high levels of physical armor, your Reactive Armor can turn you into a small nuke.
  • The Juggernaut can inflict plenty of status conditions. Warfare lends you plenty of skills that can cause Cripple and Knockdown whilst Polymorph gives you Medusa Head to petrify your victims. These can temporarily take enemies out of the fight so you can focus on those that can move. Choosing a Dwarf for this build also gives you Petrifying Touch for even more battlefield stone statues.
  • Whilst some skills have high cooldowns, Polymorph grants you Skin Graft to reset your cooldowns. This might be the reason why a Juggernaut can end a fight quickly. Being able to knock down enemies one turn after another can keep the pressure off your teammates, allowing them to not worry for their safety.

Choose This Build If…

  • You want to hit as hard as you can take. A high constitution means you will have a great shield. Bouncing Shield uses your shield’s physical armor as the damage you can dish out. If you want to prioritize your hard earned gold into better protection, your amazing defense will become an amazing offense.
  • Your team doesn’t have a good enough physical and magical spread. The Juggernaut using Geomancy means you can damage the enemy’s magical armor if needed. This can be beneficial if an enemy has high physical armor but is weak in the magic armor department.
  • Your team can back you up with enough support. The Juggernaut lacks good magic armor coverage and self healing. With a good enough team, the Juggernaut can be useful. The main issue is, you may need to depend heavily on your team when the fights start getting too difficult.

Build Details:


4. Blood Mage

[Top 15] Divinity: Original Sin 2 Best Builds That Are Powerful (12)

To the average person, the Blood Mage makes zero sense as a spellcaster that works on physical damage. Fortunately, it’s one of the best mages you can put together. Using primarily Warfare and Necromancy, you can abuse the fact that no enemy in the game has resistance to physical damage and can feel the power of your Intelligence. Points into Pyrokinetic and Hydrosophist allows this build to use spells from the trees that require Necromancy.

What The Blood Mage Excels In:

  • With high Intelligence and Wits, you can maximize the Blood Mage’s damage further with Warfare. Necromancy spells only deal physical damage, which means your spells can shatter physical armor like glass. Spells like Mosquito Swarm and Grasp of the Starved can be severely overpowered thanks to the Warfare boost. As said earlier, no one has resistance to physical damage so you can deal high amounts of damage even from early on.
  • The passive lifesteal Necromancy grants you essentially lets you heal offensively, allowing your precious AP to instead be invested into supporting your allies. Any character that can heal offensively always reduces the pressure on the healers and others trying to protect them
  • Hydrosophist and Pyrokinetic give you Raining Blood and Corpse Explosion respectively. Both are amazing skills, but both trees can also offer you spells like Regeneration and Haste to support your allies in more ways than just extra damage. Even using Haste on yourself means you can throw more spells every turn.

Choose This Build If:

  • Your allies can provide enough protection. Although self-healing is amazing, your physical armor will be lacking. This can leave you vulnerable to being knocked down or bleeding to death. Only choose this build if your party can make up for your weaknesses.
  • As I said earlier, Undead can take advantage of lifesteal. Since high damaging skills like Corpse Explosion can deal physical damage, you have the possibility of healing mass amounts of health instantly every turn. Mosquito Swarm and Blood Rain can create massive pools of blood that, with a Geomancer, can be turned into poison for you to heal from if needed.
  • You don’t want to rely on source skills. Some builds may need source points to deliver damage as high as yours but your loophole to the elemental resistance mechanic means you don’t need them. The source skills that you can use, like Grasp of the Starved, can instantly kill a group of powerful enemies. Although you can use source points, you definitely don’t need them.

Build Details:


3. Ranger

[Top 15] Divinity: Original Sin 2 Best Builds That Are Powerful (13)

A simple archer and their pet is a poor description for the Ranger. Both Huntsman and Summoning benefit from whatever element is available. This build doesn't promise a high amount of damage on its own, but it is able to utilize the uses of their party members to take advantage of whatever weakness the enemy has to offer.

What The Ranger Excels In:

  • Whilst lacking points into elemental skill trees, the Ranger is able to provide a wide amount of elemental coverage. Elemental Arrowheads and the creatures you can summon can utilize the elements given by your party members to deliver the damage your enemy is most vulnerable to.
  • As a Summoner, your Incarnate becomes another tank to protect your party whilst you are the nuisance taking out the stragglers. For a party that has all bases covered, you are definitely a good addition to maximize already covered areas.
  • A Ranger with the Farsight skill and Far Out Man talent can have a ridiculously high range. This means you can summon your pets to even deal with ranged enemies in annoying places whilst staying safe exactly where you are. You can also give your Incarnate infusions from an even further distance if you couldn’t give them all in one turn.

Choose This Build If…

  • Your team already has good elemental coverage. Due to lacking elemental magic yourself, you may be reliant on other characters to set down elemental terrain to fully make use of your Incarnate.
  • You know how to escape a fight. Being an archer means forgoing potential health for extra damage. Only choose this build if you know how to evade taking damage. Your Incarnate is soul-linked to you, meaning if you die so does the Incarnate.
  • You want to be an archer that can do more than just shoot arrows. Your summoning capabilities of course extends your usefulness and not just through summoning creatures. Soul Mate can share healing between you and your target. Using your First Aid skill from Huntsman can safely heal you and an ally, making up for its low range.

Build Details:


2. Occult Flame Wielder

[Top 15] Divinity: Original Sin 2 Best Builds That Are Powerful (14)

Fire and death, the Occult Flame Wielder wields these two elements to send your enemies to the Hall of Echoes. As the Occult Flame Wielder, your job is to abuse the Torturer talent and destroy an enemy without having to break their armor. This character takes advantage of the burning and bleeding statuses to be an amazing magical damage dealer.

What The Occult Flame Wielder Excels In:

  • For the Occult Flame Wielder, armor is another piece of clothing. The Torturer talent allows damaging status effects to ignore armor completely, being able to set them alight or start them bleeding with ease. This turns a fight into a test of your patience as the enemy falls without being able to stop the inevitable
  • The Occult Flame Wielder earns its name by being a master of flames. Since you can instantly cause someone to burn, this reduces their fire resistance. With extra vulnerability to fire, your Pyrokinetic skills can deal even more damage to their magic armor. A skill that takes advantage of this is Spontaneous Combustion, which consumes the stacks of burning on the target and deals massive amounts of damage as a result.
  • Having Elemental Affinity means you can take advantage of often standing in your own fire. Reducing the AP of your Pyrokinetic skills, you can throw out fireballs for a cheap cost. Add on the Executioner talent for free AP when you get a kill and you can maximize your rapid casting.

Choose This Build If…

  • You have a well built split damage team. Although yes your damage output can be fairly high, you may struggle to deal both physical damage and magical damage by yourself. Although Necromancy lets you deal physical damage, a split damage character can only meet their full potential in a split damage party.
  • Your party doesn’t deal high water damage. If you aim to throw fire everywhere to burn your enemies from the inside out, the last thing you need is water putting out your flames. When an enemy is burning, water damage can turn them from burning to warm. On the other side of things, you can accidentally thaw out frozen enemies with fire.
  • You and your team can coordinate yourselves. Pyrokinetic skills have a damage radius. Often, using Fireball or Laser Ray can also severely damage your unprepared frontliners, potentially making them more vulnerable to being slaughtered. Torturer can also affect your allies.

Build Details:


1. Scourge Wizard

[Top 15] Divinity: Original Sin 2 Best Builds That Are Powerful (15)

Using Geomancy, Aerotheurge, Pyrokinetic and Polymorph, the Scourge Wizard can deliver immense amounts of elemental damage whilst avoiding taking damage themselves. Whilst being able to control the battlefield with plenty of options with elemental terrain, you will also have access to the skills this combination of skill trees offers.

What The Scourge Wizard Excels In:

  • The Scourge Wizard provides a wide elemental coverage apart from Hydrosophist. Access to poison, earth, air and fire damage, this build can deal with the majority of foes the game throws at you with little trouble. The elements at your disposal also allows you to play with how they interact with each other. You can ignite your poison or oil plus Polymorph can give you Vaporize, an Aerotheurge skill that means flying enemies cannot avoid the terrain damage.
  • A build that purely works off Intelligence for their damage means you can build points into other areas. Polymorph makes this benefit even more worth it as it allows you to put points into Strength if you find that you need better physical armor. This helps with your biggest weakness, physical attackers.
  • Chameleon Cloak and Uncanny Evasion can disrupt taking hits by allowing you to either become invisible or be able to dodge effectively. Your main weakness will be of course taking physical attacks. This build inturn provides ways to work around this weakness.

Choose This Build If….

  • You want to be a spellcaster but you’ve had enough of being the healer. The Scourge Wizard build allows you to deliver a large amount of damage, covering one of the main essentials to building a team. This can instead mean you can have a dedicated healer without them having to split their AP between support and damage.
  • You want to try Lone Wolf. Increased damage, health and playing at max AP constantly allows this build to shine. The extra damage you can deal with your AoE spells would be able to make physical attackers just pointless peons instead of a legitimate threat. Since the AI tries to avoid running across fire and poison, a Lone Wolf run with this character might possibly be quite easy.
  • You have a team with enough crowd control. The one thing the Scourge Wizard lacks when it comes to offensive capabilities is crowd control. Apart from being able to control the battlefield, you are unable to stun enemies. You can make them waste AP avoiding a puddle of poison, but you are unable to take them out of battle yourself, meaning you need a team that can just do that.

Build Details:


In Conclusion

Often in D:OS2, when you look for a build you often see the same things going together. Whether it’s a spellcaster with Savage Sortilege or every Warfare build having Picture of Health. It’s always good to know what mixes well together but it’s also important to shape what you know into what you enjoy. You might find none of these builds work well for you, but changing one a little might be exactly what you need. Thank you again Godwoken, and good luck in achieving Divinity.

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